Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - July

I always want to participate in Garden Bloggers Muse Day started by Carolyn, I don't always do it. This time of year I am so busy. Aren't we all though. If you would like to read more go to her blog and see who all is participating or if you want to participate you can read her comments to find some good reading. I chose a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a bit of whimsy and always makes me feel so young. I can't explain why but here it is...

The Flowers

All the names I knkow from nurse:

Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse,

Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock,

And the lady Hollyhock.

Fairy places, fairy things,

Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,

Tiny trees for tiny dames-

These must all be fairy names!Tiny woods below whose boughs
Shady fairies weave a house;
Tiny tree-tops, rose or thyme,
Where the braver fairies climb! Fair are grown-up people's trees,

But the fairest woods are these;

Where if I were not so tall,

I should live for good and all. I apologize for the spacing problems with the poem. I have no idea why Blogger decided to do one stanza correct for me and the others I can't get right no matter what Ihave tried. I don't fight this machine so please forgive the mess. I had good intentions.


  1. Lisa, that was so delightful that I didn't notice spacing problems. Wonderful post.

  2. I'm with Robin. I was so busy enjoying the fairy 'tale' I didn't notice til you mentioned it. The fairy in your garden was a wonderful idea as was the last shot. Just looked like fairy land.

    Thanks again for the post explaining the birding project. I hope it helps you find some help!

  3. Dear Lisa, there is nothing not charming and wonderful about your post. The photos were perfection and the poem is a good example why we will always cherish RLS.

  4. I didn't even notice the spacing at all. The fairy looks peaceful.

  5. An enjoyable poem, just right for July, and such beautiful photos to accompany it! I like your little fairy sleeping, too.

    I can relate to the spacing problem; I get so frustrated sometimes, I'll edit and edit and then just give up. Honestly, I didn't even notice here until you said something.

  6. Very beautiful pictures, poem and post!

  7. Before you post, hit save. That normally corrects the spacing problems but not always. Nice post.

  8. The poem and photos were so lovely any spacing issues weren't even noticable. I thoroughly enjoyed your selection.

  9. I am glad you all liked the muse. I guess I made too much out of the line skipping issue. I was just tired and irratated when I wrote this.

    Richard I will try the save option before posting if this happens again. I haven't had this particular problem before.

  10. Hi Lisa...I understand the good intention thing...I have tried to post three times this evening and have given up for the moment.....

    Do you know I have never read that poem....it is lovely and I can see why it makes you feel young......this is why you have a rapport with Poppi....

    The photographs you have taken fit beautifully.......a delightful post Lisa...

  11. Lisa, no worries about the spacing (I don't like Blogger so I understand the woes). But to your post -- it is spectacular! I love the fairy poem and how perfectly apt. Thank you for such a delightful read to accompany your pretty photos.

  12. Liked the poem, loved the photos. There's a name for that streaming light effect, but I can't recall it. It is magical, though.

  13. Lisa, I can identify with your spacing problems!!!! So frustrating. I find it's worse if I cut and paste text. Sometimes my photos jump around too.

    The poem is wonderful. I'd never heard that one. The sleeping fairy is the perfect touch of whimsy.

    The last photo is awesome! A totally charming post.

    Hope you have a great July 4th!

  14. Spacing? I didn't notice it either with all these wonderful and colorful flowers.

  15. Such a lovely poem Lisa, and I adore the pics with it. Don't worry about the spacing, that sometimes happens with Blogger, not your fault at all. Love the little Fairy!

  16. Wonderful poem!I also never noticed the spacing troubles.
    The last picture is gorgeous!!

  17. Lisa what a lovely post! That last photo with the sun streming through the pines is GORGEOUS!! I can see how the fairies wake up!

    You know when that happens to me I go back into edit and *backspace to correct it! Most times it works..careful though NOT to erase the photo above!

  18. Sweet poem and a great shaft of light!

  19. Very nice! I love the little fairy in your garden. She looks perfect!

    I'm with everyone else. Didn't notice the spacing problems. Too busy looking at the cool pictures, I guess!

  20. The spacing problems don't matter it is the poem's word that matters. And the beautiful pictures!! I especially like the one with the sunrays coming through the trees! Beautiful!

  21. I love that poem, and I had never read it before. Great pics to go with it.

  22. What a great post, Lisa. I enjoyed the poem and photos.

    (Blogger has a mind of it own and there's no point in fighting it.)


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