Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Weekend

This weekend was a long one it seems. My computer decided to stop working for what ever reason. My DB and his brother put their heads together to get it up and running again. It just made me realize that I am addicted to my computer. I couldn't blog or read blogs. Worse I couldn't communicate with friends and family via email. I couldn't check the weather. Oh my gosh what a feeling of being disconnected to the world.

Now I feel like I am way behind. I have so much to catch up on plus we have started a big project. Now doesn't this look interesting. Also, when we backed the truck into the garden it went under the Hawthorn tree and look at the dust that came off the branches. It looks just like rust. UGH... Rust is what must be on the Hawthorn and apple tree. YUCK. It was floating in the air. Yuck yuck yuck.
It is going to be a wild week for me. Gotta work on the big project, work and celebrate a birthday. See ya later.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    When my computor was down last week I also missed my on-line friends! Have fun with your new big project, how exciting!
    It is raining again this morning, my big project is trying to catch up with the weeds, they have taken over!
    It has been a very wet summer so far.

  2. We miss you to Lisa....just remember that....

    how can tell me your secret project, won't tell anyone, promise!!!!lol

    Seriously though hope it goes well and look forward to seeing it....

  3. Lisa, I am so glad you are back. I hate rust too. We get it on the apple trees because of the eastern redcedars.~~Dee

  4. I am not the Diva. That is my daughter and her new blog. Sorry.~~Dee

  5. Hmmmm... now we're wondering and looking forward to seeing the "big project" out of the box! Mercies, but I'd be lost without my computer, so I feel your pain Lisa!

  6. Lisa,
    I've been down the internet-free road before. Don't like it! So I feel for you on this one. It's a disaster when the break lasts a little too long.

    Good luck with your project.

  7. Oh I indeed feel your pain, Lisa! Talk about being in a bad mood ... being without my internet puts me in the worst ever.

    We get that rusty dust during the hot, dry part of summer. You can just walk through the yard and your shoes/feet are covered in it. I'm not sure where it comes from.

  8. Lisa, it's the pits being with out a computer or Internet service! I saw some pictures of your weekend-looked like it was fun. So mysterious...can't wait to see what's going on. Don't get too busy this week.

  9. Hi Lisa. It is a lonely feeling being cut off from internet/email friends.

    I know you must be concerned about the cedar/apple rust, but what a pretty picture it made. Everything in the reflection looks gold.

  10. Lisa, I know what you mean about not having your computer or internet--you feel as though you're cut off from the world. How did we ever live without the internet before?!
    You have my curiosity aroused--I hope you have time to post again soon so we can see this mysterious big project.
    Don't work too hard:)

  11. Umm... I may be addicted, too; I have 2 PC's and a laptop.

  12. I can't imagine what the project is, please don't leave us in suspense too long. It's sad how much I need my computer & the internet. I feel your pain.

  13. I totally sympathize with the feeling of being disconnected when the computer is on the fritz. Glad you're back online.

  14. Well Lisa, I can't even imagine what your next big project might be... You are always so busy!

    I understand your grief of losing computer access. I went a few weeks last summer without one at home and I was just miserable, especially when a contracted Dell techie came to replace my motherboard. A million pieces of my laptop were spread around...

    Relax and enjoy yourself. You have a connection!

  15. From one computer addict to another...I understand your pain. I have been fighting it all summer!! So glad it is all back together.

    More projects! My goodness.

  16. I've never seen rust like that before.
    I'd be so lost without my computer. I never watch TV, so the computer is my entertainment and news source.

    I can't wait to see your project!

  17. I feel your pain, Lisa as my computer was down for almost a week. Fortunately it's up and running again, such a relief! Glad yours is doing much better too.

    Rust - yuck!

  18. I've realized how dependent I am from my computer too, so I decided that weekends are computer free days. Have no experience with rust, How will you get rid of that?

  19. Lisa, I think we often become a bit too dependent upon emails and blogs. That's why I've made a real effort to limit my time each day. It means I can't visit every blog and somedays I can't visit blogs at all. I try to fit it all in when I can and hope others will understand. I found that I really need life to keep me emotionally healthy and vibrant in terms of creativity and productivity. Don't get me wrong, I most definitely enjoy the blogs and staying in touch with friends through email, but I've had to pare down how much time I devote to this and still keep the diversity in my non-computer life :)

    By the by, that is amazing colour from your tree ... would it have been some form of pollen maybe? I hope your day and week go well!


  20. Enjoy your wild and crazy week.


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