Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Smaller Daylilies

I am going to make a couple of posts regarding my collection of Daylilies. I just love the many faces of the daylily. The small, large, spidery any way you look at them I like them. The only bad thing about all this is that I don't have a comprehensive list of named lilies. Just a few of the newer ones do I know their names. Before blogging this didn't bother me much. Now it bothers me a little becasue I can't tell you what their names are. Actually some I have names for but don't know which daylily to apply the name to. Oh well, I hope you like all my little lovlies as much as I do. I have started with this first one because I can remember what it is, Little Grapette. This is an older model but I still like it for its way of showing off so profusely. It's bloom is only about 3 inches across.
This little guy is one that I moved from where I lived previously. That was 14 years ago. It is such reliable guy in the garden. It takes shade and many moves that one would think of as abuse but it seems to thrive. They become more red with more light and then fade somewhat to a red orange with less light.This one is of the same vintage as the previous one. It is such a little beauty. Such a strong yellow and doesn't seem to fade out with the sun.These next two are some I bought at a daylily show. They were bare root and not blooming when I planted them. I have names. They are either 'Bubbly', 'Nowhere to hide', 'Paper Butterfly' or 'May May'. Now in my mind this first one could be 'Paper Butterfly' because it appears thin as paper and is so delicate. The throat almost seems to be the color of the leaves showing through the back side of the bloom being a limey green when filtered through the pale yellow. Just yummy. These little guys are the first to bloom in my garden. They are finished blooming now but not forgotten. This second one could be any of the remaining names in my mind. All the names could fit this one.
This little one was purchased many years ago at a daylily paradise in Joliet, Il called The Fields. A wonderous place to go to purchase daylilies. The Fields has certainly grown in the past 12 years or so. They offer so much more than daylilies. I have never been back there unfortunately but if we are ever near there I will return. Here I also purchased several of a series of daylilies with bird names. Now how could I resist them? This long row of small goldenblooms are called 'Song Sparrow'. The rest of this series are large daylilies so they will be shown in a different post.
Now if any of you daylily afficinados out there can help with any names I would appreciate your input. I hope you enjoyed the small but beautiful blooms in the garden.


  1. I love all these, named or not:) I especially like the first pink one with the ruffled edges. I've just discovered that some passalong lilies I planted two years ago are just about ready to bloom, so I may get to join in the lily parade, too, one of these days.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I went to Tinker's Garden Forum and looked @ their database. From the photos there, the delicate yellow is probably May May, DIP, HAYWARD-M., 1976. I didn't get a match for the other one. However, daylilies are beautiful named or not. Thanks for sharing some of yours. I can't wait to see the others.~~Dee

  3. Beautiful!!! I thought one of mine was Little Grapette but it's not as bright as yours, more lavender.

  4. I love your daylily's. I don't know all the names of many of my plants for the same reason as yours, but I enjoy them all the same :)

  5. Dee beat me to it - I also think that pale yellow is MayMay. I have 2 Little Grapettes. That's the only Daylily that I have more than 1 of, which tells you how highly I think of it. I've never been to The Fields, as Joliet is quite a hike from here, but I've always wanted to go. It sounds wonderful.

  6. Your small daylilies have very sweet faces, Lisa - no matter what they're called. Knowing the name doesn't change how they look... just makes it easier for your readers to try to grow one of your favorites! It looks like MayMay is a semi-evergreen, which is better here than one that goes totally dormant.

    I have a soft spot for those little dayliles, too!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. How lovely sunny and warm those colours are....

    The peachy coloured one is so pretty, I really like that....

    I am glad I am not the only one with naming plants. Before I started blogging it didn't bother me long as I liked the plant and it was useful, that was are not alone.....

  8. I'm in the same predicament.
    I know the name of those I purchased last September, but not of the previous ones. Btw, I think I've purchased again at least two that I already had...
    It did not bother me either not to know the names, until I started blogging too...
    Anyway, yours are beautiful, named or not.

  9. Love your collection of lilies. I have stargazer and casablanca and the stargazer which is usually a bright rose turned YELLOW this year!!??

  10. Dear Lisa,
    I love each and every one of your daylilies! I have a few daylilies and a list of names but they were planted 20 years ago! (I do not know if all of them are still in the flower bed or not! You have me wondering now.
    Fun post!

  11. Hi Lisa, loved your little beauties. I have a special bed for the smaller flowered ones to be appreciated up close. They are so sweet. Your beds look fabulous and not knowing the names doesn't affect that one bit! I love the older ones too, they look grand from afar, blending into the garden forms and textures.

  12. I love your daylilies Lisa. They are all so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. The daylilies are blooming here also. I have some of the same and what is in a name anyway. I haven't kept track and just enjoy the show. It is an exquisite day here today. Clear, sunny and no humidity!

  14. Your daylillies are so beautiful. They make my eyes ahppy just to look at them!

  15. The pink is a beauty, but then so are all the rest! They can all come live in my garden, especially any that love shade! I have several dozen nameless daylilies and spent several days comparing my original list to photos on the net and those to photos of my flowers and couldn't identify most of them!


  16. Beautiful pictures of daylilies

  17. you have such a lovely collection of daylilies. The two-tone orange one looks identical to one of mine. I too do not know their proper names so I can't help you there. I have a deep red one that just began to bloom a couple days ago. One of my favourites is a huge sunshine yellow daylily that doesn't bloom until almost final frost. It's thick, huge, and like living sunshine -- I adore it. Thanks for sharing all your lovely daylilies.


  18. Love them all, but the greenish yellow one (paper buterfly, is it?) is really my favorite.

  19. Lisa, I never even thought too much about names until I started blogging either... it is nice to pass along a name if someone else wants to know... otherwise it still doesn't bother me not to have a name as long as I know what the plant likes and doesn't like.

    You certainly have a wonderful array of smaller daylilies. All of them lucsious with color and varying attributes. If you are able to find names for each one it will be amazing since there are so many thousands of cultivars.

    My favorite (I think)is the red orange one that gets redder with more light ... simply stunning color and height!
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  20. LOL-I can certainly relate to forgetting cultivar names. The photos are awesome; you had me at Wilson's Spider! :)
    ~ Monica

  21. What a stunning collection of daylilies you have. Beautiful! Unfortunately I also belong to this sort of persons who forget the name of the daylily and then buy the same sort again !! Well, that's for me a proof, that I liked the sort ;-) !!!

  22. Hello, I enjoyed your pictures very much. I think that the Paper Butterfly is the pinkish one. Here is a link that may help identify it.
    I, too, sometimes do not know for sure which of my daylilies go with which names. But pictures on the internet are helping me a lot.
    Happy gardening!

  23. I have kept searching and now I must revise my guess on Paper Butterfly--since it looks to be a double bloom in your photo, it looks more like the picture at
    Also, I think dee was right with May May being the delicate yellow one. And it is definitely NOT Nowhere to hide, as you can see at
    The Dave's Garden site has helped me quite a bit, because there are usually photos by more than one person's garden for a certain variety. It is like a mystery to solve, and I enjoy the names, too.


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