Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Outside

Today was one of those lazy hazy days of summer. Even though we were out early to bird a breeding block we knew it was going to heat up. Despite the heat or most likely because of the heat there were quite a few bugs in the garden when we returned home.
One of the prettiest was the Blackswallowtail butterfly. I was wondering when it was going to saunter through and deposit eggs on our Bronze Fennel. I looked to see if I could find any eggs I didn't see any. Maybe she was just fueling up for the big day.
There were so many bees and moths on the blooming Curly Mint that I could hardly get a picture. If I wasn't annoying them by trying to get too close they would disturb one another jockying for the best bloom.
I have no idea what kind of wasps and bumbles were here. I just thought it interesting there were so many different kinds. On the picture below if you look in the lower right corner you can see one of the moths that come out during the day. This Wasp is large enough to be a cicada wasp, which is what I think it is.
The photo below is another type of wasp. I don't know what it is either.
The bumble bees in the back garden appeared to be larger than the bumble bees out front. These in back also appeared to have a smoother back section.
Here is a twofer. These smaller bumble bees weren't quite as territorial as the bees out back on the monarda.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Lots of activity. It's great to see your wasps and bees enjoying the garden.

  2. Lisa, hope your birding went well. Birds, here, have been a little scarce at the feeders for a week or so.? Your bugs were interesting. It's astounding what you can see just by looking a little closer. No butterflys here yet, and few bees. I haven't seen any on my sunflowers. Stay cool this coming week, it's supposed to be really warm here.

  3. Love all your buzzzzy photos Lisa!

  4. Hi had two bees on a flower two....snap.

    This is a lovely post....does it really matter what species they are, when you garden is so full of life. It is lovely for me to look at your bees and see the differences with the bees here....thank you.

    The swallowtail is so beautiful....we have not seen any of our lovely butterflys this year....sigh

    It is wet cold and windy today...tks for cheering me up.....

  5. Lisa,

    I love your bugs! I keep checking for eggs on the fennel, far none and the swallowtail hasn't been out and about. Your photo reminds me of how really lovely they are.


  6. Fantastic photos, Lisa! I love the butterfly. I haven't seen many butterflies here yet, but last night there was a swarm of some kind of moth around all my purple flowers. The bees, though, are in abundance! Maybe Cheryl can identify some of these for us.

  7. Gorgeous photos Lisa. The Blackswallowtail butterfly is so beautiful. Thankyou for all your kind comments - re: making the collages - I use picasa. It is a free download from google that helps you edit, organize and create fun images with your photos. You will have tons of fun using the program :-}

  8. It's pretty amazing to see yhe bees on the coneflowers. I love the way bees and butterflies are attracted to this flower.

  9. Nice photos. Wow, kinda close for comfort but you got some great shots.

  10. Sounds like a perfect kind of Sunday afternoon. I love that first photo and glad to see corn growing... the media has painted a very bad picture of the corn crops in your area (and your neighbors in Iowa).

    Isn't it just the most satisfying pleasure to walk out in your garden and find not only the buds and blooms giving you thrills and chills but all the living creatures joining in are a double blessing! Love all your critters and glad you got some good shots of them.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  11. Fabulous photos Lisa! Love all those bees, their differences and colors.

  12. Your photos are beautiful, especially the black swallowtail. I haven't seen a single one this year. Some yellow swallowtails, but no blacks.

  13. Dear Lisa,
    Your bees are bee-u-tiful!
    I also love seeing your Black Swallowtail. She is gorgeous!
    Happy Sunday Safari!
    Always fun to hunt for bugs!

  14. Great shots, and they seem to enjoy your garden a lot!

  15. Great shot of the creatures in your garden, especially that butterfly. She is a beauty!

  16. Hi Lisa, boy, great minds do think alike. ;-> We have been searching the plentiful bronze fennel also, zilch. The only caterpillar was on our one parsely plant, purchased. I wonder if the eggs came with the plant. One lone black swallowtail. I think I saw one yellow a while back, just one. Should we be alarmed or is it too early?

  17. Lisa these are wonderful closeups of our little busy pollinators in your garden!! Love the 2 bees on the same flower! I have NEVER seen this before! Great capture! hugs and smiles aNNa xo

  18. Hello everyone. So glad you stopped by and enjoyed the bugs.

    Frances, I have been concerned about the butterflies and bees here all season. They are just beginning to emerge here. I don't know why. It is strange. I have initially thought it was because our spring weather has been so wet and cool. I was very happy to see this black swallowtail in our garden.

    Meems, the farming community is not in very good shape around here. At least the ones near the rivers and creeks. I have done a post about this I will put it up tomorrow.

    Hi Deb, thanks for the advise about the pictures. I am not familiar with Picasa. I guess I will seek it out sometime.

  19. Wonderful photos, Lisa. Tis the season for pollination.

    A little ID help with absolutely no guarantee of accuracy.

    The top wasp looks very familiar, but I just cannot place it. You could probably get an ID on BugGuide.

    The colorful moth in the second photo is for sure a Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva punctella).

    I'm pretty sure the black wasp with white markings in the third photo is a mason wasp (Monobia quadridens). They are a type of mud dauber that usually nest in holes in wood which it seals with mud.

    The bees (especially those in the bottom photo) look more like carpenter bees to me. Our coneflowers are full of carpenter bees right now.

  20. I have to catch up many posts of you and I start with this one here. The butterfly picture I like very much. I find it quite difficult to make pictures of them...they are too quick away ;-) !!


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