Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casa Pantalla

Our old arbor had lived its life to the fullest and it was time for a big change. I have always wanted a screened area to be able to be out in the garden this time of year without being eaten alive or just other wise annoyed by bugs. So the opportunity has presented itself. We had to enlarge the brick floor and take down the rotten logs that held up the decorative parts of the arbor. Of course when it came to the brick floor the "we" part was only my Dearly Beloved that coaxed the miriad collection of bricks that I have accumulated over the years from several different sources into a suitable, strong base for the Screen House. Some of those sources included friends that gave up some of their precious stash for this project. Those dear friends know how thankful I am. I can't say thank you enough.
As to the brick floor,the existing part had to be torn up and leveled as well as enlarged. My Dearly Beloved out performed any expectation I had. Thank you, thank you a hundred times thank you Dear.
Our little Cassa Pantalla in the garden is appreciated by everyone in the family except Luna. She just isn't quite so sure it wasn't meant to keep her enclosed. She usually only wants inside if we happen to be eating there. This is the picture I took when we first tried to get her to enter. She was having none of it at first. She is slowly warming up to it. As I say a little food is a great persuasion for her.

I really wouldn't mind if she didn't go inside. She hasn't quite figured out that screen is all around. After all screen must be difficult for her to see as she ran through the patio door screen three times, which is why we gave up having a screen door on our patio doors.
A little more landscaping along with a few adjustments to some things and all will be paradise. Meet you at Casa Pantalla for a frozen Margurita anytime.
Thank goodness my computer is fixed. I missed reading everyones blogs. It will take me some time to get caught up on my reading and responding. I want to thank everyone for their comments of concern. I missed you all too. It is good to be back.


  1. Wow - that's so nice, Lisa. And the floor is beautiful - how great to have such support and help. The landscaping around the entrance is very pretty. I think it's funny that Luna is skeptical. They're weird about screens, aren't they? We have disappearing screens on two of our doors (the roll into a channel on the hinge side of the door) and if you don't hold it when you pull it loose from the magnetic connector, it will snap. Needless to say, Tanner is now terrified and if we are using the door, it takes lots of coaxing to convince him we aren't going to kill him instantly!

  2. Yipee!! Lisa is back! We have missed you and I know how you must have felt without your computer.
    The Casa Pantella is beautiful. DB is indeed talented in many areas. And they lanscaping is looking great. I know you will enjoy being out in the cool evenings (or days) without those pesky bugs. Luna will come around, I'm sure with wanting to be where you are.

    So glad you are back.

  3. What a great place to sit outside and enjoy the garden, without pesky mosquitoes! It looks very nice.

    And welcome back. I was wondeing where you were. You were missed.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Being able to sit in the garden with fresh air all around without being eaten alive by biting itching creatures is a joy! We have a screened porch and celebrate it every time we sit there! Your Casa Pantella is fabulous!

  5. Like Gail, we have a screened porch, and without it we wouldn't be able to enjoy the garden during the warm months. I loved your old arbor, but I can certainly understand your desire for a screened sitting area. It looks very nice, and I'm impressed that your husband was able to make that beautiful floor out of cast-off bricks. I hope Luna gets used to it soon!

  6. Welcome back Lisa, I missed you! Glad your computer is fixed.

    Casa Pantella, what can I say? It's great and what an excellent idea to enjoy your garden without being pestered by bugs! Love the floor, your DB did an excellent job, please give your DB a pat on the back from me. ;-)

    I think Luna will get used to it. I had some problems with my screen doors as some of the kitties had problems seeing them and some also ran right through them or tried to. Nor anymore though, they know what it is now and are comfortable with it.

    It's happy hour at Bliss, please join in the fun if and when you have the time.

    Have a lovely weekend and once again I'm glad you're back!

  7. Wow, what a perfect retreat place Lisa! I am so very impressed! Wish we could all just squeeze in there with you. :c) Glad your 'puter is fixed... you were missed.

  8. What a great place to enjoy the outdoors protected from the bugs. I thought you might be on vacation. Darn computers!

  9. Dear Lisa,
    I missed you! Happy you are back on line...
    Screen house looks to be a perfect place for afternoon reading.
    I do like the bugs but not when they bite me. Sometimes I have to go inside just to get away from the mosquitoes.
    I love the old brick floor. My husband and I do all our own work too and I have laid a couple of brick patios..lots of work.
    Happy you are going well and enjoying the last days of summer.

  10. Lisa, So glad you're back... I kept checking on you. computer problems are just not fun. Casa Pantella... I like it. There is no enjoying the outdoors at night here without screening.

    I LOVE the brick flooring. You are going to get so much more out of your garden enjoyment and relaxation time now.Wonderful job.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  11. I'm glad you got your computer problems solved. Welcome back! That screen house is wonderful. Will it stay up all winter? I hope Luna doesn't get too used it it & damages something barging in or out.

  12. Welcome back Lisa, glad your computer is fixed. Love the brick work your husband did. I wish I was as talented in the DIY department.

  13. Lisa, glad your computer is fixed too. We missed you.

    What a perfect place to sit and read and and enjoy every breeze. I love it. I would be eating every meal there:) You and dearly beloved did a great job.

  14. So lovely to see you back blogging Lisa......we all missed you, I am sure....

    The brick floor is so beautiful, didn't DB do well, in fact Lisa it is all lovely....what a wonderful focal point in any garden.....

    Dear Luna......I am sure she will eventually succumb to the temptation to enter....Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your new space.......

  15. What a lovely place you have for your "Casa Pantella". That was hard work and wonderfully done by your husband.My compliments. Wishing you a lot of pleasure sitting there....

  16. Lisa, it is just beautiful but more importantly I am SO happy you are back. I missed you!

  17. Casa Pantella is fabulous! What a gorgeous garden retreat you have created! Hopefully Luna will enjoy it too (Benny is the same way about anything new) :-)

  18. Marguritas in the beautiful Casa Pantella ?? I'll be right over...(I'll bring some fresh corn from the garden!)

    What a wonderful enclosure you have, and your Dearly Beloved has given you the work of his hands...the best gifts in my opinion!

    Glad to have you back & posting!

  19. Hes done a cracking job there Lisa looks great. Mike.

  20. i love the brick patio. i have bricks waiting on a home. i found you on my sis' blog "hoe and shovel" welcom back!

  21. I want to thank everyone for welcoming me back. I am trying to get around to everyones blog as fast as I can. Just remember I am a slow reader. And all the beautiful pictures everyone has posted on GBBD. I am lovin seein them all.

    MrMcD, the screen house walls will stay up but we will take off the top. I heavy snow could collapse the roof. We don't get that many snows but if we left it on we would probably get the snow of the century.

    I am glad you stopped by Marmie. I can't wait to see what you do with your bricks. I have other ideas I just don't have enough bricks. I will have to start another collection.

  22. It's good to see you back, Lisa! The screen room looks like a perfect place to sit and relax and escape from bugs. Your hubby did a great job laying down the brick floor.
    Isn't Luna funny? I'm sure she'll get used to it in time.
    It's great to have your own computer back, isn't it? I just got mine back yesterday.

  23. I'm glad all is well; it's good to have you back!
    Your DB did a wonderful job on the brick floor. I know you will enjoy your new outdoor room.

  24. Lisa, that is a wonderful project. You are so lucky to have a beloved to make such a nice Casa Pantella. When I'm in Greenbow, I'll be sure to stop by.

    I've missed you so much. I'm glad you have a computer again. It just wasn't the same without you.~~Dee

  25. Welcome back! Your Casa Pantella looks so inviting. I love sitting outside in the summer, but the bugs can drive you indoors in a hurry. I love the brick floor--DB did a great job!

  26. Lisa - this turned out really great! Nice work!

  27. When people aren't around we hope they're off having fun - not having computer meltdowns! But what a cool casa you have to show us now that you're up and running again!

    In addition to the fine work your husband did, the part about how you gathered up bricks from your own collection with your friends adding to the number makes a great story...sort of like "Stone Soup" for a garden house!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  28. Hi Lisa, I have missed you and am so glad to see you playing catch up as I am writing this! HA. I did miss Luna too of course and respect her distrust of the large people pen. The brick floor is fantastic and the whole thing looks like a place for you to spend some quality time in enjoying the garden without getting eaten up by the local population. Hooray!

  29. gorgeous, I love the look of the brick. I understand about the bugs, next year we hope to get our terraza screened in (we've decided to stay put awhile)so we can enjoy being outside without being coated in bug repellent.

  30. Excellent job - I love the brick floor especially. It is nice to have a place outside where you can sit without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. They are awful here as well but fortunately they don't bother me that much.

  31. Wow, what a great screened room--and what a nice job your DH did with that brick floor. :)

    Glad to see you're back... as everyone else said, we all missed you!

  32. That's so pretty! You think of the neatest things, and how wonderful that your dearly beloved is willing and able to help carry out the ideas. You are sure going to enjoy that!


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