Monday, September 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September 2008

I must say I have quite a bit blooming this month. I was afraid what with the drought the past month and a half that I wouldn't have anything blooming. I think that some plants are feeling like it is spring so they are blooming again. I am pleased to be able post some of my favorites since the storm didn't do much damage. I am beginning with this Toad Lily 'Miyazaki'. I have another one but it isn't blooming yet. I always look forward to the Toad lilies blooming.
Speedwell Veronica 'Eveline'
Solidago - the weeping kind. It was a pass along plant so I don't know what its called.
Solidago is great for attracting butterflies. Tall Garden Phlox

Niko Blue Hydrangea is blooming again. There are three colors of blooms on this plant.
Cimicifuga ramosa 'Brunette', I wish I could add the sweet smell of this flower. It is no wonder the hummers and bees love this plant.
Japanese anemone 'Honorine Jobert'
I have several specimines of sedums. All different colors of pink except this one is lavender.
OOps, almost forgot to mention that if you want to see many more GBBD posts hop over to Carols May Dream Garden to see many more beautiful flowers in bloom.


  1. You do have a lot of blooms in your garden. I need to go back out and look for my toadlilies. I didn't see any blooming but so many have posted pictures of them, that surely they must be!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Wonderful blooms Lisa. I love the toadlilies! I got a freebee Lemon Twist from the 'hospital' at the nursery where I work. It's doing great here, but no blooms yet - maybe next year.

  3. Ooooh... does your 'Brunette' smell like my 'Hillside Black Beauty,' I wonder? Kind of a sweet, grape-y kind of scent... I so love that! Mine isn't happy enough to flower this year, though, I'm afraid.

    I love that toad lily. Most of them look so delicate, but 'Miyazake' (hope I spelled that right) is beautiful and more sturdy-looking, somehow. Like fine china as opposed to paper. :)

  4. Lisa your butterfly plants are gorgeous - the solidago looks like fireworks. And that bloom on your hydrangea is really blue.

    My passalong toadlily plant has no buds or flowers - wonder if it might look like yours some day. They really are wacky flowers!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Carol, I have a toad lily that isn't blooming yet. It is a different variety. Maybe yours will bloom for next bloom day.

    GG maybe your toad lily isn't establlished yet. Next year I bet it blooms unless it is a later bloomer.

    Oh yes Kim, that smell is so sweet.It would be difficult to describe. I have an even prettier more delicate looking toad lily. It blooms later. It is in more shade. I will post it when it blooms. It really does look like china. A beautiful description.

    Annie, you are right that toad lilies are unusual. I think that is one reason why I like them.

  6. Lisa,

    Lovely plants and I am in total agreement...about brings home the butterflies. It will be welcome in my garden. I just brought a toadlily home and must say, it has charmed me a great deal. The Cimicifuga is a beauty...but I think it's too dry here. Does it need rich moist soil? Now I want to smell its fragrance!

    Have a good day and Happy Blooming to you!


  7. Look at that beautiful monarch butterfly! Sorry, I know I'm supposed to be looking at the blooms, but he is gorgeous. I have yet to see one light long enough on any of my flowers to be able to photograph it. You have so much blooming at this time of year! The hydrangea is beautiful; mine are looking pretty puny right now.

  8. Pretty, pretty Toadlily! I agree with Annie, that Goldenrod looks like 'Fireworks.' Don't you just love the scent of Actaea/Cimicifuga? To me it smells like Grape Nehi soda. My Anemones are going like gangbuster now too. Your blooms are looking like there never was a drought.

  9. Beautiful Lisa! It's as if the flowers are now sighing with relief from some reprieve from the incessant heat. We're in the low 80's now! Yay!!!!

  10. In one word..GORGEOUS!! I am jealous. :)

  11. Beautiful photos. I have several sedums with very different color too.
    I like Neon with its bright pink color. Looks just like autumn joy until it blooms.

  12. Great blooms and photos! I have the same goldenrod - I think it is "Fireworks" but not sure, I'd have to check my journal. I've always wanted to try Cimicifuga. I like that bloom

  13. Lisa, sucha lot still blooming in your garden! Those toad lilies are so pretty-it's on my wish list for next year. And of course so is the turtle head. You must work magic to still have hydrangea in bloom. Glad you guys are okay-sounds like T&T have a mess at their place.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not much of a gardener (mine isn't a gardening blog) but have started out our own garden with vegetables (there is the odd flower). This is the first place I've lived with a yard! We've been here 2 1/2 years. The soil is poor so needs a LOT of work. We are not generating enough compost to do the trick!

  15. There are still quite a lot of blooms in your autumn garden. And you have some flowers which here are already faded, like Cimicifuga and phlox. I've just started my fourth and probably last go with Honorine Jobert. Up to now this beautiful plant always dissapeared after a short while (and I don't know why).

  16. Lisa, your garden looks lovely for GBBD. Such a lot is still in flower and I love that cimicifuga of yours. I have some too, must check out if they have a scent as well. My toadlilies haven't even made buds yet! Happy GBBD!

  17. Wow! You have lots of color, lots of bloom this late in the season! Beautiful...esp that toad lily!

  18. Hi Lisa, you do have a lot. Tina at In The Garden just posted about toad lilies and so have a few others. I'm not sure why I have never tried these, but think the next time I see them for sale they might have to come home with me. Anything that can grow under thirsty trees can find a place here. You have done a great job capturing the cimi actaea bloom, white is so hard to photograph.

    I have a new url

  19. Great selection of blooms, Lisa:-)

    Love the toad lilies and the lavender sedum. Great butterfly pics too! Yes the insects love the solidago too – our common name for it here in the UK is golden rod.

    Although on the late side, once again, my post is up now too if you want to hear about it :-D

  20. Dear Lisa,
    My goodness your gardens are in full bloom. I love the butterflies too. Just makes a plant look perfect!
    The Monarch looks very lovely.

  21. Gail the Cimicifuga isn't in moist soil where it is growing in my garden. I think it does like more moisture than say our sandy soil out front where I have tried and failed with it. I would just buy one plant and try it where you think it might grow. This is what I did until I found a place where it would grow then I bought a few more to add to that area.

    Cicero, I know your blog isn't a garden blog per say but I just love all you have to offer. I kayak with you vicariously etc.

    I want to thank everyone for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed the blooms in our garden.


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