Monday, September 29, 2008

A Small Fall Project

Ahhhh it is finally cooling off enough that a person (me) likes to sit in the garden during the day. I have this nice little two-seater glider that we don't use much unless we have company. I got to thinking thatI could set this glider where I want a bench. Then when we have company we can always retrieve it and set it where we need extra seating.

As I was sitting there contemplating this decision of utmost importance my DB was under the apple tree taking picutres of butterflies that were hanging out there. Of course he being a smartie decided to take my picture while I was deep in thought. Since this disturbed all this shuffling of gliders and gray matter I decided to return the favor.

I will have to post a few of the pictures he has taken. He has taken some beauties. As I turned toward the apple tree you can see the view I have if I look in that direction.Of course Luna lie there thinking her humans have really gone off the deep edge this time. Behind her you can see some of the view in the other direction.The mulch around the Maple tree is thick and what with all the roots this area isn't exactly level. I was having difficulty touching the ground when I put the legs on bricks. I didn't want the legs sitting in the mulch because this glider is metal. You know how metal reacts to moisture. Moisture+Metal=Rust. UGH... I bought this lovely little glider before I gave a thought to it needing maintenance. Darn I do digress. Anyway, I collected all the leftover bricks whether they were pieces or broken and made a frame of wood to hold them into place. All this came out to the picture below. A nice level sitting area here. As the bushes on either side of this glider grow it will make a little secret sitting area...I hope.

In the mean time I will sit here and watch the birds splash in the birdbath.Or I will peer through the opening in the fence to see what is going on in the world. I just love the big hedges that have openings cut into them so you can see the sea or some other lovely surprise. Here unfortunately you don't see much when you look through the opening. It is a long view. As close to a vista as my little neighborhood will afford. I can always dream. Do you have a fall project in the works?


  1. Lisa -- you garden is just lovely -- that glider and a balmy Indiana afternoon sound delightful. And nice to see you and your DH, even in the camera wars!

  2. The beginning of this post made me hee-haw. Camera wars! It was good to see you, Lisa! Next time, lower your camera a bit :o)

    Your garden looks sooooo relaxing. You've done a terrific job creating your habitat get-a-way.


  3. Lisa, What a nice way to see your yard and gardens! What a restful place you have. Cute photos of the two of you snapping shots. ;-) It will be fun to see how things grow 'round your glider.

  4. Camera wars indeed lol. Nice to see part of you. Your gardens always look so inviting and lovely.

    And Luna is so sweet. I just want to come and pet her.

  5. Lisa you can digress to your heart's content, I don't mind a bit. The pics of you and your DH with camera's made me laugh. Poor Luna, she must think that you've both lost the plot.;-)

    Love that glider of yours, it's very pretty and good thinking to use it more often and to create a new paving area for it.

    My Fall projects? Finishing the path in front of the new border, finish painting the conservatory, planting zillions of bulbs in the new border, dig up 2 rosa Guirlande d'Amour and plant them in the new border. Plant new roses where those Guirlandes used to been. Trim the last box hedging in my front garden, paint the garden seat in the front garden and plant up lots of containers for autumn and winter colour. And I'm sure I've forgotten to mention a few of the jobs I still have to do. With a garden you are never bored, are you? ;-)

  6. Lisa, aren't you the clever one! Such a neat little brick patio for yout glider. I am duly impressed. I can just see the 2 of you snapping pictures of esch other and laughinh with Luna thinking you've lost it. Your gardens still look so great. Wonderful post.

  7. How cute! Hey, love those flip flops Lisa! Great idea to put the bricks under your glider to create a nice flat platform.

  8. Hi Lisa, I would love to come to your garden and sit in that glider and watch the birds and peak through the circle at the outside world. And pet Luna. And maybe take photos of you and DH, a threesome! HA

    new url
    (forgive the shameless plug, I am still getting as many visitors to blogger with no new posts on it as to the new wordpress one with brilliance emanating daily, sigh.)

  9. Diana, I hate to admit we do entertain ourselves with the camera war often.

    I am glad to give you a chuckle Mary. I felt quite silly with all the picture taking.

    Yes SG, I can't wait for the shrubs to grow. Everything grows slowly under the Maple tree if it grows at all.

    Teri, you come to pet Luna any time. She loves to show visitors around the garden.

    Whew Yolanda. You wear me out to just read your list of "to dos". You are right when you say there is always something to do in the garden. Never a dull moment.

    Beckie, at least now the garden is green green green.

    Jayne, those are my relaxing flip flops.

    Frances, I think people will eventually realize your address change. It took me a day or two to get it changed on my reader. DUH.

  10. Hi Lisa .. Luna looks like she is tolerating her "kids" having the camera shoot out ? LOL
    The lighting with such pretty trees and plants in your garden is so nice and soft almost hypnotic .. I bet the crickets are chirping away happily too .. perfect setting to relax in !
    Fall projects .. well .. I'm still planning to move some plants and those bags of compost haven't sprinkled themselves yet ! LOL

  11. Dear Lisa.....your gardens have old world charm....and a magical quality about them........they show me who you are....I see you more clearly now....thank you

    Dear Luna......such a sweet soul....such a gentle face......

    I like the sound of the glider.....have fun, enjoy the cooler days before the winter winds arrive.............

  12. Lisa, that was so ingenious to make the little brick platform for your glider. I love all the views of your garden--looks like a beautiful day to sit outside and just enjoy!

  13. Your garden look so peaceful. lush and lovely Lisa.

  14. Lisa, you have such a pretty garden. I like your little brick square. That gives me an idea for one similar near the bird feeders.

  15. I had to smile when seeing you and your husband taking pictures of each other. It is like being in the water and spurting each other ;-) !! Your fall project was a success, from now on you won't get any wet feet again! Enjoy your lovely garden!

  16. Dear Lisa,
    So lovely! Nice idea to use all your little pieces of pavers.
    Looking forward to seeing the butterflies. I bet they are the same kind that come to the apples on the ground in my neighbor's yard. I love the Red-spotted Purples....
    Your gardens are just lovely. Thank you for showing us your view.
    I have enjoyed this September. Looking forward to October. All sorts of projects....mostly just enjoying each each day. LOL!

  17. Hi Lisa,

    I love the look of your garden. Nice photos. I wish our garden looked as neat as that!

    I have added your blog link to my blog- please mention if you don't want this. I was wondering if you could add mine?

    Thanks, Joe

  18. I was half expecting a shot of Luna with a camera in front of her face! The photos of you & your husband made me smile. Your garden looks lovely in the late September light.
    Putting that charming glider under the Maple is a creative way to solve the dry shade where nothing will grow problem & the little brick patio looks great.
    I have lots of projects on the list including finishing yanking out the Yew hedge, planting the Wisteria, and installing another mowing strip.

  19. How I wish I could sit on the glider and enjoy your garden and chat while Luna sits in the grass. Great new project completed. I have lots of ideas but not enough time for completion!

  20. What a lovely tour, Lisa! I like that you took pictures of all of your "views"--it's so nice to see what you see, and imagine that I'm sitting on that beautiful glider on the new brick patio. :) Great job with that little project!

  21. Beautiful photos of your garden. This is a great time of year to be outdoors. It's so pleasant after the heat of summer.

  22. One nice little glider you have there!

  23. This gives me a very good idea of your garden, Lisa, thanks! So often all we see are close-ups and you can't really tell the context. I love the pictures of you two taking pictures of each other.

  24. What a gorgeous spot you have! I like that circle in the trellis--reminds me of Chinese and Japapnese design, where in walls or fences they have these cricles that allow only small glimpses into a larger, metaphorical world.


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