Monday, October 20, 2008

Decision Monday

Today was such a beautiful day. We started our day with a walk at the park. The sun and the moon shared the sky for some time. There were just a few wispy clouds to muss the clear blue sky.
I got busy outside. This pot with 'Red Star' Cordyline, Torenia 'Magenta Moon' and Heuchera villosa 'Carmel' ended up being one of my favorite pots this summer. I have never grown a Cordyline before. It sure makes a striking specimen in a big pot. I pulled the Heuchera out of the pot and planted it at the edge of the patio near some Purple Palace Heucheras that have been long established in this spot. I hope this Carmel will make them look quite perky next summer. If the Carmel makes it through the winter I will plant a couple of others with it. I just don't have great luck with the fancy new Heucheras or I would do so now.
I had a small offering to the bulb gods to plant. I remembered that people posted about white narcissus last spring. I just loved them. When I saw a selection of three different types. I didn't have enough $$ to get them all so there was another decision I had to make. I chose a White double flowering type named Calgary. I also bought Rosy Cloud which looks to be a peachy rose color that is double flowering and Broadway Star that is white and orange. It is what they call a Butterfly Narcissus. The pictures make them look so good and as I often do I chose some because of their names. I can't wait to see them next spring. I also got some crocus named Lady Killer and some Winter Aconites. Anyway I got these into the ground today too. I just feel like I got so much accomplished.

That packet of 'Emerald Empress' Hens and Chicks jumped into my hand when I was buying some bone meal for the bulbs. Of course I got them into the ground too. It is odd but I have never been able to get hens and chicks to grow here. This will be the last time I try it. I have the perfect placement, on a berm that never gets watered. It is supposed to rain Thursday so they should get set for the winter. I have four big pots of annuals still blooming up a storm so I am leaving them to the elements. I hate to throw them out before their time. All of the keepers are now ensconsed in their winter quarters.

I cut up one big coleus that was blooming up a storm and made a big bouquet to bring inside. From now until next spring when you all come over to visit you will not be able to use the patio doors. You will just have to come in through the back door. As they say, back door friends are the best.



  2. Dear Lisa,
    Wow, you did get a lot accomplished today! All of my bulbs are in the refrigerator! I force mine every winter and plant in the spring...In the spring I can see where I can use a tulip or a daff!
    The white daffodiles are lovely.
    Your spring gardens will be very pretty.

  3. Hi Lisa, you did a good job with that container, it was stunning. Way to use a perennial too that could go in the garden. We have one called caramel, like the candy, is it the same one? It has been hardier than the other earlier introduction called amber waves. It was not hardy but the color was similar. Your coleus is a winner too. Love to come to your back door! ;->

  4. All in a day's work for a gardener. Your arrangement looks great, and it was a beauiful day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. It does look like a beautiful day-that sky is gorgeous and all those plants!!! So gorgeous.

  6. Wish I could have boorwoed some of your energy! It eas great to see you and DB. Looks like you have things well under control with all your house plants in and containers taken care of. I know you will be happy with your bulb choices. Good luck with the hen and chicks. The one I git this spring is doing reall well and maybe will be big enough to share with you and T next spring.

  7. You have had a busy day!! And you have inspired me to get a little more done tomorrow! Do your coleus get rootbound in the vase? I assume you plant them sometime in the near future. Do they grow "out of bounds" before Spring? I have a couple of beautiful coleus I'd like to take cuttings of. I've not been terribly successful with some of the new heuchera, either. It could be me... Have a great rest! :-)

  8. Well Lisa isn't it amazing how we are all thinking spring to.....gardeners always look ahead and the anticipation of what is to come, keeps us going thru the long dark nights that winter bring....

    I had white daffs on my blog last year....first time I had planted and I loved them.....but then I am a bit of a white person as you know.....

    beautiful sky..........

  9. What a beautiful bouquet Lisa! I never would have thought of using Coleus like that. :c)

  10. Sherry, If I had more room I might try to force some bulbs. I thought I might try this year but when I fill up our house with plants it makes me not want to put another pot in here.

    Frances, thanks for the encouragement. I think Caramel is the same as candy. I hope it is hardy. I killed Amber waves. UGH

    Hi Beckie, it is always good to see you and S. I hope you are beginning to feel better. If these h&c don't take I will try yours when you have enough chicks to share.

    Cheryl, I hope my new white daff is as pretty as yours.

    SG, if the coleus would last until spring in a pot of water I would plant them out. However I just took these cuttings to have a pretty bouquet for this fall. I think the colors look like fall.

    Thank you Jayne. I often use coleus as filler in other bouquets during the summer. They have such interesting leaf color.

  11. I've been adding bulbs too. They are always so welcome in the early spring.

    Love the vase of coleus. They will root, won't they?

  12. Your Coleus looks fantastic!

    Ya know, last year I had one of those big ones...and when I cut it to bring indoors, it never set root...I thought that was odd.

  13. The Heuchera container is beautiful with the Cordyline and the Torenia. I love the combination.

    You'll be busy planting up bulbs, Lisa. I love that one of your Narcissus varieties is Calgary - a city in the neighbouring province to me.

    I hope you have great success with your hens n' chicks. They seem to grow well here and reproduce at an incredible rate.

  14. such a busy time of year Lisa! I love your coleus bouquet. I was beginning to wonder if I'm the only one who lets coleus bloom. I'm happy to see you do too. I like the spikey blooms.

    I think you may be pleasantly surprised with your caramel heuchera. They are pretty sturdy compared to other similarly colored varieties. Caramel and Creme' Brule both seem to be much more hardy than some of the others with similar color.

  15. I love the pairing of Cordyline and Heuchera carmel in your planter. The two play off against each other so well. There are just too many types of bulbs to try them all, and the photos always look so good. At least they were fun decisions.

  16. You were quite busy today, dear Lisa. And your pictures and mentioning of all the bulbs you planted, reminded me to finally finish this work here too. But as it was raining the last days, I had a good excuse to postpone it ;-). But I should do it now, as winter is coming soon...the temperatures are already very low!
    It will be a feast for the eyes next Spring, when everything blooms in your garden. I hope, you'll show then pictures too.

  17. I like Hen & Chicks.
    Glad you had some nice weather to get some garden chores done Lisa.

  18. I love that container combination, Lisa! I've written it down to perhaps try next year.
    The coleus is very pretty in the vase, and yes, has good fall color. I like the spiky blooms too.
    I've also been planting some white daffs...little ones called 'Poet's Daffodil'. They have a yellow center and lovely scent. I planted an assortment of tulips too. Can't wait for spring! :)

  19. That coleus is gorgeous!

    I'm going to try to winter over my Cordyline in the greenhouse basement so I can plant it in the ground next year. It was in a pot this year, surrounded by purple wave petunias in a cobalt blue pot.

    I've seen Cordyline planted in the ground here for the summer and they get HUGE!


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