Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Speaking of Friends

My DB and I have a birding friend that lives in Puerto Rico. One of his dreams was to have a family and a garden to attract birds. He is a great photographer, I mean he has had a showing of his bird photos etc. I am happy to say that his dreams are being partially met now. He married back in September and has a sweet wife and step-son. They are now living in a place that has a yard that he is turning into a garden for birds.

Obviously he didn't take these pictures. I took all of these pictures the summer of 2006. I just didn't want to bore you with repeats ya know... anyway... Lois Burns (the daylily pictured below) and I want to invite you to go to Gabriel's new blog where he is chronicling his dream.
Believe me, he has some obstacles to overcome and it will be interesting to watch his progress. I know that he would appreciate any and all encouragement. There will be a Royal Celebration (name of daylily below) when he is able to start posting his lovely pictures of birds in a beautiful garden. His first language is Spanish but he also posts in English. I hope you have a few minutes to encourage him occasionally. Maybe you would know what to do with 300 coconuts. ??
Buenos dias Amigos.


  1. Lisa, those daylilies are gorgeous. Did they do well this year? I visited Gabriel's blog-wow what a lot of cleanup there is to do. But as I told him, the 'bones' seem to be there. I wish him well on his quest for a certificate. Thanks for introducing us to him.

  2. Hi there Lisa :-)

    Your daylilies look great! It's also great to promote other blogs :-D

    I too can see that Gabriel has a lot of work ahead of him. It will be very interesting to see what birds will visit his garden :-D

  3. Lisa,
    I loooooooove Daylilies! Great pictures!-Randy

  4. Ah, the daylilies made me sigh. In only months, mine will be back to visit. I will go meet your friend. Thanks for introducing us to him, Lisa.~~Dee

  5. What a sweet story and lovely flowers!

  6. Lisa,

    I stopped by...boy have they cleared out a lot of coconut palms!

    The daylilies are lovely!

  7. thank you for Gabriel's address! I've added him to my list of feeds.
    ANd thanks for the day lillies, I love those flowers.

  8. Lisa, this is great to encourage friend and encourage others to do same - we need to support each other.
    jumping to see Gabriel's blog.
    Good Morning btw :)

  9. Thanks for the link to Gabriel's site - it will be interesting to follow the development!

    I'm starting up a new meme for Fridays - Blooming Friday - it would be great if you would like to participate with one or two pictures of blooming plants. I thought it would be nice to share eye-candy for the week-end... Welcome!


  10. It's nice to see those blooming daylilies right now, when there isn't much but brown stems in my garden.
    How nice of you to introduce us to Gabriel, Lisa; I will drop by his blog for a visit.

  11. Dear Lisa,
    I will be so happy to be a supporter!
    We are one family!
    300 coconut trees???
    I wonder if the wood is good for landscaping? The actual co-conuts are great sawed in half and used for little seed starting pots. They would be extra cute if your friend had a seedling plant sale.
    I do not think they would do as a hat, too hard.
    I will pop right over.

  12. Another use for coconut shells is to make bird feeders. They can be sawed and drilled into any shape and filled with birdseed. They last forever.

    Thanks for Gabriel's site. I enjoyed visiting it;)

  13. Thanks for the link to Gabriel's blog Lisa. It will be fun to watch his progress towards a certified backyard wildlife habitat.

  14. What beautiful daylilies. I shall pop along at some point and have a browse........

  15. Daylilies are a treat in late November even if the pictures are months old.

  16. Hi Lisa, thanks Lisa for showing us this. We do wish Gabriel well with his endeavors. And he has some beautiful daylilies to catch our attention.


  17. Lisa - what a clever post! I love the daylilies -- especially that lemony yellow one. How's your weather? We're coming next week and my MIL says it's supposed to be COLD!

  18. Lisa a treat to see lovely flower blossoms now that we are into our winter season..with all my world covered in snow!

  19. Thank you all that went to Gabriels blog to give him encouragement. He has a big job ahead of him. I think it will be interesting to see his tropical paradise evolve.

    Frances, those are dayllilies I took pictures of.

    Sherry, I meant the coconuts not trees.

    Roses & Stuff, thre won't be any blooms around here until next spring then I can join you.

    Diana, bring all of your winter gear. It is 19 this morning. Brrr It isn't supposed to be very warm for some time. Winter has arrived with record lows.

  20. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful story! I will visit your friends blog :-)

  21. Hi Lisa, sorry. I think I was talking to one of the kids on the phone while trying to comment. Not a good multi tasker!


  22. Hola Lisa,
    I'll visit you friend's blog.
    Being born in South America I am aware of what adversity is, and how hard it could be to get eben the smallest things that other take for granted.
    Hugs from Peru,

  23. Lisa, Thank you for directing us to your friend's blog. It will be fun to watch his progress. :-)

    What type are your daylilies? They're very distinctive!

  24. Hi Lisa and friends. I have now a few minutes to write here just thanks. I never have in my mind what a blog like Birds Backyard can do. There's a lot of people that came to it and give me an extra support. Thanks Lisa and thanks to every body comments.
    ¡Nos vemos en Birds Backyard! (I'll see you on Birds Backyard!)

  25. That was quite a good suggestion to visit Gabriel's blog. I wonder how it will go on and what kind of birds he will discover in his garden...
    Your flower pictures brought some memories of summer back :-) !!
    Have a good week, Lisa!


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