Sunday, February 1, 2009

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - February 2009

Snow Angels

When the snow is pristine
I hear them calling
I begin to feel like a tween
I can’t help falling
It’s not that I’m so keen
I can’t stop laughing
My boots full of snow
The angels are calling
So down I go
For more Garden Blogger's Muse Day quotes, poems and other thoughts go Here. Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home Chicago started this some time ago. Lots of fun.

I must say Luna has never seen me lying in the snow. She was wondering what in the world is my Mom doing? She is lying there in the snow flailing around. (Pam this one is for you.)Heck, I can do that. It is easy.

I would really rather that she get up and run around with me even though it is difficult in this deep snow.Dad is over there contemplating the double dip hill where the children that sled here made a ramp at the end out of two trash barrels. Dad always likes a challenge. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. We sure did.


  1. Lisa, this looks like so much fun! But where is the picture of the snow angel you made?:) Looks like Luna was trying to make one, too.

  2. Hi Lisa, hooray for you laying down and making a snow angel, even though it made Luna wonder what was up with you. She must have thought you were ill, laying down like that, poor sweet doggie! How much fun, and by the way, you look terrific, my dear in those black pants!

  3. Good thing you had a red scarf on Luna or you would have lost her. Really pretty white (cold) snow. Looks like fun (well....) I could live without that kind of fun.

  4. heart is full of smiles.....funny you, funny Luna.....tku

    It is still snowing here and I actually have real snow......not two feet....two inches!!!!

  5. Lisa this is a post that put a smile on my face! I remember always making snow fact today I felt like making one...the snow was so fresh and pristine! Luna warms my heart as I see how she so enjoys the snow!
    You my dear friend where an angel sending compassionate messages to comfort me these past weeks..and I thank you for that.
    love and light aNNa xo

  6. That was so much fun! I felt the snow in my boots as I read your poem. Wonderful stuff.

  7. Lisa, You look like you all were having a wonderful time! I love walks in the snow t when the sun is is beautiful. Gail

  8. This looks like so much fun and I love seeing your puppy making one also!

  9. The best was seeing Luna lay in the snow also. Fun post. yes a great weekend.

  10. Too funny, Lisa! Thanks for that cheerful addition to GBMD.

  11. Lisa, good for you! Making snow angels is good for the soul. It was a perfect day to be out in the snow. Sunny and not too cold. I'llbet you all felt wonderful when you got home. Now it's back to the cold for a few days. :{

  12. Hi there Lisa, Great stuff :-)

    It looks like a fun time was had by all! Thank-you we did – I even got out into the garden. Ah… today the garden is quite a different plance as overnight the UK has been hit with quite a snowfall. Mm… a snow angel now that is thought :-D

    Have a great week :-D

  13. Lisa,
    I'm glad to see you and Luna out enjoying the snow. If I was to lay down to make a snow angel, I'm not sure I could get back up right now. LOL--Randy

  14. Hi Lisa, Saw your Luna on the sidebar of teri´s blog so I recognozed your dog and followed the link.
    What a wonderful picture story!
    What a beautiful dog she is! She is just as white and clean as the snow!
    Glad you had a wonderful weekend.
    It started snowing here as well today.....
    Lovely post Lisa!

  15. Rose and Randy, I couldn't hardly get up from the ground with all the clothes I had on plus the area was slopping down some. I wallered all over the angel trying to get up and then Luna came over to see what in the world I was doing and was jumping all over me and the angel trying to "help" me get up. ha...

  16. Luna is cute with red scarf on.
    You all have such fun, lovely snow play:)
    I really love winter!
    Hope to experence one in the future!

  17. I love seeing photos of Luna - that is a beautiful dog!

  18. Without the scarf Luna would blend right into the snow. She is beautiful, and so is your winter wonderland.

  19. Seeing you on your back on the ground probably made her wonder if there was something wrong with you. My dog would have been giving me unwanted CPR;)

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  21. You do know how to live, Lisa!! And wasn't Luna simply made for winter!

  22. i can sure see you had fun. and doesn't red just add something to any photo? great pics.

  23. What a fun and cute posting for Muse Day. With all the bad weather that has been around lately, it is nice to see someone enjoying the snow in such a light-hearted way.

    Always Growing

  24. So nice to see everyone enjoying the snow! Let's all hope for a slow melt! We wouldn't want the water to run off and take the top soil away! BTW..someone told me that snow is great fertlizer and contains nitrogen...!


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