Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blooms galore

First of all I just had to show you the Broom 'Moonlight' plant that my Sister gave me for Easter. I actually planted it before they departed Easter Sunday so it has had at least one good watering since it rained that night. I just can't thank my Dear Seester enough for the thoughtful hostess gift. She knows what will make this hostess most happy.

You can see behind it that the helebores are still blooming up a storm. I think this has been their best blooming year. In that I mean they had the most blooms on them. I guess a little more sun didn't hurt them as I had feared it might. I just love walking out and seeing something new blooming almost every day. These little tulips were accidently planted right in front of the Virginia Blue Bells. They are happily blooming together. This is what you call a happy accident since I didn't remember that the Blue Bells were here when I planted the tulips. I am thrilled that I didn't dig up or damage the Blue Bells. I know in the past I have done them in by digging around where they are planted.
This is some Wild Ginger that is growing in the garden. They are sporting their blooms. You have to "want" to see them if you see them. By that I mean that they bloom under the leaves close to the ground. It is an unusual bloom too. It is sort of a bloom within a bloom.
The Double Kerria bush is beginning to bloom. It just looks like a ball of sunshine when it gets into full gear.
The smaller single bloom on the varigated Kerria is also blooming.
The Brunnera 'Jack Frost' is blooming its little head off. I ought to plant a few more in this area. This is one of those plants that everyone tells you how easy it is to grow but I have had a difficult time getting any established. I have killed more than I want to think about, however the one planted right beside the patio seems to thrive.
Our darling old apple tree is blooming now. It started out with just the lower branches blooming. I thought that the upper blooms had been frosted/frozen off but just today the top is also abloom. Today the bees and flies are busy polinating all the blooms in the garden. I was beginning to worry that the bugs weren't going to show up to do their work but the past couple of days have been so warm and sunny it brought out the work forces. It is just great to see them again.
I hope you all are having a great weekend.


  1. Your sister certainly knows the way to your heart :) What a wonderful gift!
    It's such a joy to see all the blooms, isn't it, Lisa? Lucky you to have hellebores blooming up a storm.
    My Jack Frost Brunnera hasn't shown itself yet, but it takes its time.
    I love those Kerrias.
    Aren't the apple blossoms the prettiest colors?
    Your garden is looking very springy - just beautiful :)

  2. Lisa, You're a little ahead of me. My Jack Frost is up, but not far along. Thanks for the inspiration - it gives me something to look forward to!! :-) Happy Spring!

  3. You have some lovely blooms there! I enjoyed seeing the hellebores from that distance. I love them!

  4. A lovely little shrub Lisa! It looks perfect right where you planted it...In fact that photo shows what a nice combination of textures and leaf shapes you have! The broom will give you lots of joy knowing it was chosen for you~ I am glad spring is visiting everyone with such abandon and beauty! Gail

  5. Lisa, the broom is beautiful. I've tried it before, but our heat killed it. Or maybe it was just me:(

  6. Hi Lisa

    Wow, your garden is really colourful at the moment. I look forward to seeing how it will progress over the coming months

  7. Lots of goodies. I love ginger blooms. they are so fanciful.

  8. What a thoughtful gift from your sister! The last few days of warmer weather seem to have brought out lots of blooms. I like your happy accident with the tulips--I always worry, too, that I'm digging up something else when I plant new bulbs. And I love the Brunnera! That's a plant I've been wanting so badly, but I've been too cheap to buy one yet. And yesterday I saw my first bumblebee!

  9. I especially love the last flowers:)
    Just like a painting!

  10. Just wandered over here on the "happy accident" link from Clay and Limestone. Wonderful post! I'm adding you to my blogroll.

    I love bluebells and will attempt them someday here in CA, but have read that one reason they are tricky is their vanishing act, which makes it too easy to disturb them.

  11. Hi Lisa, what a nice seester to give you such a beautiful plant. We same some yellow brooms this weekend. I really don't know anything about how to grow those, hope yours thrives. I have killed some Brunneras also, I was guessing the drought, but then I blame that for everything. :-)

  12. What a wondeful sister....great gift....

    Love the apple blossom....isn't it wonderful to here the buzz and see little bodies flying by.....I love this time of year....everything is fresh and new....

    Your garden is really coming alive Lisa.....enjoy

  13. You are still quite a bit ahead of us. Had a few warm days but now rain and big temperature drop. Typical April. That Broom is an exquisite shade of yellow. Great present and clearly a great sister!

  14. Hi again Lisa, very nice indeed :-)

    I love the broom too, mine was almost about to flower at the weekend and I moved three plants. I’ll need to keep watering them but now the wind will catch them and bring their wonderful scent all the way to my back door.

    Ah… Jack Frost is a serious fav in my garden too. I am loving its flowers at the moment – funny thing is I only bought it for the foliage! It has beautiful flowers. Enjoy yours now :-D

  15. Those apple blooms are the sweetest! Too bad the tree blossoms don't last longer.

  16. Everything looks lovely and springlike, Lisa! I love the plant your sister gave to you! I just put in a couple of Jack Frost and they are doing 'ok' but they look somewhat weary. When I saw the apple tree blossom it made me think of my childhood...we had 2 trees in our yard. I wish I could grow one here but there's just not the right area in my yard. I have Bluebells too...the blooms haven't come out yet but the leaves are up! Have a great day!

  17. Your flowers are stunners. I love your garden shots; you bring me face to face with some real wonders.

  18. I so love the apple blossom. Thank you for a glimpse of something I won't see for a month!


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