Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Tour Meeting

I think some of you have noticed that I have been away for awhile. My Dearly Beloved and I went to visit family in Michigan. On the way home I got to meet Kylee of Our Little Acre at her Little Acre. I have been reading Kylee's blog for some time and figured that her little acre was located close to our traveling route. She graciously agreed to have DB and I visit Sunday afternoon. It was a delightful visit. Kylee's garden is full of whimsy and ...
WOW factors. I must say we were blessed with a beautiful day to tour. I thought it would be maybe a one hour stop but who would know that we could chat for 3 hours and still I missed a spot or two of her garden that I have read about in the past.
It seemed like we were close gardening friends. I knew of some of the features she had but was surprised that not all has been revealed, at least not while I have been reading her blog these past two years.
We talked so much that I didn't take many photos. This is a curse I have while traveling. I am so interested in what I am seeing that I forget to take photos. Oh well, maybe next time I will have a better presence of mind and take photos to share.
I want to thank Kylee and Romie for being such good Hosts. Those cookies tasted almost as good as your garden looked. I will be looking forward to seeing you at Spring Fling. We will have a blast. Please tell Mom that her generosity is now planted in my garden. All is ever more appreciated.


  1. What is better than 'When Bloggers Meet'? So happy to hear you had a grand tour.

  2. What fun! I know how those blogger meet-ups are---time gets away from you, and you just talk, talk, talk.

  3. What about the ugly daffodils, Lisa? You're ashamed of them now, too, aren't you? HA!

    And just look at that lovage - hogging all the attention again. Between that and the tansy, Max's Garden may just be taken over like kudzu. Are you sure you don't want some tansy??

    It was absolutely wonderful meeting you and your DB on Sunday and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to stop. Every minute of your visit was pure delight, including your ever-so-slight southern accent. ;-)

    Can't wait to see you again at Spring Fling! *hugs*

  4. Lisa,
    I had to giggle when you made the comment about not taking pictures. My first trip to Phillip's garden I didn't take a single photo! You just get too wrapped up in company and conversation. :-)

  5. Lisa, I had been wondering where you were and then I saw Kylee's post yesterday. How fun this must have been for both of you! Seeing a garden in person is so much different than looking at photos of it; glad you had a good time. Looking forward to next weekend!

  6. Hey Lisa. Looks like a wonderfully interesting garden. I can see by the photos it is located in farm country like my garden. Backdrop of cornfields;)


  7. I missed you while you were gone! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time.

    It's fun to see a garden through another person's eyes. How neat that you and Kylee got to visit together!

  8. Lisa...What a grand visit...a gardenblogging friend, a garden and your Dearly Beloved! gail

  9. Dear Lisa,
    Happy you are home and happy you had a fun trip.
    Meeting a fellow blogger must be delightful! I bet you felt like old friends!

  10. What a fun time you had!! I've been reading Kylee's blog for about the same length of time... would Love to visit sometime, too. But then, visiting YOU would be a treat, too! :-)

  11. Stories like this always make me smile broadly. It's such a wonderful community we have here, isn't it? How wonderful that you all got to meet face to face and felt as if you've known one another forever. :c)

  12. Ohhhhhh, I am so envious! But very glad for you that you got to meet Kylee and see her lovely garden too. Sounds like you 2 had a wonderful time. It's great when garden bloggers meet, I know been there too. ;-)

    And thanks for those lovely pics of you and Kylee!


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