Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Safari

Today I am posting a Sunday Safari that I took through my garden. Cheryl at My Wildlife Sanctuary in jolly ole England has been doing this for some time every Sunday. Sherry over at Q's Corner also usually posts a Sunday Safari. Today I decided to join them since there are lots of birds, bees and bugs to see in our garden today. I haven't tried to id every bug here but if I happen to know what it is I will say... this house wren scolded me as I went around the garden. It wasn't thrilled with my tour especially when my DB came out with his camera to see what I was up to. I want to thank him for some of the pictures I have used here.
You can click on the photos to enlarge them if you want a closer look.
This butterfly below is a Snout. You can see why it got its name.
I have no idea about these wasps and wasp mimics...
I would have positioned this butterfly up by the other one but Blogger is acting bad today. It won't let me move photos. BooooooAt the bottom left of this picture you can see the Ruby-throated Hummingbird that was having a rest after dining on this French Honeysuckle.
A honey bee. The Curly Mint out front is blooming which is what a lot of the bees were attracted to.

This bee looked as though it had gotten into a pollen storm, it is just covered with pollen.
I hope you enjoyed the bugs and bees. We are having such a lovely weekend here. Cooler than normal temps and we have had plenty of rain so we are just sitting back and enjoying what the weather brings.


  1. Nice post and pics Lisa, good idea this Sunday Safari and nice first entry.

  2. That was fun! You're obviously doing something right to attract such a diversity of bugs, bees & birds. I love the shot of the pollen-coated bee. Just this morning I was laughing at a bumblebee that had Coneflower pollen all over its legs.

  3. What a variety of insects you have! Love the little hummer resting... and the butterfly. I do not care for the house wren ... they have been banished from my gardens and land... murderous twrips... be careful ... they will kill other birds babbies or eggs... at least they did it here... blue bird babbies... five... eggs of tree swallows... phobee, chickadee... all last year and I would not allow them to nest so they finally gave up! Sad really for I used to enjoy their gurgling song so. Great photos! Love the title...

  4. So many bees and wasps and butterflies. Your garden must be just buzzing!

    Thanks for bringing us along on your first Sunday Safari.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Dear Lisa,
    I am so excited you have joined Cheryl and I for Sunday Safari!
    Seeing all of your bugs and your sweet Wren is delightful!
    Your gardens are full of life!
    It is fun knowing you are hunting bugs too.
    I so enjoyed your safari!
    The Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly is so tiny...great photograph!
    Hope to see you next week!

  6. Looks like you had a successful safari, Lisa--there's a lot of wildlife in your garden. Love the shot of the bumblebee covered in pollen, and a hummingbird photo is the icing on the cake! There doesn't seem to be a decline in bees in our area either.

  7. Love all your buzzing friends. BTW, you can always move photos by cutting and pasting their code in HTML view. :)

  8. Hi Lisa,
    What a wonderful safari through your flowery garden. So many wonderful buzzy bugs to keep your company. I just love them all. The butterflies are loving your flowers, too!
    Oh, and you got a photo of a hummer sitting still! Amazing. They are just such a special treat to see in the garden.

  9. Hi Lisa, great post. Love the butterflies. That white one is beautiful. You still have honeysuckle blooming. It's lovely, I really like the colors.

  10. I saw some freaky bugs in the garden yesterday also. They must be out in droves.

  11. Oh my, this is a wonderful post. How ironic, when I am feeling well and up to walking outside, I say to Lew, "Take me on Safari in the back yard." He walks with me and I look at every flower and take zillions of photos so I can bring the garden into my den on days I can't venture outside. I am so thankful to have your garden and mine to keep me connected virtually to nature. Thank you for taking such great photos and sharing with us, Judy.

  12. Hi Lisa....what fun you joining us.....

    My, my you have a wonderful selection of bugs....I love some of the wasp mimics.....
    The wren is beautiful....she is one of my favourite birds (although I have many)...that is a lovely photograph of her....

    Tks for joining us Lisa....will we see you next Sunday???

  13. Wow you a large community of garden friends! That's always a good sign we are doing something right. :-)--Randy

  14. Who needs to travel with so much in your own backyard! Great, great post, Lisa. I wonder if you can tell me the name of the butterflies on my blog header. My friend Carole in England wondered if they are of the Variegated Fritillary variety.

  15. Fabulous variety of bugs on your Sunday Safari Lisa! Great photos.

  16. My goodness! You had a lot of companions in the garden today!

  17. I love the b's! Bugs, butterflies and bees are always good to see in the garden...Oh and a bird, too~a sweet hummer. All delightful. gail

  18. I really did enjoy my bugs and blooms visit! Love the bee full of pollen...he has been buzzing around!
    You also have been buzzing around getting all the wonderful photos!!
    I find out results on Wed...fingers crossed .hugs

  19. What great photos. And how nice of all those insects to pose so beautifully. My husband and I were just discussing whether we have seen any honey bees in the garden this year, and we may not. Troubling. But we do have other pollinators.

  20. Isn't this weather great? I love it!

  21. Lisa, how fun to see all the critters in your gardens. I love the diversity of the bees and wasps. The white butterfly is a 'Gray Hairstreak' sometimes called the Cotton Square Borer. It does love flowers, but also do a lot of damage to crops in the larva stage.

  22. Sunday is very busy at your garden! Beautiful pictures.

  23. Your closeups are terrific, Lisa and it's comforting to see all those pollinators on the flowers.
    Everything looks so fresh and lush but you still want some summer so I'll wish you warmer weather!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  24. Just brilliant to see all the other fauna which inhabits our gardens. So important to encourage them!

  25. Wow! I never know that bees and butterfly can be so beautiful!


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