Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday - 07-02-09

Today I am so thankful of this unseasonable cool weather. I headed outside to enjoy the garden while this cool weather lasts. This was my perch this morning before the sun ran me into the Casa. As you can see in the background there is a sea of Gooseneck Loosestrife under the apple tree. Chris over at Outside Clyde was just mentioning how controversial this plant can be due to its aggressive spreading. All I can say is that I like it. It does spread out whereever you plant it but it is manageable. I just rip it out whenever it gets too close to something. It doesn't mind being in the dry shade that the apple tree presents it. It works well in flower arrangements too. Another thing I am thankful for is this hardy plant that my cousin Beckie at Dragonfly Corner gave me. I don't know what it is but it is also surviving the not so great conditions of partial sun and dry environment. The only thing is I don't know what it is. Hey Beckie, do you remember what you gave me?? Does anyone else know what this might be?? It doesn't look like anything I have ever grown. It looks like it might bloom sometime soon. Maybe then I can figure out what it is.
I have a tomato in a topsy turvey plant hanger that my daughter gave us for Easter. We had a Cherokee Purple Tomato so we planted it in the hanger. It is growing and by golly we are going to have a tomato or two.
All of this an my favorite daylily, Wilson's Spider, has started blooming. This one always pleases me. It is the only spider daylily I have. It is the first one I ever saw at the time when I bought it. It doesn't cease to please me.
I hope you all are pleased with the way summer is going in your garden.


  1. I am loving this cool weather, too, Lisa! A little rain would be nice, but I'll take this over the heat any day. I sure hope Beckie visits soon and tells you what this plant is. By the way, my ferns are looking terrific! I thought several of them had died after I got back from Spring Fling, but they have made a miraculous recovery:) Have a happy Fourth!

  2. I wish I could join you on your bench, it is such a pretty spot. I'd be enjoying the cooler temperatures too if I could sit outside without becoming a mosquito buffet. I think your success with the Loosestrife is probably due to the dry shade. It's such a neat plant, I should probably give it a try. (Dry shade I've got.) Sorry I can't ID your mystery plant. I'm making a note of the name of that Daylily - it's wonderful.

  3. Oh, it's cool here too - strangely! I'm lovin' all the same! Great photos and can't I pick those 'matoes off the monitor? Awww! Too bad!

  4. That looks like an inviting spot under the apple tree.

    I'm trying to remember if I already knew that you and Beckie were cousins. I don't think I did.

    You asked me about replanting the trees on my recent post and I'm not planning on it. My yard is not very large and now that things are beginning to grow, it would have been too crowded for them anyway.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the Fourth!

  5. Lisa everything looks so nice. I will call you soon to try to visit!

  6. Hi Lisa, I'm guessing the mystery plant is an annual aster, it looks like the ones that self sew in my garden.

  7. Lisa, your garden looks so inviting-as always! With this cooler weather I am sure you are enjoying it even more. The plant is an Aster, 'Milad Mixed'. It is from a packet that Cheryl sent me. They are described as 'half hardy annuals, flowers the same year as sown'. I would think we could collect the seeds for next year or maybe it will self sow?? Mine are looking just about like yours.

    I love the spider daylily! We need to make a trip to the daylily farm again. :)

    Hope you and DB have a wonderful 4th!

  8. I too like the long spell of cool weather we've had, but my tomatoes decidedly do NOT! Purple looseftrife is officially invasive here, but gooseneck is not--it does spread, but it is pretty controllable with ripping out. Maybe it spreads more aggressively in warmer climates.

  9. Hi Lisa, you are so lucky to have tomatoes already! You're the second person I know to get one of the topsy-turvey planters.

    Your daylily is so pretty, love the colors. I wish I had a good spot for the gooseneck loosestrife. I think people are becoming too obsessed with the term 'aggressive' plants. They want everything to remain in a 2 foot round clump forever;) I'd like to plant something under the maple trees but I doubt it would even grow let alone become aggressive.

  10. Hi Lisa....the gooseneck loosestrife is lovely....I can see why you likeit. I have purple loosestrife in my is invasive but I love it, like you I just pull it up when it is spreading a bit too far...

    The day lily is sure do have some pretty colours. You really have quite a collection...

    Glad that you have cooled a little....we are still sweltering is way too hot for me and garden....we had a short shower during the night, it did not do much.......

    Have a happy and peaceful 4th July......

  11. Your garden is looking as cool as you felt! These are wonderful. You will have some great tomatoes before you know it.

  12. Wow! I would love to have these juicy tomatoes as meal:)
    Your daylily looking great, love her whimsical purple pink colour tone!
    Happy weekend dear lisa:)

  13. I love gooseneck loosestrife and had a lovely stand of it which was eradicated when the pond went it. If it's so aggressive that shouldn't have killed it!

  14. Tomatoes ripening already ... wow!

    We got a goodly rain overnight. 43 millimeters ... must be a record for this area ... we never get that much at once. BUT, we REALLY needed it as things were very dry and the forest fire threat high.

    Your bench looks very inviting.


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