Sunday, August 30, 2009

Out of the Garden Safari

The morning was shrouded with fog. It didn't take the sun long to burn off the fog and the day was quite beautiful. We headed to our favorite birdng area. We had to stop for gas and to our delight we found some of the Froggers gassing up. You see, just south of where we live, on this weekend every year there is a gathering of old cars called the Frog Follies. No vehicles newer than 1946 is allowed to show. This little machine below is called a T Bucket.
I thought the back of this one was the prettiest shot in this light. They weren't exactly parked for the best photos.

The fellows that tinker and collect these vehicles love to show them off. They appreciate a person taking their photos, just don't touch.
We look forward to this weekend every year. It is fun for us to drive to our birding destination just to see the Froggers that are parked at hotels on the way. Some are going to or coming from the event. Face it, I am easily entertained.
Like when we came to this ditch and there was this huge clump of minnows swirling around. I wanted to get in there with my little sand bucket and try to catch some. Of course I didn't because I no longer have a little sand bucket but these minnows took me back to days when I did.
This huge black fly was buzzing around. I thought it was a bee the way it sounded when it flew but when it finally landed on a handrail I saw that it was a fly.
There was a ditch with a few nice clumps of Cardinal Flower blooming up a storm. Beautiful.
This Mining Bee (?) was busy collecting pollen and sipping nectar. If you make this big you can see this bee's tongue. I am not sure what this little lavender flower is. If anyone knows I would appreciate an id. I thought it might be flax. I am just not sure.
I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. I sure do love those old cars, too. Such fun.

    That maroon vehicle is gorgeous.

    The pond is like an impressionistic painting, Lisa.

    Thanks for sharing the day.

  2. I am newer than '46 but the EM was born that year and he is a classic. Love your picture with your visitors.

  3. Those are some cool cars. Amazing that they're still running, isn't it. And you sure captured a lot of minnows in that shot! It was a minnow pool party! Have a good week.

  4. How fun to see all the old cars! What a tongue on that bee! Sounds like a very lovely day Lisa.

  5. I too like to see those old cars.
    There was a gathering once in Aix en Provence, and they proposed a tour in the town to raise money for kids. So I took the tour. It was the driver's first tour in the town, and he get lost :-) to my delight because I spent almost 30 minutes in all those little streets in a gorgeous car :-)

  6. Hi Tina, easily amused is a great gift! My daughter Semi has it too, makes for a very happy life. I love your sand bucket paragraph, I can picture you with it now. The cars are way cool. I know your husband is a motorhead? and enjoyed the cars. We have lots of those guys around our area too, they are to their cars as we are to our gardens. :-)

  7. Lisa, I always enjoy your field trips! The cars are great...We have a friend who loves tinkering with his 64 'Stang. That's what he calls it not me! They are really fun to look at, but I might have a hard time not touching them. Tactile people must make them nuts! Btw, I can't wait to see the birds you saw!


  8. Hi Lisa, old car enthusiasts gather every Wednesday evening during the summer in Ypsilanti, a town next door. I saw cedar waxwings for the first time in my life yesterday morning, but had neither binocular or camera. Bummer!

  9. Wish I knew someone with a wonderful old car like those. What fun to ride around in.

    I love foggy mornings but they never seem to happen on the weekends when I have time to take photos. Wonder what kind of fly that is, it's huge.

  10. I love these old cars, so much fun. But at the same time, I'm happy to drive an air-conditioned, automatic transmission one with power windows:) Your first photo looks like the moors of England, and that's a great shot of the bee! It has felt like fall this weekend--I'm not ready for the end of summer:(

  11. I have no clue what that lavender-flowered plant is. I hope you find out. I do love those old cars. Last weekend, on the way to an art show, we drove past a classic car event, but these went up to the 60s. I wanted to stop, but my kids aren't interested in cars.

  12. Dear Lisa,
    A very fun safari!
    I love foggy mornings. It feels like Autumn is just around the corner.
    The old cars are very cool.
    As we travel here and there my husband knows to stop when I see something I must take a photograph of! It is best if we stay on the little country roads since popping off and on the highway becomes a bother! We stop for all sorts of flowers and bugs...a sand bucket for minnows sounds charming. Perhaps I should pick one up for the trunk!
    Thanks for the incredible fly photograph. Since I began taking photographs of flies I find them fascinating.
    It was lots of fun going on safari with you!

  13. Hi Lisa....Mr P is a lover of vintage cars....I shall show him this post as he will be very interested.....

    The bee is lovely.....I did enlarge....I love the tiny pretty.....

  14. Is it really a lavender sort, you showed? The "leaves" seem to be a rather long with regard to the tiny flower. I love the old red car :-)! We recently had a car race with such old cars here in my country. People invest a lot of money and time to take care of such old vehicles.

  15. Cool fog photo.

    I enjoyed the car pix too. I doubt there's much about the T-Bucket that's pre-1946 except the bucket.

  16. I love that misty first shot ... looks like the beginning of a mystery movie. How nice that Monica stopped to visit and you had a chance to showoff your garden.

  17. Hi Lisa, I do like your posts "out of the garden". Somehow, your mind isn't that far from the garden because you always include plants!

    Now, how about joining me in this Meme that I just tagged you for?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  18. Lisa, I saw your painting over at Frances - you're a great artist! I liked it a lot!

  19. Funny name for the group of Car buffs...Lisa thank you for the lovely card...
    love and light Anna xo

  20. Good timing at the gas station--those cars are stepping out of a time machine!

    You can borrow my sand bucket and my minnow net...I'm sure they are around here somewhere..

    your flower does not look like flax to me, but it is possible, there are over 450 varieties! (and I'm sure that includes some I cannot identify!)

  21. If this is what it's like to hang out with you, Lisa - sure wish we lived close enough to do it! These bopping-around kind of days are my favorite, too.

    Philo had a 1955 Chevy when we first started was just "old" then...guess it would be Classic now! I'd kind of like to drive around in one again, but with A/C added.

    The cardinal flower is so fine - haven't seen it growing in the wild in a decade. We used to see it along a bike trail in IL.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  22. Lisa, since I don't get to travel around much like this, I love your virtual field trips. So enjoyable!


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