Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of the Garden

Here in Knox County Indiana there is the Indiana Military Museum.  While I am not all that interested in such things being the supportive spouse that I am I attended the Second Annual Living History Event with my Dearly Beloved.

This Event is a salute to the Veterans of WWII.  I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out at this small but interesting venue.
The Participants were all dressed up.

They were really into the era they chose to portray.

Along with all the American uniforms and equipment there was a representative of the Germans.

Ther was even a woman portraying a Russian woman soldier.

It was interesting to hear all their stories as to how they became interested in this.  They collect uniforms and equipment of the time.

Here are a few pictures for those of you that like all the equipment that is on display at a place like this.

At one point they actually started up this brute.  I can't imagine having to work with one of these.

Obviously there were items here from other than WWII era. 

There was an area that was set up like they would have been out on maneuvers.

They even had a paper and people that delivered messages on bikes.

Inside a big building they had displays behind glass that showed items from the Civil War...

to the present.

As I mentioned it was well worth the drive out to see what it was all about.  If you are ever in SW Indiana you might like to stop in and take a look around.  If you want to check out the Living History Event you can always check their web site here and plant to attend.


  1. Lisa, You are a good spouse and very gracious. You said that the participants were into the era.. where they role playing, too?

    Thanks for your always sweet compliments on my blog...of course you can use the you need me to send it to you? gail

  2. You guys always seem to find interesting stuff to do in your neck of the woods!

  3. Sounds like an interesting day spent out of the garden. I don't think I'd want to tangle with that Russian female soldier.

  4. So much history. It's good that there are people dedicated to preserving it.

  5. Lisa, what an animated history lesson. Just imagine how much more kids would learn with exposure to things like this. It's really fascninating.

  6. This is the kind of event my husband would enjoy, too. You were a good sport, Lisa, for tagging along, but actually seeing this in person sounds more interesting to me than watching yet another History Channel documentary on WWII:) I think it's good, though to preserve our history, and a "living" history is a dramatic way of teaching people.

  7. Thanks for visiting me Lisa and leaving the comment about my poem. This is a return call. I liked your pictures. We have similar things here in UK and have just had a world war II weekend on our local steam railway - marvellous excuse to dress up in fancy hats!

  8. We had a WWII reenactment at Midway Village last week. I meant to go and something happened and I couldn't. Very interesting, maybe next year.

  9. What a cool place! I wish it were closer, I'd love to have the kids see it. It really brings history alive.

  10. I wouldn't normally be interested in such things either but that looks like a very interest History Event!

  11. Lisa, That was quite the event. I visited an interesting site in Athens, Missouri. This was the northernmost battle site of the Civil War. The house of the most interest has a hole in the west wall of the kitchen where a cannon ball entered and a hole in the east wall where the cannon ball exited the house. They stage battle reproductions, but there was none the day we visited.

    Did you learn anything you hadn't known before??

  12. Hi Lisa, I want to add to the *what a good spouse you are* comments. You are dutiful and even wrote a post about it! A friend of my oldest grand, age 11 has moved from being into the civil war to being into WW II. I didn't even realize there were places like this, it seems so recent to me, but isn't really I guess. We have a living history museum in our small town, showing everday life, civil war stuff and various historical artifacts. Pretty interesting.

  13. That's pretty cool! I love visititng tanks and planes--the best places were in Europe, of couse. Thanks! Wish they would've had this goin on when I lived in Evansville.

  14. Living history is always so interesting. Maybe some one will plant a victory garden....

  15. We have a 17th-18th century (I dunno, it's really old) fort where they do all kinds of reenactments. Those reenactors really really get into it!

  16. This is pretty cool, Lisa. My son would really enjoy seeing the WWII stuff and, I must admit, so would I. Almost all of my male relatives from that time period were in the war. Now we're real "Band of Brothers" fans. That being said, you are an extremely good sport for going along with your dear husband. Well done! :-)

  17. That looks like a really neat event Lisa, and you obviously had a lovely day to enjoy it outdoors.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  18. The German mustached woman made me laugh... except in so far as I am a German woman with a mustache myself! ;-)

  19. Very interesting memorabilia... and rich in history as well.
    I love the bikes, they are my favorite. My honey has an old army truck and would love this museum.


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