Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

It is that time of year again.  Yes, right here in small town USA the only place that hosts a watermelon drop to celebrate the coming of the new year.  We are gathering with some of our friends for libations then we will walk downtown for the second annual watermelon drop

Yes, blogger friends this is the second time we get to witness such a grand celebration. Last year at the first drop there were 9 melons that emerged from this big watermelon and went splat on the ground. Much cheering and some jeering went along with the drop but everyone was happy to witness such a spectacle. Of course there were fireworks afterward too.  So even though it will be cold we will gather with the other folks to watch 10 watermelons go splat and to see the sky light up with fireworks. I hope you all have something to entertain youself tonight as you ring in the new year.  I wish you all a Happy Healthy New Year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter surprises

This little wren was peeking into my window this morning looking as if to say "why don't you come out?".  So that is what I decided to do.  I got my coat on and mushed out to see how things were faring in our garden.

I found that the hellebores were in something of a pout what with the cold and scattering of snow.

The Autumn Fern was in complete agreement with the hellebores about how awful the weather had turned. With the temperatures dipping and the wind blowing. Brrrr

One surprise I found was this bit of Helichruysum thianschanicum that is an annual here.  It has survived when all the rest in the pot long ago sucumbed to the weather.  This licorice plant is aptly named 'Icicles'.  I will think of other places to plant it next spring.  It has held up to the drought in summer and now the cold temps. It will be intersting to see just how long it survives.

Another surprise I found was the Meadow Rue that still shows a bit of green.  It is usually down for the count by this time.

Another little shot of color comes from this Carex. Its yellow stripes are shining in the gloom.

Are there any surprises in your winter garden? I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas

Last night Luna realized there was something happening.  She got a new collar to wear.

So she started watching for company...

I told her that no one was coming yet but I peeked too just to make sure...

Of course she was right.  We were invaded by Nutcrackers...A certain someone claims he didn't bring them in.  I know I didn' who could it have been??

I hope your day is full of mysterious fun happenings.  Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Look at what a wonderful gift I have received for Christmas.  A sweet little bloom from the Narcissus I potted up not long ago.  This sweet little flower is like a beacon of hope during these long days of winter.  It reminds me that it won't be so terribly long until we are getting into the garden to see what else might be showing some signs of life.

It also reminds me of the pure love that we are celebrating the next few days. I hope all your wishes are granted and no matter how convoluted the season seems it is full of love for you.  Merry Christmas.       

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 2009

Carol at May Dreams Gardens remindes us that each month we could have something blooming in our garden if we plan it just right. my zone 6b garden I can tell you that I don't have anything left blooming.  Evidence being this last rose in the garden. It looks like crumpled tissue paper after the bitter cold of  last week.

This doesn't mean that my garden has shut down totally though. I was happy to see that the Arum was up and seemingly multiplying.  I think this plant is just amazing how it dies back to the ground every summer when it gets hot and dry.  Then when you think nothing is going on in the garden you walk out and find these gorgeous healthy looking green leaves poking out of the ground.  They don't mind snow either.

Also getting in on some early winter growing are the Hellebores.  As soon as all the leaves were off the trees they had a growing spurt.  I can't wait for their blooms to start showing up.

There are a few berries left in the garden.  This small clump of holly berries...

and a small clump of berries left on the honeysuckle.  Obviously this picture was taken on a different day when we had a little sunshine.  There is actually an unopened bud of a flower left on this honeysuckle.  The wind was blowing too much and it was tucked into the vines to get a decent photo.

The very tippy tips of the beauty berry bush still has a few berries.  The birds are too heavy to get on the ends of the limbs to pick these off. 

So if you are one of those gardeners that has blooms in your garden year round and would like to share your observances of them please go to Carol's blog and add yourself to Mr Linky so we can see what we in the colder places are missing.  Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Indoor Gardening

Since I don't have to be out there shoveling snow like some of you I have been inside doing a little gardening.  My dear Beeg Seester brought me a Paperwhite Bulb Kit as a hostess gift at Thanksgiving. I was thrilled to have received it because I haven't bought one bulb this fall. Please don't tell the Gardening Police about this.

This kit had one of those coc fiber disks in it. I had never used one before.  It said to put it into the pot and add water.  Well, I couldn't hardly believe that the little ole disk would fill the 7"tall pot.  Was I wrong.  I added water and that thing came alive.  It swelled to the proper level for me to plant the bulbs.

There were four bulbs in the kit.  I placed 3 into the tall pot.  The only thing I don't like about this beautiful silver pot is that I can't see if it needs water. Hmmmmm I wonder if the coco fiber will shrink if it gets dry.  Or how I will know when to water. Have any of you used this medium before?

I wanted to save one of the bulbs to place on the one and only bulb forcing vase that I have. You can see when there needs to be water added to this.

I did this just a few days ago and I am telling you, these bulbs were just awaiting a fighting chance.  This one has already sent down a few roots into the water. The tip that sprouted up is starting to turn green.

The bulbs in the big vase with the coco fiber are doing remarkably well too.  As you can see one of them is getting several new little green shoots.

All three of the bulbs are showing a little green color.  It is wonderous to me that the little fellows just wanted some light and water.  Bulbs are amazing.

I want to thank my Beeg Seester for bringing me this collection of bulbs in a kit. It will be great fun to watch them grow and eventually bloom.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I always get excited about the First Of the Season Snow.  I don't know why. I guess it is the kid in me that likes to see that first soft blanket of white that always seems to slow down the world for just a few hours.   The kids in school today were probably happy too since they delayed school for 2 hours this morning.  Ha... lucky kids.

I am not the only one that enjoys the snow.  My big furry dog, Luna, loves the snow too.  She likes to run and bury her nose in the snow.

My Dearly Beloved has tried to get me to put away the Casa for the season. I have resisted but we will have to get busy now and get it put away.  If we get more snow I would be afraid that the roof would collapse.  A friend of ours has told us stories about how the roof of their canopy fell after a heavy wet snow at Thanksgving one year.  Yes, I must go and get the Casa down so I don't hear a bunch of  'I told you sos'. 

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