Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter surprises

This little wren was peeking into my window this morning looking as if to say "why don't you come out?".  So that is what I decided to do.  I got my coat on and mushed out to see how things were faring in our garden.

I found that the hellebores were in something of a pout what with the cold and scattering of snow.

The Autumn Fern was in complete agreement with the hellebores about how awful the weather had turned. With the temperatures dipping and the wind blowing. Brrrr

One surprise I found was this bit of Helichruysum thianschanicum that is an annual here.  It has survived when all the rest in the pot long ago sucumbed to the weather.  This licorice plant is aptly named 'Icicles'.  I will think of other places to plant it next spring.  It has held up to the drought in summer and now the cold temps. It will be intersting to see just how long it survives.

Another surprise I found was the Meadow Rue that still shows a bit of green.  It is usually down for the count by this time.

Another little shot of color comes from this Carex. Its yellow stripes are shining in the gloom.

Are there any surprises in your winter garden? I hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. Lisa: I did the same just this morning...took a walk to find the treasures in the garden. The hellebores were looking quite festive as were a few other perennials. Love your wren.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Wonderful to see some green! I am amazed.
    It is white at my house. Thank goodness the sun is out today. I see blue skies and glistening snow with lots of shadows! I shall go walking soon.
    Lovely little Carolina Wren looking into your window.
    All the birds are coming to the seed trays and suet cakes now that we are under a heavy blanket of snow. I have one pond with open water. Thank you for all your kind support in 2009. It has been an interesting and stressful year!
    Looking forward to 2010.
    May you and yours have a very Happy New Year.

  3. -14C here this morning and fog/frost that will coat everything in white ... should be pretty when the fog moves off.

    My hellebores are well buried in the snow.

  4. Lisa - no treasures in my garden. And I might need to do more baking to help keep the house warm. The weatherman just said we are moving into the coldest day of the year.

  5. Hi there Lisa, I do love seeing your wren. It is just ever so different from ours :-D

    LOL at your pouting hellebores… hate to think what some of mine are thinking! I decided in my wisdom to cut down the foliage so any flower stems had all the light they could get… fat chance now with the load of snow on top ;-)

    Great to see some green surviving in your garden just now. Ah surprises... you know about mine. It was such a delight to see our Blackcap female back again… I really can’t believe she found her way here again :-D

    Thanks, wishing you a great week too :-D

  6. I wish the little Carolina wrens visited us up here. He sure is a cutie.

  7. Hi Lisa! You do have some colors in the garden. I love carex, it's a strong plant! I found two surprises in my garden:
    1-there is still no snow! 2-Someone (my dog?) knocked down a big pot with recently planted tulip bulbs. All the best to you and your garden. Stay warm!

  8. Hi Lisa.....wrens are such sweet birds. I am glad the photo was of the bird on the feeder, as it gives some idea of size.

    My garden is not looking good at this time. I have had many rabbits in the garden and they have done an awful lot of damage.
    Bad bunnies!!

    It has been a strange year for plants, don't you think?

  9. If there are any surprises in my garden, Lisa, they're under two feet of snow:) I'm amazed by all the green you still have! I love that Helichrysum! I use another variety in my pots every year and love it, but this has such interesting foliage. I'll have to look for it next year.

    I don't think I'll be doing much venturing outside for awhile other than a quick walk with Sophie. It's supposed to get down to 7 degrees tonight--Brrr.

  10. The cold weather is keeping me inside but I need to venture out. I'm always surprised at some plants that are still green in such conditions.

  11. If there are any surprised in my garden, I can't find them now.
    How pretty your Hellebores look with the frosting of snow. I can't believe how green your Thalictrum is. The foliage of mine turned yellow back in November.

  12. I love sweet wrens and wish I had them here!

    It was too cold and snowy for me to venture outside. I sat at the kitchen table for hours trying to read, but kept being distracted by the birds.

    If I don't see you again before the first, Happy New Year! May 2010be a wonderful year of peace, health and happiness for you!

  13. What a nice visitor to talk you into a treasure hunt in the garden~~I am surprised that the Oakleaf Hydrangea still has a few leaves and that not everything is brown! gail

  14. Lisa girl I love that shot of the sweet little bird .. and of course the hellebore are my favorites too .. you have so many things with GREEN !! Making me GREEN with envy girl ! haha

  15. My garden is just growing snow. :<)

  16. The meadow rue is a huge surprise... regular rue remains green all year, but not meadow rue. Cool! Squirrels and ducks come up to my glass doorwall and tap tap tap for me to feed them. Seriously.

  17. You're so lucky to see the Carolina Wren on a regular basis.....I still have never seen one!
    No evidence of any green growing things here in Minnesota -- what a difference a few hundred miles makes!

  18. No surprises out there for us except to wake each morning and wonder what will be coming down. Rain? Snow? Sleet? Fog? The birds have been charming, though, and our male pheasant has been visiting regularly, so that's all great. I love the photo of the dear little wren.

  19. Lisa, a great photo of the wren. And I love that you still have some green in your garden. I can see very little of mine now with the snow covering most of it, but I do have some parsley showing that I used in a planter that is as green as it was this summer. A very pleasant sight with all this cold!

    Happy New Year my dears. :)

  20. Hi Lisa, great post and all the best for 2010.

  21. Oh the little wren is so full of spunk and zing! I'm glad it beckoned you out to survey the garden, Lisa. That Icicles plant is worth seeking out, if it can manage to still look good this long. You must have some protected areas there, what a pleasant surprise. :-)

  22. Wow! These shot are superb!!!
    I just love them so much.
    The colours, the contrast....
    Every shots here are so so powerfully beautiful, even without much work, I can feel the beauty & treasures of your garden Lisa.
    I wish that I have the energy like you to manage a garden!

  23. Lisa! All that snow!! We've NONE here!
    You look after that sore throat and ear!!Get better!
    Truth be known I have the sniffles..EEK!! I week before surgery!!
    love and light anna xo

  24. So nice to take a winter visit to the sleeping garden..

    I'd like to do the same, but my gate is snowed in...I'd have to get the shovel to dig it out..not going there!

    Happy New Year, Lisa!!

  25. Wishing you a Wonderful New Year Lisa & Luna ♥

  26. Your winter garden is full of life. The wren is a beautiful capture.


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