Friday, January 1, 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - January 1, 2010

My goodness isn't it amazing how time can run away from you.  Here it is the first day of January. The first day of the year 2010.  I woke this morning and ran to the window to see what kind of birds I might see to begin this year's sighting list.  I was not disappointed in the late night or was it early morning light?  I first saw that there were Crows leaving the roost but at the same time I heard Cardinals chipping away their morning greetings as they met under the feeders.  Cardinals are always the first to arrive and last to leave the feeders.

I got out the little 4"x6" notebook that my Beeg Seester gave me last year to prepare it to receive my notes about birding this year.  It seems to be just the right size for my jottings.

In the back of the book I put a little calendar. Then I place a list of all the birds ever seen in Indiana by anyone and I check them off as I see them through out the year.

This morning I was inspired by my little notebook to write a series of haikus. 

Here is my contribution to the Garden Bloggers Muse Day which you can see more of at Carolyn Gail's blog Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.

When morning dawns
and the birds burst forth with song
I want to be there

For the first chorus
bring the day into focus
warmer than the sun

The feathered breast,
crescendo of energy
excitment abounds

Seeking new species
feathers appear unbidden
natural treasures


  1. Oh so many wonderful things in this post, Lisa! The book, the descriptive narrative of early mornings, my favorite time. Beeg seester and the poem, in your own artful hand. Marvelous was to start the year. The bird list is perfect too. Hooray! :-)

  2. What a way to begin the new year, Lisa! Love the notebook given to you by Big Sister; how many of these species did you see this past year?

    The haiku are delightful--no better way to start the day than by listening to the music of the birds. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

  3. What lovely thoughts and poetry! I'm ding the backyard bird count in Feb., but I'm not a birder int he real sense, keeping track of all I see. And thanks for typing the poems out... I thought the one with chorus was "cheese"!!! :)

  4. Frances, Thank you. I love the first part of the day too.

    Rose, I saw 210 species last year in Indiana. Not a bad year but people that really pursue what they call a big year like to get over 300. We don't chase sightings as much as we used to.

    Monica, my birds aren't 'cheesy'. ;)

  5. beautiful poetry and photos!!! I love your calendar and the list for bird sitings -- birds are so much fun to watch!

  6. Nice Haiku, Lisa!

    Happy New Year!


  7. Sweetness!

    Thank you for sharing this firstday of a new decade with us!

  8. Lisa....such beautiful writings....I must say I was moved.....

    I love the new journal....your artsy world is an inspiration......and the moon is wonderful. I have never quite managed to capture the moon with my camera.......

    Happy New Year Lisa.....

  9. Lovely. Inspiring and - for me - nostalgic. Thank you so much. Have a really great 2010.

  10. I am totally in love with that moon picture Lisa ! .. Keeping a notebook like that is a wonderful past time too. I wish I was as organized as you are girl : )

  11. Wonderful beginnings for the New Year, Lisa. Thanks for the lovely haiku on our first garden bloggers' muse day of 2010.

  12. How DID we get into a new year already, I wonder? Hmmm...getting older seems to make the years flip by so quickly, at least for me. I love the haikus and the notebook your Beeg Seester gave you, and look forward to another year of wonderful posts. Happy New Year, Lisa!

  13. Chipper is what you are, and what I'm not! Normally, I'm up in time for the dawn chorus at this time of year, but my school vacation/partying ways have caught up with me.
    The birds are a delight in the winter, when they pretty much provide the only color. Your poem makes me wish I had gotten up early.

  14. I like your notebook very much. I like the idea that birdsong can be warmer than the sun. The birds seem to sing the sun into rising on so many days. They promise the warmth to come.

  15. I think the birds here are too cold to make any noise! I keep trying to learn to identify birds but I am not making much progress; I can hardly imagine recognizing 210 species!

  16. Apparently cold weather doesn't hinder your thought processes but instead has crystallized your creativity, Lisa!

    Happy New Year to you, with many, many bird sightings ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. How funny, I call my older sister "Seester". She doesn't give me pretty notebooks though.

  18. Dear Lisa,
    Seeing the Blue moon rise was a joy indeed. Your photograph is wonderful.
    I have ajournal just like the one you are keeping your bird count in.
    It is so nice to once again see the birds. Do you keep track of the butterflies too.
    Your Haikus are great!
    January is Haiku month at my house too. So far all I have done is a read a few. I feel inspired to write a couple after reading yours. Thank you
    May you have the happiest of New Year's.

  19. Happy New Year Lisa ;-)

    That notebook looks like the perfect thing for you! What a great gift. You should keep phenology notes in it too!

    Nice Haiku too--love that last one!

    stay warm...bundle up when you venture outdoors!

  20. Beeg Seester gives you such lovely gifts. What a sweet sister she is :)
    I love the idea of a special journal for keeping notes on your birdy friends.
    Delightful poems! I too love mornings....hearing and watching the early birds. No better way to start the day.

  21. Your talents amaze me! Lovely little book, and it was fun to see your handwriting. Real writing! I can't write anymore and can barely read it. I've printed for decades. Oh, cardinals! Lucky, lucky you. It is just too cold on this hill for them. Chickadees, finches, sparrows, nuthatches, woodpeckers are the standard patrons at our feeders these days.

  22. I love your poem! I hope you see all those birds on your list. That's a great idea!

  23. I am reading back through your Greenbow blog and what a treasure it is, LIsa! I have to find some Florida birds for you! Love your haikus here. You are a nature girl, for sure! I am wondering if you can grow Cleomes there? I had some seeds and don't know where they disappeared to, but I never planted them. If I find them, I would send them to you! They look like pretty!


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