Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great House Plant Census 2010

Barbara over at Mr McGregor's Daughter has requested that we make a house plant census this winter. I thought it would be fun to see what all everyone has brought in.  In that vein of thought I was hoping you might like to see my house plants.
Above you see the main group. They stay huddled up in a NE facing window. The begonia and ferns don't mind this. Actually all have done better than expected this winter. For the most part I hate to say but my poor house plants look fairly bereft at this time of year.  This is one reason why I don't bring in many plants.  My house plant care isn't as consistent as it should be.  I mean I don't water regularly.  The succulents like that but the the rest of the group is not happy.  A bit more sunshine would help us all.
This pot of succulents and cactus sit on my desk in a NW window.  Along with a pony tail palm in the background.
This teapot has held this plant for many years.  That is a Kentucky Coffee Bean Tree seed pod at its base. I thought I would remember to winter sow some seeds if I left it there. Oops I digress...
In the terrarium is an Earth Star that is about to bloom.  It is turning pink beginning in the middle. I have had this fellow for some years. This is how I can tell the days are getting longer. It begins to bloom aka turn pink.  There is also a bit of moss I have tried to get growing in this terrarium. I think it has taken this time. I can't say how many times I have tried this but I am at least hopeful this time. Both of these plants like the same conditions.
The Staghorn Fern is growing now.  Another testament that the days are getting longer.
This fern I am not quite sure what it is but it has similar feet like the rabbit's foot fern but the little feet aren't furry.  It is a good grower though.
My list of plants (not all pictured) are:
1. Begonia
2.Staghorn Fern
3. Kangaroo fern
4. Rabbits foot fern
5. Abutilon
6. Cobweb Sempervivum
7. Earth Star
8. Corn Plant
9. Begonia
10. Nightblooming Cerus
11. Little fern (?)
12. Orange & Green Plant
13. Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
14. Aloe 'Blue Elf'
15. Mammillaria 'brain'is what I call it.
16. Mammillaria matudae 'Thumb Cactus'
17 Pony tail palm
18. Varigated ivy
19. Palm
20. Hoya
22. MIL plant
23. Narcissus bulbs that are finished blooming.

There you have it. If you would like to share your house plant census please go to MrMD post and leave a comment with your link. 


  1. Love that plant in the teapot - so cute!

  2. Great foliage on all of those houseplants that you do have, Lisa!

    I like that snake plant in the teapot quite a bit. I've not seen one where the leaves flare out so prettily at the ends before.

  3. Hi Lisa, except for succulents, plants are never happy here either. There is zero humidity in my home Dec thru March. Poor things.

  4. Now Lisa...did you have to mention rabbit in your post!!!!!

    I love the stag horn fern....they are such statement plants.....

    I understand what you are saying about the moss....it only seems to grow where it wants to.

  5. Thanks for participating. I love the teapot planter! I've always admired Staghorn fern; the 1st one I saw was hanging over a door in my sophomore biology classroom. I'm also guilty of forgetting to water, but it seems that's better for the plants than over-watering them. Unless you completely forget about them and find only dried up bits of leaf. (Been there, done that.)

  6. You have a great collection of houseplants, Lisa. I love the Staghorn fern and the ponytail palm. Like you, I'm not very consistent with watering and
    caring for my plants. Somehow they
    stagger through until spring when
    they all get hauled outside. Do you take yours out as wellÉ

  7. Lack of light is the biggest problem in my house too, and the limiting factor in the number of houseplants that I have or that survive.

  8. Your houseplants are looking good, Lisa! I counted mine, but that's all I did--I'm afraid they're not worth photographing:) I just saw a photo last week of a Kentucky coffee bean tree--they are beautiful. Don't forget to plant your seed!

  9. Lisa, your house plants look great. Water or no, they seem to be doing well. I love the staghorn fern! And the teapot makes a great planter. Like Rose, my plants are really not worth taking photos of. They are surviving-barely. The garden window helps with light, but it has been too cold for them to do much growing.

  10. It seems I can't keep houseplants inside actually for the habit I have of planting them outside. :-)

    Look at you with your staghorn fern!!! It is looking very healthy... I would never have known they would do well indoors. I didn't bring mine in or cover it during the freezes and it did just fine hanging from the big oak. I thought for sure I would lose it.

  11. You've got yourself some nice plants! I like the second photo very much. Thanks for starting the day in a green way.

  12. You have so many lovely houseplants that it is hard to believe in your care as not being a perfect one. There are only a very few plants that I have inside as I prefer the fresh flower bouquets during winter time. In summer I mostly stay outside...and then I would probably forget my "poor" houseplants ;-) !!

  13. LOL... my "in house" plants consist of two African Violets, an Orchid, and one very dry cactus!

  14. Hi Lisa, thanks for showing your houseplants. Is it too late to do the winter sowing? That is right up your alley, plant and forget it. Or so I am hoping as this is the first year for us.

  15. I'm going to take pictures of my houseplants today. I won't know the names, but I will put them on my blog tomorrow.I have enjoyed this post.

  16. Frances, I don't think it is too late for winter sowing. It is still frozen here. I will certainly find out.

  17. You have some loverly houseplants. I like the pink "blooming" one. The days are getting longer my friend. Now, if the dang fog would just burn off.~~Dee

  18. My green thumb only works outdoors - and there intemittently, but that's another story. Clearly, you suffer from no such affliction.

  19. The teapot sansevera is a cutie and mine has managed to survive my neglect....but even it can't take my forgetting to water it as often as I forget. I'm not made for in door plants. gail

  20. Lots of leaves for keeping your inside air clean! I have a few plants I brought in and a few that live inside all year long. My ficus tree is over 30 years old and does not like to be moved.
    I always have flowers too. The forced tulips are almost over. Soon I will do forced branches!
    I started my Winter Sowing yesterday.
    Fun post.

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  22. My guys are philodendron and spiders. I managed to kill the Xmas cacti. Which has me feeling bad.

  23. My staghorn fern died to to lack of light I think... :(
    Yours looks great though!

  24. that's a lot of plants!
    The great thing abut succulents is they thrive on neglect. :)

    I would love to have a lot of plants again but the light in my apartment is really bad. So I keep them at work instead.

  25. Gee, for someone who says, 'My house plant care isn't as consistent as it should be. I mean I don't water regularly.' you sure have a lot of plants, and great looking ones! I think so much depends on one's house. In my old house, we had windows in all four directions, including a beautiful bay in the west. So I had lots of plants. Whereas, this house is pretty much a north and south house with one west window (onto a porch) and one east window (over a counter). And no bay windows. So my plants are pretty much in two rooms - one facing south and the other facing north. I have 3 Christmas cactuses (I like that better than cacti!), 1 schefflera, and 4 clivia. That's it. They all look great and are quite large, but I miss the variety and amount I used to have.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. They all look pretty good, Lisa - maybe a little weary of winter but at least there's a little more light after it's mid- February! Bet my Staghorn and yours wish we'd send them somewhere together on vacation.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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