Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

While out on our morning walk we detoured through the woods rather than on the road at the park. I am so glad we did. The Wildflowers are blooming like crazy.  Finding this hillside full of Larkspur was to me like seeing those pictures the Austin gardeners are showing of their Texas bluebonnets.
In another area there was phlox blooming with just a few larkspur thrown in.
Even in this sea of May Apples there were a few larkspur peeking out.
It seemed that everywhere I looked the larkspur was trying to steal the show. Obviously it has been a good year for larkspur.
At home the wild ginger is blooming their funny little bloom.

                                         My one little clump of Virginia Bluebells are ringing.
The violets are rampant this year. 
The trillium is blooming too. Are there any wildflowers in your garden blooming? I bet that you have at least one of these yellow beauties.
I know that Gail at Clay and Limestone would like to see what is wild and blooming in your garden too.


  1. Lovely Lisa, as you know I'm very partial to wildflowers both in the countryside & in my garden. Don't have one of those yellow beauties. Yet! But do have zillions of daisies which I love.

  2. Wonderful, Lisa. I can see why you are smitten with the larkspur, what a piercing blue and standing tall amongst the others. The sea of mayapples is a joy to behold, with the dots of blue to set off the scene. The little ginger flower is like an animal, furry and too cute! We have our share of the dandys and violets, among other less vigorous but charming residents. All seem to have benefitted from the nice winter rains. :-)

  3. Superb view. Lovely spring blooms to cheer the day.
    I love the mixture of white, purple and green all spread throughtout so well everywhere.

  4. Hey Lisa girl that was so pretty ! Kingston seeded in Sweet Rocket , Lace flowers and a few others along with ornamental grasses along side roads .. when they all start blooming , even though you are in the city area it feels like country side : ) Now that is a POSITIVE !!

  5. The scene of the larkspur and phlox is just beautiful, Lisa; what a great place for walking and exploring! I was just thinking that I don't have any wildflowers until I saw the last two photos--yup, I've got those in my garden:)

  6. Hi Lisa, my trillium and trout lilies have buds. Hepatica, too. Don't see my may apple or jacks yet. Nor the bloodroot or spring beauties. VA bluebells are blooming, but I don't think of them as wildflowers.

  7. I should spend more time celebrating wild flowers!

  8. That wild ginger has a most interesting bloom. Glad to see so much is popping out in your neck of the woods. We've still only had the sagebrush buttercups and the rock dandelions. Still freezing a lot at night here.

  9. Oh my goodness! The larkspur does remind me of a hillside full of Texas bluebonnets. But the rest of the photos looks like the woods behind my parents' house, and make me a little homesick for trillium and those phlox. (But I have plenty of dandelions of my own here... :)

  10. Oh my look at all the magical happenings in those woods! Must be filled with Fairies..clearing away all the dead leaves so that the Larkspur can see the sunshine!!I did not Know Gail was hosting this..must run right over!
    Happy day Lisa! hugs

  11. Hi Lisa....lovely post, to see so many wild flowers blooming is such a treat. I love larkspur....the colour is just great.

    Wildflowers in my garden:-
    Lords and Ladies
    Ladies Smock
    Lesser Celandine.

    AND I love them all.....I am leaving more and more wildflowers in my gardens.......

  12. I love that photo of the larkspur and phlox. You must have been on your hands and knees with your nose in the ground to get that violet photo:)
    I have only one wildflower blooming, false rue anemone.

  13. Lisa, The larkspur is wonderful~I have a few in my garden and jump up and down when they bloom! Great capture! Right now the garden is very yellow~No not Hedge or dandelions~It's senecio/golden ragwort...a wonderful native groundcovering plant...and a few other lovelies including PPPP. I apologize a work problem kept me from mailing it to monday will be the day! Thanks for the link! gail

  14. Lisa, your walk in the woods has inspired me to try to do that this weekend. What gorgeous wildflowers you found. Yes, I have a few-violets and dandelions. :)

  15. Dear Lisa,
    I love seeing all the wildflowers...they are my favorite. My Wild Ginger has not bloomed yet. I have been digging the dandies. Love the tea.
    You have inspired me to get out into the woods. We have been getting the gardnes cleaned and ready for seed. Our walks have been at dusk...I need to see the wildflowers!
    Larkspur is very lovely. I will be looking for it.

  16. I just posted on Tuesday showing my pretty weeds growing all over the lawn. Great photos. Larkspur seems to be very hardy growing wild there. Those Mayapples are beautiful. Have a great weekend. You have a lovely blog and I'll be back - I am following you now.

  17. These colors are just amazing. Thank you, friend, for this gentle walk.

  18. Oh, I do love seeing all the blooming things now! My salvia is blooming up a storm, and my phlox... oh, my!

    Thanks so much for your help with the bird ID this morning Lisa. I really appreciated it! :c)

  19. Lisa, those are so nice. Thank you for the tour of the wildflowers. Thanks, also, for being such a faithful visitor to my blog. I appreciate it.~~Dee

  20. You're right, that larkspur is the closest that any of us Northern gardeners are going to come to those fabulous bluebonnet images at Digging. And yes, I have many of those little yellow flowers blooming everywhere I look!

  21. uuummmmm Lisa!? why have I never even known that you have this blog??? I was thinking that it was a while since your last post, then I discovered you have been posting over here! I LOVE your garden.
    ps Little messyfish kissed the dolls, and tried to put barbies shoes on his own feet! I was worried he would rip the heads off like a certain step son did a few years back...but no! he was gentle, and cried when Sindys hat wouldnt fit! (I wonder if he is going to be gay??)

  22. Lovely Larkspur! How wonderful to find it growing wild. I had a gorgeous patch of it in '08 and tried to duplicate it last year, but it was not to be. Hopefully I'll manage it again one of these summers. I love the tall stems of that wonderful blue.
    Wish I had some of those Phlox. They're so pretty. The ginger is amazing!
    I have what I think are Spanish or maybe English bluebells coming. Not sure if they'll bloom yet. Sure hope so.
    Oh yes, I have those fuzzy yellow things :) Soon I'll have a lawn full!
    The dear little violets are blooming in our lawn and where I've allowed them to stay in the garden.
    I saw white violets in the woods with the spring beauties last Sunday.

  23. I never saw a wild larkspur meadow before. It must be beautiful with this dark blue color. I guess we do not have this wildflower here. It's so interesting to see what kind of wildflowers are growing in other countries.


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