Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tricolor European Beech Fagus sylvatica 'Tricolor'

Just look down through here. Do you see anything different? 
Lincoln said "Yes, look right behind me. See that pinkish looking thing peeking above my back?"
It is a beautiful 6'tall Tricolor European Beech.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about our latest acquisition. This tree has been a long time coming to our garden.
Ever since we toured Missouri Botanical Garden several years ago and saw a mature Tricolor Beech I have wanted one. They get pretty darn big, 25 to 35 feet tall, 18 to 25feet wide.  I don't mind this. It is in the middle of our back garden.  It is a slow grower so I figure I won't have to worry about it too much. Ha...  In the mean time I am going to enjoy its striking foliage.  It is pink with some white rose borders.  It will have the protection of the other trees and it can just grow and spread to my and its delight.

We had noticed that several Tricolor Beeches had been planted in the park that we walk in frequently. That got us to thinking about it again.  I am so happy that my Dearly Beloved found this tree at a local garden center.

We lost a tree out front in our garden.  A big beautiful blue spruce blew down in a  wind storm in 07.
We thought we would try the beech out there. However at the time these trees weren't as available as they seem to be this year.  The only one I could find was marked $175, and it wasn't as pretty as this tree. I just couldn 't face paying that much for the tree since you never know if they will live.  So once again my resourseful DB looked for a cheaper one. Well, he found one through a mail order place$25 and $25 for shipping. A $50 tree sounded a lot better at the time. When they sent it I about rolled on the floor laughing. It was a stick in a one gallon pot.  Here is a photo after we planted it.  Obviously it didn't look very good. It did put up a valiant fight but the rabbits thought we were just setting out refreshments for them so it didn't survive.
I want to thank you my Dearly Beloved for pursuing this dream of mine even after I had put it on the not so probable list.  All I can say is that if you have room for one of these beauties I would highly recommend it. 


  1. Hi.Thank you for your comments on my blog.
    You have excellent photo's on you blog,and a very beautiful dog called Luna.

  2. I seriously looked at a tricolor beech last year. I fell in love with it, but didn't have space that could take a tree that big. And it was $175. sigh. Yours will be beautiful... I'm so envious!

  3. Wonderful, I'm so happy for you. I want to look at this as a possibility on our future property. I recall a beautiful one at the Biltmore in N.C. I don't know if it is 'Tricolor' but it was beautiful.

  4. Tricolour beech IS a gorgeous thing, Lisa. I'm so glad that you were able to get one, and I hope it prospers for many many years. I remember when the blue spruce came down--such a sadness. But as I always tell people, a dead plant means a ready made hole (usually) for a new plant!

  5. Beech trees are extraoridinarily uncommon up here, so I'm going to guess that no one is growing the tricolored one. Maybe I'll hunt it down (I love plants with interesting foliage) and be the first!

    Christine in Alaska

  6. Yay for you--both for getting that gorgeous tricolor beech, and having such a wonderful hubby!

    But... does Lincoln feel threatened now that he is no longer the coolest thing in the garden? I'm kinda worried about him... ;)

  7. Tricolor Beech...very cool.
    Looks like a beauty !
    Wonder how many years to mature.

  8. Absolutely delighted for you, Lisa! Enjoy :-D

  9. What a beautiful tree Lisa. How sweet of your hubby to find one for you. Can't wait to see the photos as it grows. :c)

  10. Lisa girl your Beech is BEAUTIFUL !! and no not that poor stick adventure ! eeeeekkkkkkkkkk !!
    I had considered a Tri Colored Beech for our replacement too .. but the size was just too big for that corner .. I know what it is like to finally find a tree that is on your list of"must have if possible !!"
    It will look amazing with that hit of pink in your garden .. be a proud Beech mom girl !
    Sue .. aka Joy LOL wink wink ! ;-)

  11. Hi Lisa
    Good to see the things going well overthere. I'll try now to stay connected and post updates from my backyard and see yours.
    Talk later.

  12. It's a lovely specimen, Lisa and once again Dearly Beloved, not to mention Lincoln has shown his worth! Our neighbor Mickey has a few of those trees, planted just about three or four years ago. They already are striking accents, well over twelve feet tall, at the least. I would put wire mess around the base just to make sure rabbits or others don't chew the trunk, that would be a great loss.

  13. Lisa, I am so jealous! Well, actually, I'm really happy for you. I saw this tree at Rich's last year during Spring Fling and fell in love with it, too. Beckie and I spotted one this spring at a local garden center, and surprisingly the price was less than expected. Beckie, aka the "plant enabler," tried to persuade me to go ahead and buy it, but I'm still thinking... Looks like you've found the perfect place for it; I know you're going to love this beautiful tree.

  14. I fell head over heals for the European Beeches in the UK~ especially the deep burgundy leaves...Now this one sounds a delight, too. I am so glad DB pursued its whereabouts. You lucky gardener, you have a great tree and a wonderful spouse. gail

  15. Hi Lisa, congratulations on your new tree! Isn't if funny how we become obsessed with an idea? I almost never see a beech tree around here, much less a tricolor. I'll have to go to google and look it up.

    Won't you have to hire security to make sure the rabbit family doesn't eat this new one?

  16. Hi Lisa, I love beeches in general and the tricolor in specific. There was a wonderful one I saw in a garden tour a few years ago. My fleece flowers look just like yours--lush and cute, no blooms yet. Are you coming to Ann Arbor this year? You know, Art Fair is always a great fun if you like sweltering weather and body-to-body crowds, lol.

  17. Lisa those eyes balls got my attention!!!Very cool I think!
    Must be a real conversation piece!
    Oh NO a blue spruce blew down!!What a shame.
    It is wonderful when you finally plant a tree that you so desire.
    Mine are birch trees..we lost one we planted due to beetles and had to cut her down a few yrs ago..broke my heart. We sure get attached to our trees..I actually talk to mine.
    Lisa it's might HOT here 30C. today..I agree with you we have fast forwarded into summer.
    One good thing about the heat this arthritic gardener is forced to sit awhile and enjoy the garden rather than dig and bend.

  18. I hope the beech lives a good life.

  19. Congrats on your European Beech! I hope it grows big and tall.
    Your garden is so lush. I love how your whole back yard is a nature trail. How fun.

  20. Lisa - So many trials in the garden - some of them more expensive than $50 - yet so many joys. That Tricolor tree is a beauty. I hope it doesn't grow TOO fast.

  21. Lisa....I am so pleased for you. They are indeed beautiful trees.
    We need more trees. I look forward to watching it grow.......
    DB is a darling......

  22. Oh I love your garden. ! Damn thoose pesky rabbits though...

  23. Congratulations on your beautiful tree. I really admire beeches, and Tricolor is such a special one. I love a story with a happy ending.

  24. Oh Lisa, you lucky gardener, you! I've wanted one of these as well, but they're always so expensive! My mom and dad planted one when they built their house several years ago and it's now gorgeous, which is why I want one. Just outstanding. Bravo to Dearly Beloved!!

  25. Feeling happy that your wish has been fulfilled. This tree is also in my bucket of wish list. This tricolor tree is really a rich addition for any garden and pride of any gardener.


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