Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hints of Autumn

Not only are the leaves beginning to color and drop but the wolly worms are beginning to be found crossing the road while we are out on our walks.
The Staghorn Sumac is putting up its horns and has fruit on them.
Back in the garden the later blooming sunflowers are blooming.
I even have an Anemone blooming. I was surprised that the new Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima' has actually been showing a few blooms for over a week now.
It is blooming before the established white anemones are even setting buds. I don't know what that is all about. I guess they just don't know any better.  I am pleased with it no matter when it decides to bloom.
The American Beauty Bush is even showing a bit of color.
The mums out front are showing a little color. It just makes me realize that autumn will be arriving shortly. Even the weather has given us a bit of a reprieve this weekend. It has been wonderful to be outside without feeling like one might faint of a heat stroke. I hope you are having a great weekend too. Have you seen any signs of Autumn in your garden?


  1. Indeed I have Lisa....the hips and haws are ripe. Autumn asters are in full bloom. The leaves are dropping from some trees but I think it is more lack of water than anything......
    I believe autumn will come early this year.....making for a long winter.

    Love the caterpillar......
    and your lovely blooms.

  2. Look, let's get oen thing clear here--it is August 7. No signs of fall. Those leaves? Summer scorch. Those flowers? 2 weeks early like all the other flowers this year. Clear? Ok????? It is not not not fall yet. And I don't ahve to start teaching in 2 weeks. Nope nope nope. SUMMER.

  3. Your hints of autumn are lovely... but I'm still not ready for that here!!! :-P

  4. I am ready for autumn! I had pie pumpkins growing on my compost pile and let them be. They are ripe and now sitting on the kitchen table. Now that I think about it, I'm not quite ready for pumpkins, just some cooler weather.

  5. Yes, native Helenium are budding (even though I cut them way back a month ago), as are mums... Japanese anemone starting to bloom, too. My neighbor's cottonwood is starting to drop its leaves. It's not as hot. I'm getting tired of gardening.

  6. Lisa girl !
    I love this "Autumnish" post and I am now going to do that because you have inspired me to the max girl .. and cheered me up too : ) thank you so much !! I have Robustissima in the side garden and Pamina in the one by the deck with Prince Heinrich and I can't wait to see them flower too !
    Joy : )

  7. No signs here just yet... just hot, hot, hot. Back up to 100 this week in the forecast. Too hot to even enjoy the outdoors. I am fully looking forward to the fall and cooler temps.

    Hey Benjamin, we went back to school Thursday the 5th! Enjoy your remaining two weeks! ;c)

  8. I wish! We have a ways to go yet, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. I'm going stir crazy to start some fall planting.

  9. I just dicovered that beautiful anemone robustissima at a park here, then again in my neighbor's garden... and now here in your garden. I must have it! It really is a lovely plant, and is starting full bloom from what I see here in CT.

  10. I have yet to see a wolly but I too have a few early signs of Autumn, berries on the spice bushes and the real cool down and more hot!
    I am staying inside and popping outside for quick bug time. I will garden again in September...
    Wonderful you have so many new blooms!

  11. Hi Lisa, I have anemone blooming, too~They are so lovely a pink. Hints of autumn...I am ready for the cool nights~this has been a too hot and humid summer for me and the garden. Also, it's time to order bulbs! gail

  12. Wow, I haven't seen any woolly worms yet--that's a sure sign of autumn to me! I haven't noticed any signs in my garden--it's definitely in the throes of the dog days of summer. But this weekend there seemed to be an autumn nip in the air, though ever so briefly. I'm definitely ready for cooler weather!

  13. Absolutely love the berries on your beauty bush.

    I'll be happy to see fall this year. This summer has been way over the top.

  14. All this talk of "Autumn in the Air" has got me very jealous. Our temps have been up near 100. Oh, I do hope we have a nice long lovely Autumn.

  15. Oh so you mean the colors will be starting to show again! Those colors i see only in magazines, in photos like here in blogs, etc but not in person. How i wish i can see Autumn even just once in this lifetime. I wonder why i am not fascinated with snow, but am dreaming to see it since i was young. BTW, we dont have the four seasons, we only have dry and wet seasons here in the tropics.

  16. Still in a midsummer frame of mind with this heat/humidity, Japanese anemone and turtleheads about to bloom, I'm not looking for signs of autumn yet, Lisa, although I know it's looking for me!

  17. Hello Lisa,
    I totally agree with you, this wolly creature is planning her pace when we are not out yet, perhaps we should be early and observance like you.

    Love the fern like green plant on the second shot.

    Since purple, pink and yellow are also my favourite colour recently.
    These blooms are amazing gorgeous, you have captured the simple blooms with heart. Thank you.

    I really feel good seeing more blooms Lisa!

  18. The pink berries giving me a big smile. I haven't seen one yet in Malaysia.
    So, this is really rare beauty to me!

  19. Yes, I suppose autumn will be showing its splendor soon. Here, further south, there are no woolly worms yet (good) and we're still in the dog days of summer (bad) with high temps and such. The ragweed is beginning to bloom.

  20. I can't wait til autumn either. This summer has stunk. I think Anemone tomentosa normally blooms early than the other Japanese Anemones. My hybrid ones have buds, so it won't be long now.

  21. I agree with everyone, Lisa. The cool we can all do with... couldn't cope with your temps every summer. Not in a hurry for Autumn as my pond build is still on going... not had the time over the summer to work in it as I hoped.

    Got a little remeinder of Autumn though with leaves falling from around the beries of my Rowan. Not all ready to drop yet though. It was the last from this tree as we have cut it down - too near my new pond there. Thinking of the wildife in the pond as leaves fall in and give off their gases. The birds will have berries on other trees and I planted another tree earlier on in the year so all is restored.

    Loving seeing your anemones too - can't wait until the rest of my buds open too. As you know, my garden went back to Spring this last week with meconopsis flowering.

    Love that caterpillar!

  22. Here too, the first autumnal signs are visible. And the white anemones are already blooming for weeks. The mornings and evenings are fresh again and the special "autumn-light" at sundawn has arrived. In the garden a lot can be harvested and I am busy in the kitchen :-) !! However, I still enjoy every moment bringing a touch of summer !

  23. Every once in a while, we will have a period of drier, cooler, breezier air, and I will have visions of October, and Halloween! That is when our weather actually makes the change to fall here. Soon I will be trying to sew costumes and cooking fall dishes too! It is always such a comforting thing to be rid of the sweltering heat!

    Love your Beautyberry Bush...they are so pretty!!!


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