Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HOPE - Garden Bloggers Muse Day - September 2010

Hope is a subtle Glutton-
He feeds upon the Fair-
And yet-inspected closely
What Abstinence is there-

His is the Halcyon Table-
That never seats but One-
And whatsoever is consumed
The same amount remain-
                   ----Emily Dickenson

I guess this poem spoke to me this month because I am ever hopeful that with this brand new month rolling around there will be cooler weather, plentiful rain.  Yes, I will keep hoping. Aren't we as gardeners always hopeful with every seed started, every flower, shrub and tree planted?

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  1. I hope so, too, Lisa. We all need a break in this weather~hoping it happens soon! gail

  2. How I love that poem, Lisa! As Gail said, let us all hope for some life giving rain, but not too much as to cause damage.

    Hope is the thing with feathers....


  3. This post captured my uneasy, hopeful, resigned, excited anticipation of September just beautifully!

  4. LOL halcyon is never an adjective I'd imagine going with table, but it works! It's in the 90s here and very humid, but fall is coming!

  5. Lisa - I love seeing an Emily Dickinson poem I haven't heard before. Which is not all that hard, but since she is a local girl I keep thinking I know more than I do. I'm hoping for autumnal rains too.

  6. Lisa, what a pretty post. Love the poetry.

    I can understand the longing for rain. The continued heat is not good for humans or the environment.
    Climate change is here without a doubt.

    We have had rain but certainly not enough.
    I am just praying we will have a wet autumn.......

  7. I think we gardeners are a hopeful bunch by nature. The rain is falling as I type, and the temperature has dropped--our wishes may be coming true!

  8. Lisa girl I SO hope so too .. this has been a vicious heat wave here .. and it is September already so some one turn the darn thermostat down please ? .. Very pretty picture : )

  9. Hi, Lisa;
    Loved this. I'm not suffering through heat waves, or drought, but I am sincerely hopeful for a long and leisurely Indian Summer.

  10. Dear Lisa,
    Oh yes...we do have hope!
    I am planning next Spring....
    Happy September.
    We did get some rain now for the cool down...please...fingers crossed...

  11. Yes, I do have the same hope that weather turns better. Here is very hot, hoping for rain...and a cooler weather!

  12. I say, bring on the rain, September (but don't wash away paradise). A beautiful post.

  13. You're so right, Lisa! We always hope. I think that is the last thing a human being loses! Your rose picture is beautiful!
    Hope you'll get the weather you would like to have ;-) !!

  14. Barbara, this photo is actually a Datura bud about to open. It was taken by my DB. Beautiful indeed.

  15. Nothing s stays the same and sometimes it gets better,

  16. To garden is to let optimism get the better of judgment. - from Eleanor Perenyi in her book Green Thoughts.

    So true, but keep hoping!

  17. A simple yet beautiful poem but with so much feeling and meaning behind!


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