Monday, November 8, 2010

Finding Ghosts in the Garden

It is that time of year when you begin seeing ghosts in the garden. No I don't mean that your deceased Auntie  is strolling around admiring your work, I mean that many plants that don't like frost and cold weather  begin to fade.
 Occasionally you spot a bit of color but it too will soon be gone.
 Rose was asking if anyone had anything ugly showing up in your garden. Oh, I guess if you look real close you can find the plants that have given up for the year. They could be called ugly. Like this Cardinal Vine. It looks pretty pitaful after a couple of heavy frosts and some record cold nights.
 If you step back like I did today and just look around I wouldn't call it too unsightly yet. It was warm enough that Luna and I sat out in the garden today. I sat where the Casa normaly is set up. It has already been tucked away for the winter.  I was looking here...
 and there making mental lists of chores I should be, could be and will be doing. It is sort of sad that you can feel the end of the gardening year approaching. Yet it is nice to be able to sit there and think about what all can be accomplished yet.
Even at this time of year there are little surprises in the garden. Like these two Pine Siskins that are the first of the winter birds that I look forward to seeing every year. They have been at the feeders the past few days. They are such cute little things.  
I hope there are some cute things in your garden now and not just a lot of ghostly figures and mush. Excuse me while I get the last of the bulbs in the ground while the sun is shining.


  1. Lisa, I think your garden looks quite nice! There are a few ugly things in mine! One is the cardinal vine! The pine siskins are cute~I guess it's time to fill the feeders and battle those squirrels! gail

  2. I haven't seen any Pine Siskins since we lived in PA. They are very cute, elegant in fact and I love their calls.

    Your garden looks lovely as winter approaches.

  3. I like the changed look of the garden in fall, cleaner and more subdued. Without the perennials, the shrubs and trees shine, it's their season! No uglies here; the dead tender foliage is pulled out and the woody stuff remains.

  4. Your large trees in the background and shrubs still give structure to your garden. Enjoy the last gardening days, and planting the bulbs. It looks like Luna is enjoying soaking up the last sun.

  5. I agree it's sad to see all the flowers turn to mush, but at the same time the garden still has some interest at this time of year. Of all the "ugly" things I posted, I thought only the tomatoes really looked pretty bad.

    Wasn't it a beautiful day today? Sophie sat outside this afternoon, too, while I worked on my new flowerbed--I took your advice about the lasagna method and am just waiting for a load of compost to finish it off.

  6. My garden looks very calm and sleepy. As for the ghosts... I shouldn't think of them, since I have a very good imagination that can lead to nightmares.

  7. You sure have a lovely garden, even at this time of year...nice to sit out and watch the birds!

  8. Ghostly loveliness indeed. The colors fade, but there is still a lot of beauty, and a better view of backyard birds!

  9. I think it looks warm and golden there. Here wet and mushy. You have inspired me to go out today and find something pretty in this November garden.

  10. What a good way to look at the dying garden. So true too--ghosts of their former glory. I know many find this time of year depressing, but I always get excited thinking about the changes I want to make in the garden for next year. There is always something to look forward to.

  11. Hi Lisa, I love the changes in the garden. I would be bored if everything stayed the same month in, month out. It would be exhausting as well! We all need a winter break at some point.

    The pine siskins are pretty. I love it when newcomers arrive.

    Glad you have some sun. It has rained here for the last few days, it is cold, with brisk winds.
    We are, however, expecting the sun to peep out tomorrow.

  12. The color that is left around here looks pretty much like your cardinal vine- brown ferns, etc. I've been hearing about more siskins coming to feeders. We haven't had any yet, but I'm hopeful.

  13. Hello Lisa, your garden indeed look good! Luna is resting so comfortably here.
    That's how we should enjoy outdoor garden!

  14. Lisa girl glad you and Luna had some quality time in the garden .. with the ghosts ? haha
    I just did a post on a dancing frost fairy in mine .. go figure I guess it is how we feel at the time we are looking at the garden shutting down .. and yes !! what gardener is not constantly turning over lists of what to do, and change, in the their over and over again .. lord, I am exhausted from just doing THAT !! haha
    I love that you used the word GHOSTS girl ! hehehehe

  15. I loved your idea of ghosts in the garden, just pale image of the life before. Only to return with time. What a great title. My post today is on time in the garden, and yours has the same flavor and sentiments.

    I do not look at the shriveled and browning foliage as ugly. I look at it as the beauty it was and what it will become again. I know most see it as yard debris to remove, but I see it as a home for busy creatures, teaming with life and hard work. Helping to make way for things to come. Loved your post and unique way of looking at it.

  16. Beautiful, delicate remains of summer.

  17. We had our first hard frost this past weekend, and I was sad to see my begonias finally bite the dust. They were still happy and blooming in my side bed. I really need to get out and do some garden maintenance to get all the now dead stuff off, but can't seem to find the heart.

  18. I love fall but it is also sad too knowing that everything will be gone soon.

  19. There is beauty in faded plants & the muted color palette of your garden. I've been admiring the Smilacinas in my garden, which as all brown. I don't have anything ugly except for the chicken wire to foil the squirrels.

  20. Oh my goodness I am not familiar with these birds. Your garden looks so great this time of year.

  21. Hasn't this weather been something else? I'm loving it. I think I'll have everything in the ground by tomorrow and the last clean-up of leaves done.
    Things look calm and serenely beautiful in your gardens, Lisa. Love the pine siskins. We had bluebirds today!!

  22. Hi Lisa, I love the ghostly description of the garden. Your garden looks dry still. I guess when my garden is more generally damp at this time I don’t see ghosts quite the same.

    Love thinking about you sitting in your garden pondering on your garden and planting your bulbs in the sunshine :-D

    Love your Pine Siskins too. My bird feeders are back up this week although looking out my window just now, I fear I have spotted a diseased bird. Aw…

    Cute things just now are the coal tits, wren and the little wood mouse still living in the rocks around my pond.

    We had some special visitors in our area this week – Waxwings! This was the first time I had ever seen them and I could see them from my garden!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-D

  23. Dear Lisa,
    I am looking forward to the Pine Siskins. They are so cute!
    Usually around Thanksgiving I see them.
    I plant bulbs in the spring after forcing them in the winter indoors... a bit backwards.
    Still no hard freeze for us.
    I love seeing your garden. There is always something to do outside. We still have leaves on some of the trees. After Thanksgiving we will start our pick-up. I do love this time of year...perfect for sitting with the birds.

  24. Hope you got your bulbs in okay. I too have "ghosts" in my garden- I like your apt descriptive. I am not sure I have anything down right ugly, but I sure have a lot of perennials that have seen better, warmer days!

  25. The Cardinal Vine doesn't look ugly - but it looms, somehow. The vine is gone from my garden -not from frost, but because it was in the way of a sidewalk redo. Next year I should grow it surrounded by grass like yours instead of close to the window & blocking the sidewalk!

    Love the leaf colors in your fall garden - leaves on pecan trees just turn boring light brown.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  26. You're so right, there always are some little (even blooming!) surprises to discover in the garden. I am somehow glad that for a certain time my garden doesn't need my care and attention. I'm looking forward to having time for other things I like.
    Stay warm!


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