Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Safari - Deer

My Dearly Beloved and I went out for awhile this morning. We drove to an area that is being converted back to wetlands.  We were lucky enough to see two more Whooping Cranes. They were tagged so I am sure they are being monitored. They looked quite happy to be in this renewed wetland. We also saw a small herd of White-tailed Deer. They took off running when we stopped to look at them. I asked my DB to try to catch those tails upright. He did a good job for the few seconds he had to capture them. If you click on the picture you can see them a little better.
The Red-winged Blackbirds are on territory. This is a sure sign of spring. 
For more Sunday Safari experiences go to Sherry's at Q's Corner. Were any of you out taking a Safari this Sunday? What did you see??


  1. I saw a red-winged blackbird at the bird feeder today. I sure hope it means that spring is on the way!

  2. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing the journey here.

  3. Thanks for taking us along. Those white tails sure are flagging it. Good they are turning it back into wetlands.

  4. DB did a great job in catching the deer as they made a hasty retreat. I wasn't aware until recently that the red-winged blackbird was really the harbinger of spring, not the robin. I saw a few when I was in Oregon, but haven't seen any here yet. I'm going to be on the lookout for them now.

    The downy woodpeckers, cardinals, and others have returned to my feeders, now that the GBBC is over:)

  5. Your DB got a good shot of the deer high-tailing it out of the area. We saw a couple of Red-winged Blackbird under our feeder during our last major snow a few weeks back. We don't normally see them up here in the hills, though they are plentiful during the winter in the farmland to our south. These two may have started their journey north a little too soon.

  6. I'm happy to see the white tails of the deer... that means they are prancing away, rumps in view! Rather than approaching my garden with their noses sniffing and their eyes looking hungry!

  7. Lisa girl that was some safari!!
    I would have loved to see the cranes .. they are amazing and the cute deer tails? those too !
    Hey does your header picture mean you are in SPRING !! I am totally jealous girl ;-)
    PS ... don't fear the "oats" girl!
    Joy wink wink

  8. The last couple of years the red wings have even turned up here by the end of February ... not this year though. Too, too cold!

  9. What beautiful signs of springs. We have a while to wait before most of our birds show up.

  10. Dear Lisa,
    Going on Safari is so fun...thank you for the link. Knowing you are out hunting Spring makes it even more fun.
    The Red Winged black birds often come to our feeders the end of February. So strange for my urban gardens. They do not stay very long. I am happy to know, like Rose, they are the true harbinger of Spring.
    I long to see the lucky girl....I am so in love with them... Your DB did a great job getting "tails up!"
    My camera is once again going with me when I walk...Spring is slowly emerging and I never know when I will see the first butterfly of the season.

  11. I know you said the RWB are in territoty~But, I remember them being quite territorial~The kept diving at hikers on a trail through a park. They were getting too close to the nest! I sure hope spring is heading your way! gail

  12. Safari experiences are the best!Particularly when we come upon the unexpected!Great captures of white tails.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful outing Lisa. Of course, all the better for your sightings.
    I love deer....rarely see them here. They are just so secretive.

  14. If you count walking to the mailbox as a safari, then yes, I had an adventure. I was clad in head to toe winter gear and looked ready to climb Everest, missing only the ice axes and crampons. The kids were my sherpas and carried the mail home.

    Christine in Alaska, no white tailed deer around here

  15. What a treat to see Whooping Cranes! Lucky you! Those bobbing white tails are cute. Your DB did a good job capturing them (I clicked).
    Redwings are at the feeders here too. Spring can't be too far away :)
    Your well wishes and prayers for Ross are much appreciated, Lisa. He's gaining a little each day, but sometimes it's one step forward and 2 steps backward.


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