Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Snow

We woke to 2.5 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Not exactly an unusual sight for March but it does make one hope it is the last snow of the year.  My Dearly Beloved and I got out to take some pictures of the snow covered garden.
For some reason it just didn't seem right this time.
We had already got the Casa put up for the summer season. This is the first time it  had been snowed on. I am glad the roof didn't fall. It looks a little wonky on one side. We will have to straighten that. 
The snow won't last long. The sun is to come out and it will get to 40F today. 

I just hope that all the blooms that were exposed will not be ruined. 
Some of them look pretty sad. 
Some of them look like they might be protected from the cold of last night. 
The birds weren't deterred from the feeders. They just dove right in.
Anyway I hope you all have had a nice weekend.


  1. Oh my word Lisa!!!!I don't want to see snow!! It's Spring here in the desert!
    I really don't want to return home if it's still 40F.!!
    Brrrrr....I shall enjoy my 90F temps my last week here. Just posted the desert blooms!Waving some heat your way!

  2. That is amazing and its Spring..well I keep telling myself it is. I once heard from a gardener that as long as the cold doesnt last long the plants will be ok. So since its going to be gone by mid morning they might be fine. But I do know last year we lost our forsythia flowers due to a freak freeze about now. I hope yours will be alright. I know we cant plant our veggi gardens till May or risk a freeze happening.

  3. Lisa, brrrrrr, snow. Don't send it this way please.
    I am sure your blooms will be fine.
    Mine have been hit with a couple of harsh frosts this week and have survived.

    Hope the sunshine stays with you and melts the snow quickly.......

    Have a good week.

  4. That just doesn't look right for this time of year! I expected a similar scene in my garden but the snow missed us, by the way.

  5. We had a bizarre and annoying snowdump on Friday, about 5 inches. It's slowly leaving, but now we're dancing with galeforce winds. A little early spring bombast. It's not unexpected here, just exasperating a little bit.

  6. I read the title but didn't expect to see snow, enjoy hope it warms up soon for you.

  7. Lisa - So sorry to hear about your snow. And when you had your heart set and ready for summer, too! I hope your blooms emerge unscathed.

  8. Oh my, it looks like such a lot of snow! Hope the blossoms do survive. Sunny and melting like mad here today but my garden is still covered.

  9. Oh my goodness, Lisa! I can't believe you had snow last night; it completely missed us. All your images look so pretty, but I'm sure you'd appreciate the beauty more in November, not in March. Hope the daffodils and hyacinths warmed up once the sun came out.

  10. OMG!!! I can't believe you are still dealing with this! It is so beautiful, but so miserable! I am praying you will be warm soon!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  11. Oh Gosh! I hope spring is really around your corner this time.
    I love the succulent kit of the previous post. Very nice.

  12. Brrrr, cold here too. In fact very cold, but we are thankfully not snowed upon!

  13. Dear Lisa,
    I also have snow capped daffodils. It is sad.
    I think you received more snow than we did. I am hoping the daffs pop back up. Sometimes they do. My neighbor's Magnolia will be nipped for sure.
    Climate change! We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow and 70's for April 1st.....crazy Spring.
    Stay warm.

  14. Whaaaaaat?! You got snow? And you already had daffs and hyacinths blooming?! It's been super cold overnight here (19F) but no snow. And my hyacinths are just now getting buds.

  15. wow, wow. Its strange, yet so pretty

  16. These are the tough snows - the ones that come when there is vegetation. Happily it melts very quickly. We get these in April and sometimes even May. :<(

  17. Snow! Another word for relentless. your shots are amazing. How the world bounces back is amazing.

  18. Wow! It's pretty, but I know not what you or your garden really wanted. We've "enjoyed" several days of overcast, damp, generally funky days, but at least our temperature has remained above freezing.

  19. We have had late spring too...I know it is good for the ground, but a spring rain is so much nicer than snow (esp. to the blossoms!)

    Nature can be cruel :-)

  20. That's wild! We just had a few flurries up north here! Your blooms are way ahead of ours. I love your photo of the bird in the feeder! That's so funny!

  21. It's so typical for the weather in March to change from one season to least here in Switzerland. We often have snowy days till April, but today we even had our first summer day with around 25°C. As long as snow doesn't do any damage to delicate plants, it is ok. I hope yours are in a good condition again.

  22. Lisa girl I just saw these pictures now (happened on number one son's birthday .. something about the 27th of March makes weird things happen ? LOL)
    It is so pretty ! I know by then we were all getting antsy about any snow fall .. and where the heck is Spring thing .. but despite those feelings I have to say .. your garden was beautiful with that snow cover then !
    Joy : )


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