Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2011

We have had a wonderfully warm April so far. The garden has responded to the warm wet weather. I have lots to show you this month. There aren't many daffodils blooming at this time due to the unusually warm weather.
Epimediums are abloom. 
I took this picture during a rain this week. The dogwoods are blooming nice. 
These sweet blue blooms of the  Brunnera.
This is  a new addition to the early spring blooms in my garden. A Iris cristata 'Powder Blue Giant'. 
The White Lilac has many blooms this year. Mmmmm can you smell it?? 

One of the last daffodils to bloom in my garden each year. Sorry I don't know the type it is.  
One last Hyacinth. Not the pure white of the ones growing out front but it is still a smeller. 
The old fashioned purple iris that never fail me are beginning to bloom. Hopefully I will have some for the Easter dinner table decoration. 
Virginia blue bells are blooming up a storm. 
Purple carpet phlox is blooming.  Now, if you have stayed with me long enough you get a bonus...
When I looked out my window this morning something caught my eye. It was a Nessus Sphinx Moth at the Virginia Blue Bells.  WHooo Hooo. I have never seen this moth in my garden. I am so happy I can share it with you. Luckily my Dearly Beloved strolled by my room right when I spotted it. He grabbed his camera and got this shot. Thank you Dear.
Happy Garden Bloggers Blooom Day to you all. If you want to see more flowers blooming in gardens around the world go to our GBBD hostess's blog, May Dreams Gardens,  for many more participants showing.


  1. What a beautiful array of flowers. Your Iris cristata is just gorgeous ... and how I wish I could smell that glorious Lilac! Your garden is looking so lovely, Lisa.

  2. You have way more blooms than I do, but Bloom Day always gives me a preview of what's coming and I treasure it. Your garden is a spring marvel.

  3. So many lovelies in your garden, Lisa! Our lilacs aren't blooming yet, but then you are at least a week ahead of us. I did see a little white moth the other day, but otherwise haven't seen a single butterfly yet. Kudos to DB for capturing that sphinx moth!

  4. Lovely spring blooms. We are still waiting here. Some daffodils are up (mine are not yet, I have very slow, tardy ones I guess). Without anything to look at here, I am enjoying your blog photos of early spring!

  5. Lots blooming in your garden. The pink dogwood is so beautiful. Our dogwood display was brief this year. We've had high winds and storms that have destroyed the blooms. Sad.

  6. What a wonderful moth! Your DB is a dear for capturing it to share with us. Don't you love Iris cristata~Such sweet little blooms. Happy happy Bloom Day~gail

  7. Oh, spring is a bit quicker in your garden, Lisa. My bluebells are barely poking through. Must move them quickly as they are around the tree that was taken down. Happy Bloom Day.

  8. When I smell the lilacs in the spring, I think I need one. But alas the feeling goes away a month later.

  9. love the new irises and that carpet of phlox is GORGEOUS!

  10. That sphinx moth is awesome! I love the detail that you can see on the dogwood, too. Happy GBBD!

  11. We have only had a taste of warm weather and now it's back to cool temps and high winds. Your array of blooms is amazing. I particularly love that daff with the subtle stripe on the petals.

  12. It is looking so good in your part of the woods. Lucky you on the sphinx moth. I love those. I've seen two so far, but mid-summer, they will love our Phlox paniculata. Happy Bloom day Dear Friend~~Dee

  13. Well I can finally write that I have crocus blooming and my hellebore blossoms are emerging out of the ground! Yippee Skippee! Still snow on half of my lawn but my garden beds are all clear. Soon I'll need to get out there and work them!

  14. Such beautiful photos all of them and your DB catching that moth in the shot..Good job. I have those little yellow daffys too. I need to look at the name of them. You are ahead of us in some of the blooming tho. We are still a little cold yet.

  15. Oh, lucky you! Dogwoods and Phlox. My poor little garden is about a month behind yours. I'm lucky to be showing off a crocus what with our cold, cold spring. Happy Bloom Day, Lisa!

    PS: I took your advice and am studying up on the local birds. Lots to learn.

  16. I love the Iris cristata... I was looking for a light blue like that one and end-up with Iris reticulata 'Cantab' instead. It is nice too, but thanks for posting this one. I will look it up.

    Lovely blog!

  17. Sphinx moths are frequent visitors to my garden, but usually only in the summer for the Phlox. They are fascinating creatures. Your dogwood is beautiful, I love that raspberry color.

  18. Your garden blooms are overflowing! What a lovely garden!

  19. Fantastic garden. So full of blooms.
    Hooray for the moth.

  20. Lisa girl you are so far ahead of my garden I am in shock seeing all of your goodies ! LOL .. we are having wet weather too but it is NOT warm .. so the plants prefer to stay hidden in the ground .. I just have to wait it out ? LOL
    Beautiful blooms girl !

  21. Lovely to see all these flowers in bloom and your Virginia Bluebells are my favorite...mine have a few weeks to go before they will bloom..Happy GBBD

  22. Those 2 late daffs are gorgeous, Lisa. I love the color of your dogwood. I wonder if we'll ever see blooms on our little dogwood. Those Iris cristata blooms are so dainty. I love them!
    You are ahead of us but I'm so happy to have blooms in the garden again. Isn't it wonderful?
    Happy Bloom Day!

  23. P.S. How neat to see the Sphinx moth. Your hubby did a great job catching that Kodak moment :)

  24. Your photos almost made me smell the lilac and feel the silky petals on the Virginia bluebells, Lisa - and those epimediums are a treat. What a pretty April GBBD!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  25. Wow, you sure have leapt ahead of me, Lisa! This is what I like about other parts of the continent--for some, when spring comes it really does arrive. Here, it's being slow and very coy this year. I can smell your lilac and such from here--oh, it's the stephanotis I bought yesterday, flowering its head off in my office. LOL.

  26. You have lots of soft blues, yellows, pinks and purples blooming for spring in your garden. Your lilac appears loaded with flower clusters.

    The Iris cristata lives up to its powder blue name. Does it really have larger blooms than other dwarf iris?

    I love the blue Brunnera flowers. Mine are still under snow, so I won't be seeing them for a while.

  27. Dear Lisa,
    Oh my goodness just look at your Sphinx!
    Wow! They are very wonderful bugs.
    I have not seen one yet this year.
    Spring is in full swing in your gardens. It has been a wet April here too.
    The Lilac is gorgeous....I am so in love with them.

  28. Wonderful to see your garden back and blooming, Lisa. Suddenly all that snow and cold seems a distant memory doesn't it :-)

    Like others too, that Iris has really caught my eye. However, not really being a moth person... I am admiring your Nessus Sphinx... and if it is a WHooo Hooo with you it must be good! Congrats there :-D

    Wishing you a belated Happy GBBD too :-D

  29. This Spring indeed is exceptional! Everything is blooming weeks in as well. You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden, I especially love your iris cristata!
    Wishing you happy Easter days!

  30. Your garden is a joy to behold! Wonderful photos, wonderful collection of blooms! Just beautiful, Lisa!

    ps..the word verification below is: "pleases" yes...your garden certainly "pleases" many!

    Thank YOU!


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