Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - May-Apple

My contribution to the Wildflower Week Fest the May-Apple or known as Polyphyllum peltatum by you Hortheads. These plants usually have one or two leaves but they colonize as you can see in this photo
taken at the local park.

You can see the pretty little bloom that you usually find at the base of the petioles.

I have a small colony on the north/west side of the house. It is covering the down spout nicely.
I am not sure where the apple part comes in its name. It is listed as a perennial herb. Maybe someone else knows a little more about it.

If you want to see more wildflowers do go to Gail's Clay and Limestone blog. She is hosting a Wildflower Week. It is so important to preserve the wildflowers that we can. The bees and other wildlife will thank us for it.


  1. Once the fruit develops under the leaves it looks like a small green apple. What a thick stand you found.

  2. I don't know this plant, but I am a fan of plants which aren't showy at all. It's lovely.

  3. I think May-Apple is one of the nicest names ever. But it seems like I recall some negative connotation?? Might it be because it rather takes over. The first picture was just a wee bit creepy to me. It reminded me of my plant nemesis - what I hate above all others - goutweed. ;<)

  4. Wow, that's quite a stand of mayapples in the park. I've often wondered, too, about names given to plants; at least mayapple is much prettier sounding than skunk cabbage or lungwort:)

    What is the beautiful bird in your header?

  5. I've seen this plant on walks before but had no idea what it was. Wondered about how prolific it was but nice to know it's a good wildflower and not an exotic.

  6. Lisa, Every time I see a wildflower I say "I love it!" I love May-Apples, too. They romp around the garden and that is way cool. I love them all! So glad you joined our WW romp! gail

  7. I can't bleive all the green in your garden now that the snow is sure seems to have popped up quickly!!! Lookin lovely!!!

  8. Thanks Nellie. I thought this is what it was but I was afraid to say the wrong thing.

    As Nan suggests this plant does spread but it easily controlled by pulling it out.

    Rose, no wonder you like this bird it is your name sake. It is a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. We had 3 in our garden yesterday.

  9. Great shots of the May Apple. What a stand of them! They have a pretty little bloom. Too bad you usually have to lay on the ground in order to see it.

  10. Hi Lisa, what a pretty bloom and I see you have an explanation for the term 'apple' now.
    The leaves seem to dominate, such good ground cover. This is a new to me plant, so tku for sharing.....

  11. I used to see huge stands of may Apple when we lived in western PA. It makes a beautiful spring ground cover.

  12. Names of these types of things baffle me too, hope you are keeping well. Mike.

  13. Gorgeous!! Your garden is so lovely...what a great place to paint! :)

  14. Very very pretty. I love Gail's idea of the wildflower week. Wish I'd been home to participate. However, we don't seem to have mayapples here.

    Hope you're having a lovely spring Lisa.~~Dee

  15. The Mayapple is a charming wildflower.
    I too am excited to see the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks return. They travel far every year.
    Happy May.

  16. The apple bloom look tiny but so beautiful.I hope to see some apples coming along too!

    By the way, your new blog hearder is so lovely. It's a cool close up.
    Yeah, birdie charm, indicating spring's arrival yeah!


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