Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2011

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to all of you that have stopped by via Carol's,  our hostess's blog, May Dreams Garden.
To start our tour here at Greenbow I have to show you the Robert Poore tall garden phlox that is the absolute best phlox in the garden here. He pours the sweetest fragrance all through the garden. I have placed clumps of this through out my garden to have this sweet smell as one strolls through. It is fun to see how tall it grows in various places too. I am sure that light is a factor in some places but the height differences are interesting. Here by the fence it is about 4' tall. I have a spot that is almost 6' tall and it doesn't need staking.  Then there are some short three footers too. All are generous with the scent.
This white phlox I have moved from the front garden to the back by the patio so we can see it more often. As I have often said I don't go out front much. Along the edge of the patio, behind the phlox you can see some hostas blooming and the last of those pretty yellow daylilies. 
On the back fence the yellow trumpet vine is blooming up a storm. The hummers and other nectar feeders keep busy on this vine. 
The red mondara and blue phlox are fighting to get some sun here. I do like the combo so I should move them out to the front of the border where they can gather the rays they need. 
Russian Sage is so pretty in the morning light. 
This is the latest Cranesbill that I have planted. It has been in the garden since last summer. It has small leeaves and blooms but it has ignored the drought and flood seasons here an bloomed up a storm. It is sweet how it spreads so willingly in it's alloted area. 
The cushion blooms of the limey green tansy are going strong. The Lucifer Crocosmia that is right beside it is lying down on the job. hmmmm Must remember to stake the Crocosmia. It would look so pretty if it would stand up 
The old fashioned hibiscus is beginning to bloom.
The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is blooming up a storm. I can't wait to see when the strawberry affect kicks in. It has been in the vanilla stage for some time. 
The goosneck loosestrife is about finished blooming. There are lots of hosta blooms. the butterfly bush is blooming up a storm and several other things setting blooms.
I hope you enjoyed your boom tour. If you want to see other blooms all over the world do check out Carol's Blog. Or if you wish to participate do make a post and add your garden to Mr Linky.


  1. I love your phlox, Lisa! I planted my first phlox this spring and should have asked you for advice--'Robert Poore' sounds like a winner. Your Vanilla Strawberry is much further along than mine, but at least it's starting to bloom. I can't wait to see the strawberry topping, too.
    It's starting to heat up here again; looks like I'll be spending quality time with the garden hose again:0

  2. Lovely. We both posted our Garden phlox today. I am a bit jealous of your white. My pink one (which I love) came from a package of white. The white has since disappeared but the pink lives on.

  3. I'm lovin' the variety of plants you have! I think I'd forgotten that phlox can be fragrant!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    After another 'blip' I am finally back with you all.

    The phlox are lovely. I have planted several this year. I do not know how successful they will be. I am hoping they will be happy in the borders as they are just so pretty.

    Your vanilla strawberry looks so healthy. Isn't it just too exciting waiting for the next stage, when you know things are only going to get better!!

    Your garden must be a picture Lisa.
    Always a pleasure to visit.....

  5. I can't imagine a 6' phlox that doesn't need staking. That is quite a recommendation. Do you know the name of the cranesbill? I love them and that is not one I am familiar with.

  6. Your phlox is gorgeous....
    so many blooms too. No staking!
    Do the butterflies and bees love it?
    My old fashion Garden Phlox falls over every year when we get summer thunderstorms.
    Wonderful to see your blooms.

  7. Beautiful.
    Monsoon here so garden looks a little less for the wear.

  8. I'll have to try that hardy phlox. If it can take the spring downpours and then the summer drought conditions and not only thrive but be beautiful too, I need it here!

  9. Great blooms! I'm impressed by how PM-free both of those phlox seem to be... around here, the mildew is a big problem with them. Which is a bummer because the scents are so wonderful.

  10. Your garden is beautiful. I am just now starting to use Phlox in my garden. My neighbor has lovely ones and has shared hers with me. She trys to keep them from spreading So I got those that strayed over the line she likes to keep them at. Win Win:)

  11. Your GBBD looks just right for July, Lisa... especially the truly tall phlox. I have one heirloom and one specially selected for Texas, but this year they're barely 1-foot tall.

    The vanilla hydrangea is so pretty, it's a winner even without the strawberry.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  12. Sorry missed this post, Lisa. I adore that little cranesbill, what a sweet little face. Hope you enjoyed Bloom Day :-D

  13. Lisa, your summer garden is looking beautiful. I love those tall phlox and sure would love to inhale the sweet scent of 'Robert Poore'.
    Your little cranebill is so pretty. They are tough plants, aren't they? Nothing much phases them and they spread so easily.
    We finally had a bit of rain and the temps have cooled down. Hope your having good weather too.


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