Monday, October 17, 2011

Foliage Follow Up - Minature Shrubs

For the foliage follow-up this month I want to show you what I did with the small shrubs I found at K&W Greenery in Janesville, WI. Picea abies 'Dans Dwarf' is a bun of Norway Spruce. Leaves are very small and light green. It gets 6inch by 10inches in 10 years. Another is Cham pisifera 'Baby Blue Ice'.It has darker blue foliage that looks icy, especially when there is new growth. The third one is a mini Chamecyperis 'mop' of some sort that I don't have a tag for. Darn the luck.

With these I have created another small Fairy Garden in a basket planter that I had. Here is what I had in this basket this summer...
This little guy will hold court in this minature garden.
Not only did I put these minature shrubs into this basket I left the minature hostas that had been there all summer.  I added some dwarf mondo grass, chocolate chips ajuga and some Scotish moss to the mix. I think I will be very pleased with it when it all starts growing in.   
This also gave me a place to display a few of my favorite rocks. The large one in the middle was given to me many years ago by a friend that brought a piece of Plymouth Rock.
For those of you that have Foliage Fever this time of year please do a post and link to Pam at Digging who hosts this meme each month. Right now she is busy promoting local Nurseries. I am happy to say these plants were all purchased at local nurseries. I should say Local in that they weren't purchased at Big Box Stores. I tend to purchase plants as I travel around.  If you want a closer look at the small shrubs you can click to enlarge the photos. I hope you all are enjoying the lovely fall weather. Let us see your fall foliage.


  1. That's going to be delightful as it fills in, Lisa - so much more interesting than summer annuals! I added your link on my blog - sorry to have dropped the ball on hosting Foliage Follow-Up this month. Yep, I got busy promoting local nurseries. Too many irons in the fire!

  2. What a delightful planter, Lisa! I'm always looking for BIG plants to fill up space here, and avoid the miniatures for fear they'd get swallowed up. But your planter really is a nice contrast to larger plants, and grouping them in a container is the perfect way to show them off.

  3. Lisa girl this is the sweetest gathering of plants and special rocks with tiny characters : )
    I love them all .. come over to my garden and help me create some of these too ? say next Spring ? I promise we will have cake and tea in the garden and admire it all!LOL
    I have Scottish moss too and love the tiny delicate flowers that sprout .. small scenarios are so special .. they make you smile no matter what mood you are in : )

  4. Beautiful planter/plantings with lots of character.

  5. Those tiny conifers are just perfect for the fairy garden!! Are you going to try bonsai next? :)

  6. Monica, I have always been attracted to bonsai. I will try it some time.

    Do you remember Emmert's garden, the garden I took you to when you visited? He is doing something similar called Pin Jing. Pin Jing predates Bonsai by 1000 years. It is a garden scene made on a rock or in a pot. Frank (Emmert) does his on rocks. They are fabulous. He sells them but I want to try to make my own. They are probably quite expensive if he does them. They can be left outside all year long too. I am going to do a post about his garden and them soon.

  7. Rose, you could have all the plants, large or small, you could ever dream of in your space.


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