Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nutty Weekend

This weekend is being sponsored by the most beautiful fall weather. The sun came out first thing this morning to melt the frost. The temps have warmed to a whopping 50F (10C) with sunshine this is marvelous.

My DB went out to check on the grill. It needs a screw to hold something in place and when I looked up he was standing at the back door with something in his hand. PEANUTS!
We were surprised by how many were at the roots of this plant. It didn't grow in full sun. 
Just look at em.  I am thinking about going all around the garden and digging up the nuts.
I will wait until the frost really knocks down the foliage in hopes that there will be enough for a snack. 
Do any of you know how to process the peanuts? Maybe I can find out on line. What did we ever do withouth the internet??
My DB has been inspired to do a little weeding while out. He has plenty of help too. Luna is very casual about the whole thing. She does keep an eye on everyone. Oly, the toy poodle, is always following his own agenda.
Vinny, the Rat Terrier/Jack Russel mix, is the ever ready dog. Always on alert to any creature that dare come into the garden. Woe be it to any squirrel that dare set foot into this garden while he is on patrol. 

Obviously we are dog-sitting this weekend. I am so pleased that they can be outside today. They will be ready for a nap this afternoon and will sleep good tonight with all this exercise.
I want to leave you with a picture of Ramona Clematis, one of the last blooms of the season. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and lively companions. 


  1. We never get peanuts but the critters sure plant them. We get the leaves but guess its not hot enough long enough to grow the peanuts. Yes WHAT did we do without the internet? I was just about to say I didnt know you had three dogs when I saw you are dog sitting. How fun for Luna to have company. Let us know if you figure out the peanuts. We buy they raw for the birds and squirrels.

  2. Hello, I was reading some blogs and discovered another person growing a few peanuts - Our Little Acre:

  3. That is so got peanuts!!! I like mine boiled. You would have to get more raw ones to add to the pot to make it worthwhile, but here is a slow cooker recipe for ya!

  4. Lol, I was almost expecting Ramona to be another dog! ;-) I don't know if you just have to wait for the shells to dry out to eat the nuts, or if that's just what they look like in the store? I'm really inspired by you and Helen in TO growing peanuts, I'm going to try it next year. Do they start from nuts (like seed potatoes) or from seed, or did you buy them as plants, or...? I've never seen plants or seeds for them hereabouts!

  5. So cool, Lisa. And amazing that you can grow them there. And Kylee just posted about hers today, too. That peg thing just fascinates me. When did they go in the ground?

  6. I had no idea you grew them, Lisa! Have you grown them before this? I thought it was so fun to actually get peanuts and I didn't think we would. Their growing season is long, but we started ours from plants, so that likely helped.

  7. I don't know when the peanuts were planted. We feed peanuts to the critters here all winter and into spring. So it was probably during spring when the viable ones were planted by the critters. It is fun to watch them plant them too.

  8. Hi Lisa ~~ Sounds like you've got the DB working like he is supposed to. Best get things in the yard ready for winter.

    Most people I know roast their peanuts. The best way is to make peanut brittle. Just put the raw peanuts into the candy mixture and heat it up for the propper ball stage.

    Bringing in the plants used to be for us. Now it is bring in the lemon tree. We will do that sometime in November I suppose. We are a ways off from frost yet.

  9. Lisa, Amazing...peanuts. Couldn't believe it.

    Strangely, I have olives on my tree this year. Tasted one, it was disgusting. Obviously I need to do something before I eat them :0)

    How lovely to have so many dogs.....and great they all get on.
    Does Luna miss them when they go home??

    Have a lovely week.....

  10. Ah, such cute garden helpers you've had this weekend, Lisa! I didn't know you could grow peanuts in Indiana, but it looks like yours did quite well. I assume you roast them somehow, but raw peanuts work for peanut brittle, don't they? Hmmm, now I'm getting hungry:)

  11. Wow, you've got peanuts. Have you ever tried to roast them in the baking oven? We get them here roasted only...and I never tasted fresh ones. Must be an exciting experience. It's so nice to work outside, when it is not too cold. It seems as if you and your garden were ready for winter ;-) !
    Thank you so much for your visit and leaving the comment. You are such a faithful reader :-) !!
    Take care,

  12. Vinny obviously wasn't around when the squirrels planted those peanuts. I've had them sprout, but never got peanuts from them. 'Ramona' is lovely. I still have 4 Clematis blooms left on 3 different varieties. If only fall could linger.

  13. Peanuts in the garden. What a fun find.

    Always nice when the dogs get enough exercise!!!! We made sure ours did today (my sister in law and I) as I (and Mingus) are traveling 5 hours tomorrow.

  14. Peanuts!? I can't believe the things you manage to gow.

  15. I really would have preferred you weekend weather to mine. It looked glorious and how fun to have peanuts. Perhaps I will have to try planting some. It is good to round out those growing skills with something new every year.

  16. Oh?! That is how peanuts look like? I was wondering.
    Good that you have found the frog

  17. Peanuts, very exciting. i have a friend that eats them raw, but he buys them that way. and your flower is gorgeous! Is peanuts one of the plants that enriches the soil?

  18. Hooray for your peanuts!

    And very good that you had harvest in a year where the peanut crops are suffering from drought!

    The price of peanut butter is expected to rise by 70%! Your peanuts are like gold nuggets ;-)

  19. It's wonderful you have somebody to share your garden with. That must be very nice.

    Lovely post.


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