Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - 2012

On this last day of 2011 the temperatures were still moderate so we took Luna to the big park for a long walk. Along the trail we were surprised to see that a huge tree had fallen, all that is except this side that looked to be a nice big picture frame. I couldn't resist going over to have a picture made. This wan't the only surprise of the day.
When we returned home I went outside to pick up sticks and to see what all was going on in the garden. Here I found some Hellebore buds and,
daffodils peeking out of the ground. 
There are oodles of mushrooms in the mulch. 
The biggest surprise was a dandelion in full bloom. These and all the other plants that are acting like it is spring will get the surprise of their year when this wind brings in the cold weather that is to hit us New Years Day. 
I want to thank everyone for commenting and sticking with me through my drought of blogging.
I hope that 2012 brings you all the best surprises to your garden along with good health and a wealth of blooming happiness.


  1. And to you! I appreciate your wit and humor more than you know. You are a really funny person!

  2. Happy New Year, Lisa! I too had a drought of blogging this year due to life happens, but now with the new website and some determination, I'm backkkkk. All best wishes to you for the coming year!
    jodi (

  3. Happy New Year Lisa. Thank you for always visiting. I am crossing my fingers and hoping you'll be at the next Garden Bloggers' Fling! xogail

  4. Happy New Year to you, Lisa! I dread the cold that will be heading our way!

    Thank you for being so supportive this past year!

  5. May 2012 be a year of pleasant surprises like those you had today!

  6. Droughts happen. I'm glad you're still here, Lisa. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year Lisa....may 2012 hold all your dreams.

    Love the image of you, such a pretty picture.

    You have daffs peeking through? I know that it very early for your area. Amazing.

    Hellebore, you know are top of my list of favourites. Hope your blooms are just perfect :)

  8. Hello Lisa, wishing you less drought for your garden in 2012 (selfishly) so we can enjoy more blogs from you :-)
    Love that fist pic. I could see my OH putting his head through it for a pic too.

    Spookily I was out having a look at my hellebores this morning (before reading this post) and we’ve a number of flower buds that might consider opening too.

    Must now take a look for any bulb activity in my lawn. We’ve young allium green shoots in our front gravel after I revamped the area in late summer. Probably lost a few in the process but always fun to see how resilient plants. It’s almost like they talk back to me telling me you can try to move us but some of us aren’t for going… lol

    Love the dandelion in flower… our guinea pigs would be happy to see that :-)

    I hope you had a great time last night listening to your band in the company of your good friends. Thanks for sharing what you do on New Year’s Day. I love your own birding tradition. I’ve enjoyed watching out the window as I blog hop. I’ve never heard of your traditional meal. Here (in Scotland anyway) Steak Pie is the traditional meal for New Year’s Day. We don’t usually have one but this year we thought we’d do the whole traditional thing. On saying that we didn’t get to bed until 3am this morning (after our first-foots and very tasty stovies) so we’re going to delay our main meal until later on in the day.

    Thank-you, I too want to wish you the Happiest Healthiest New Year and thank you for being a great blogging friend :-)

  9. Nice photo op! I've seen a few buds and blooms here, also. Happy New Year to you!

  10. Happy New Year Lisa, And thanks for sticking with me as well. Sometimes it is a little "droughty" on the blogging front. I am grateful for the friendship. xoxo Terah

  11. Happy new year, Lisa, love your tree frame picture!

  12. Yeah...these guys (plant life) are all gonna be in for a shocker very soon! Pretty fun to find a blooming dandelion!!! I look forward during your winters to seeing lots of pics of you and Luna about!!! Cute photo of you in the tree frame there!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  13. It isn't quite that springlike here, but I am still waiting for winter to arrive. What a delightful walk.

  14. Lisa girl that picture frame was awesome !! .. and I can't believe the nerve of that dandelion !!!
    But hellebore buds already ? WOW !!! .. we don't have a drop of snow here .. it is so weird .. makes me cringe wondering what is to come ? LOL
    Happy New year girl and thank you for stopping by my blog so often, I appreciate it !!
    Joy : )

  15. A dandelion in December--now that is strange! The winds are blowing here now, bringing in lots of cold air. I think winter finally might be on its way. Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Lisa.

  16. Only nature could make such a uniquely artistic frame. Beautiful.

    Good thing you took that evocative walk when you did, Lisa; seems winter is finally making a serious appearance.

    Here's to more fine walks in 2012 – Cheers!

  17. Wasn't that wild? We also have had extremely mild weather. Even now, after the cold front, it is still pretty mild. More cold this weekend. Happy New Year my friend.~~Dee

  18. Happy New Year Lisa & Luna ♥
    What a wonderful spot you have to walk & ...what a fabulous frame! I couldn't have resisted either :-)

  19. Gode billeder.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ønsker dig et blomstrende haveår.

  20. No way! Sprouts? What a year. Already! You are beautifully framed.

  21. Dear Lisa,
    It has been very warm here too!
    I do hope we get some snow this winter.
    You look great! Love the tree frame.
    Happy 2012! Thank you for your friendship.
    I love happy surprises.

  22. Oh, your hellebores have started to bloom even earlier than mine :-) ! Yes, this is indeed a strange winter and I also fear that the real strong winter will still come (hopefully not in Spring!). Wishing you and your dears all the very best!

  23. And temperatures remain moderate, though an Arctic blast is on its way south. A very happy 2012 to you and yours, Lisa.

  24. Hi, Lisa;
    'Drought of blogging' ~ love that expression. I feel that I was dealing with this as well. A creative drought and perhaps an energy drought since I did a very poor job of visiting other friends' blogs. Ah well, new year, new opportunities. I'm very glad we're connected thru the blogs ~ even if it is hell to pay to get a post out of us! :))

  25. Love the rustic frame for your portrait, Lisa!
    The Drought of Blogging seems to be rather widespread doesn't it? When an occasional post like yours sprouts up it sure is welcome...
    Happy 2012!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  26. Happy belated new year!! Did your daffs or hellebores end up blooming before the temps dropped and snow fell? Thanks for always commenting on my blog, even though I too am struggling to keep it up! :)

  27. Thank you for your kind wishes Lisa.

    The last image has touched my heart! So simple but poetic!

    Happy New Year and may the best of dragon year be with you always!

  28. You aren't playing hide and seek with us!
    First look at your first photo. I feel the humour with you.
    Second look, I know that you have lots of fun rest time exploring the surrounding!

    Thank you for sharing all your powerful and inspiring insights as always Lisa!


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