Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - Late March 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day completely got away from me this month. We have been having record heat as has most of the areas near here. This has caused me to be outside more than usual. By the time I come inside I am worn to a frazzle. I haven't been able to work up a post.  Most things here are ahead of schedule as far a blooms are concerned.
Please follow me down the path around back of the house and I will show you what all is going on. Don't you feel royal walking this path?  It is as if someone has strewn the path with petals so your shoes won't get muddy. Don't worry about getting muddy shoes though. We haven't had enough rain to mix up any mud.
Peek over the fence here and you can see the forsythia blooming. I must say that the Magnolia tree has been outstanding this year. If it hadn't been so hot it would have lasted longer. The poor hyacinths and daffodils aren't liking this 80degree heat either.
Luna likes to lead people around. I hope you don't mind. You can see that the anemones are blooming at the feet of Red Lady Hellebores. 
The Almond Bush that I thought had died is blooming beautifully.
Bloodroot is looking gorgeous. 
The bees are out in numbers. I saw bumble bees and wasps today too.
All sorts of bugs are coming alive. Like these tiny things on the white tulips.

I hope you were able to get out in the garden this weekend to enjoy nature and keep up with spring as it is full steam ahead.
Other flowers in the garden now: Service Berry Tree, Redbud Tree, Daffodils, Narcissus, Leather leaf viburnum, Pussywillow, Kerria Shrub, Grape hyacinths, Orange Hyacinths, Ajuga, Periwinkle Hellebores, Dandelion, Barrenwort Epimedium 'Fairy wings', Spring Beauties, Lungwort, Short Pink tulips, Creeping phlox, chinonodoxa.

P.S. We have been out of the garden a lot lately too. My DB took the picture of a male Falcate Orangetip Butterfly today. A very early arrival. This is the butterfly on my hearder. We were at a Fish and Wildlife area a county East of where we live.


  1. First, Lisa, I have to tell you I noticed your header photo right away and thought what a pretty little bloom! I've seen this foliage before but never with a bloom on it; I wondered what it was...duh, it's your butterfly:) That's even better than a bloom!

    Your magnolia is gorgeous; I just noticed the magnolias starting to bloom around here this past week. You must be at least a week or two ahead of us--lots of lovely blooms in your garden. Tell Luna thank you for the tour; she did a great job as a garden tour guide!

  2. Oh, what an awesome buttefly the Falcate Orangetip is! I have never seen one to my knowledge, in life or books!!! I just love this one!!!

    You guys are so lucky to have so many devine things flowering in northern gardens. Here, it seems it is always the SOS (same ol' sh-t)!!! Tropical, and beautiful, but it never changes! I love your world there!

    That Forsythia is stunning! I am always sad when all the blossoms fall off and no more! I have seen a lot more bee activity around here too this year! Good news in the gardening (and honey) world!!

  3. OH WOW.. You really ARE ahead of schedule there. We did get out & wind or rain. We got winter back with a vengence. :( Its rather cold out so most things arent in full bloom yet. Loved the walk here tho. LOVE the butterfly. Wish my camera took better close ups but it was small & convienient that won out over close ups. :))

  4. I enjoyed the lovely walk through your garden!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. You got some nice Spring going on there. You're ahead of us and it's so pretty to see!

  6. Amazing! First, I love the walk. Second, I cannot believe how advanced your spring is. And, I thought it was warm in Connecticut. Lisa, you are off the charts. But beautiful.

  7. Your garden is looking dreamy with all those pastel trees. It's nice to see everything early but the heat sure is making things come and go too quickly here, too.

  8. Lisa girl I am totally shocked by this weather too and I also have a frazzled brain like you do from working in the garden .. thankfully I have DH helping me otherwise would be in total chaos at the castle mode !
    It is wonderful to see everything in high Spring gear : )
    Love seeing your bloodroot (I wish I had one) and YES ! the hellebore are really smiling .. I am going to try one more day of garden clean up and it just might be under control soon !
    Enjoy this amazing weather girl !

  9. How lovely. We are having an early Spring also. I'm ready for the greening of the ranch. Your blooms are so beautiful . Terah

  10. What beautiful blooms! Enjoying spring here as well! Your Magnolia is beautiful! Luna is enjoying the tour as well! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy Spring!

  11. Not out in my garden yet I'm afraid as they are still, well covered in snow. That blossom strewn path sure looked inviting!

  12. What a gorgeous flower explosion in your backyard!!! I love the magnolia, and the pretty almond, too. (Not to mention the pretty Miss Luna... glad to have her leading the tour! :-)

  13. Love your pictures of the garden - also was on your other blog and enjoyed your colored pencil drawings as well. I too love nature and gardening. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Dear Lisa,
    I just loved seeing your early-mid and late spring gardens all in the same walk!
    We also have all of Spring happening at once! The Rain Dragons have come and it has rained every day now for the last five!
    Please tell your Dearly Beloved that the Falcate Orangetip is gorgeous!
    I have never seen one....
    Happy gardening may the Rain Dragons visit you soon.

  15. Thanks for this dose of spring color!

  16. With great delight I look at your Spring pictures. You have had a most wonderful Spring start with all the blooming bushes and flowers in your beautiful garden. We had a very slow start after this very cold winter and therefore also a big loss with regard to plants. But whenever I see a plant survived, I am happy.


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