Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2012

Once you see what all I have pictured you will be amazed by all the blooms that  my zone 6 garden is sporting mid April this year. I have looked back through my records and almost everything is way ahead of normal spring blooms times.
The Clematis are especially beautiful this spring. Ramona (above) is blooming with the Pink Phlox.
In the picture below the white Clematis (Miss Bateman Donohues) on the back arbor is leaping this, it's third, year.
The Lavender Clematis with pink veins (Fireworks) on the other side of the arbor isn't growing so tall but it is blooming up a storm. The colors of this one doesn't quite come through in this photo.
The bearded Iris are firing up in the garden. Below is an old pale yellow variety that I have threatened to dig out every year but I can't seem to bring mysef to do it. When it is blooming with the honeysuckle, wild columbine and waterplants it fits right in.
I don't know the names of my Irises. They have come to the garden as pass along plants or I have had them so long the names escape me.
The pagoda dogwood is blooming now. The red dogwood out front has finished it's cycle of bloom.
Most of the shrubs are finishing their early spring blooming. An exception is the buckeye shrub (below).
And the Pyracantha is FULL of blooms this year. Last year for some reason it didn't have hardly any blooms therefore not many berries. We won't have to worry about that this year.
Today it is windy and warm once again. We got a good 3/4" of rain yesterday so all is right with our world and may more rain follow.
I hope the pollinators are out and about in your garden. If you have blooms to share this 15th day of April please post and then go to Carol's blog and add yourself to linky to share with the world your blooms. Here you will also find gardens from all over the world posting their blooms. You can revisit fall and  or see what is blooming in gardens all over the world. Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

My list of all flowers blooming:
Golden Alexander
PPP Phlox
Creeping Phlox
Columbine (native and white)
Water plant
Red Climbing Rose
Clematis : Miss Bateman, Fireworks, Jackmanni,
Varigated Soloman's Seal
Lily of the Valley - White and Pink
Brunnera 'Jack Frost"
Dicentra (yellow)
Ajuga: Chocolate Chips
Spiderwort 'Sweet Kate'
Pagoda Dogwood
Snowball Viburnum
Doublefile Viburnum
Wedding bouquet Spirea
Kerria (both)
Wigelia (red and Pink)
High Bush Cranberry


  1. The clematis is gorgeous, as are the other flowers. Love your garden!

  2. Well, you sure represent well on Bloom Day. You got 'em, and they're stunning. By contrast, none, not one, of those bloomers you list is abloom in my garden here in Zone 6 Connecticut. And, so goes the odd weather/climate.

  3. It's amazing how much you have in bloom this April, Lisa, but then we all seem to be ahead of schedule this year. I love the pairing of the 'Ramona' clematis with the phlox. We had a nice rainshower yesterday, too, but I'm hoping for even more tonight--but please not the hail in the forecast!

  4. I'm marveling at wisteria and lilacs here... but you have CLEMATIS?! Holy cow! I can't believe that they're already blooming and so covered with blooms. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos... and happy GBBD!

  5. Beautiful!
    I especially like Clematis.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Wow! Beautiful.
    I like the pale blue irises, so pretty.
    And the clematis are gorgeous.

  7. Hello again, Lisa – wow you just had to share these blooms for GBBD. It really is hard to believe that it is only mid April!

    Love your Clematis selection – Miss Bateman lives in my garden too. I moved her last year so it will be interesting to see how/if she likes her new home.

    Guessing there will be plenty of insects to feed nesting birds near your garden. Any signs of your delightful Carolina Wrens busy in your nestbox?

  8. Wow, so much going on, and so lovely, especially the clematis. I was interested to see your pagoda dogwood, as I just planted one last year and I am anxious to see it bloom (and fill out) this year. Can't wait.

    I am zone 6 on the new map, but waaay behind your garden for blooms or even for anything leafing out.

  9. Your garden looks lovely now. I have long admired Clematis 'Ramona' (I thought I bought it, but ended up with Henryi instead). I have several Clematis on the cusp of blooming, this really is one weird spring. Your white and purple Iris looks a lot like an Iris I have. Unfortunately, I don't know it's name either. Yesterday, I noticed a checkerspot butterfly hovering around the violets, presumably laying eggs.

  10. Wow!

    Everything looks just beautiful!
    Such a lovely well tended garden♥

  11. Lisa girl you have so much BLOOMING in your garden right now!
    I love the clematis .. I can't wait for mine to start their blooming too .. this year started with such weird weather no wonder the plants are confused .. it was actually too warm for me today .. and the rain that was promised has still not watered the garden so that means I will have to!
    Joy : )

  12. My goodness! Your garden is full too of gorgeousness! I love seeing your garden so beautiful in April. Happy Bloom Day Lisa.~~Dee

  13. Love the Pyracantha, Lisa! Such pretty clematis and irises too. It's amazing what's blooming in your garden this month. It's been quite an interesting spring so far.

  14. What fabulous blooms! I was particularly interested in the pagoda dogwood. I bought one last year - 2 feet tall - but the deer have been at it and I don't know yet whether it has survived.

  15. I would really like to build my collection of Clematis. I'm becoming more and more fond of them. The flowers are just gorgeous.

  16. I like your collection of clematis, they are such wonderful plants. I have that will be in its third year this season and am hoping to have as many blooms as yours is sporting.

  17. Gosh Lisa,

    Your garden is so much further on than mine. I still have daffs in bloom :) Nighttime frosts have kept everything from romping away.
    Spring here has been very very unpredictable....a typical english Spring!

    I love Miss Bateman and have two specimens in the garden. Clematis are such good 'doers', aren't they??

    Your garden is looking very pretty Lisa, the time you give it, is paying you great dividends:)

  18. Wow! Your garden is in full living color!
    Your clematis are beautiful.
    Wonderful you had rain...
    My Dutchman's Pipe vine came from a native plant sale I went to years ago. It is the host plant for the Pipevine Swallowtail. I bet you can order one on line.
    Happy blooms!

  19. I can't believe you have clematis blooming in April! Gorgeous.

  20. Wow, you have a lot going on in your garden. Mine is just getting started as I only just planted most of it this spring. I hope my yard can look as good as yours someday.

  21. Just beautiful. I so enjoy going for a walk in your garden. xoxo Terah

  22. Hello again Lisa girl .. I wanted to thank you for your comments on my shadow shot .. I hope you are alright? .. I wondered how you were with what you said about the "Believe" stone.
    Take care !

  23. Lisa! I am green with envy looking at all your blossoms in the garden already!
    Since returning from Arizona last week I've been looking for Spring!!
    Very little color here..the early risers like daffs are up but close up quickly due to 42F temps!! Brrrr..
    Nice to check in with you after being away all winter.
    hugs Anna

  24. The pagoda dogwood that has caught my attention here.

    It looks gentle and fascinating. Yeah, I don't see this in Malaysia...

  25. You sure do have a lot of April flowers, Lisa - Ramona is probably my favorite clematis and yours is gorgeous.

    Happy Spring- inhale that Lily of the valley scent for me - haven't smelled them in years.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  26. I missed this somehow. No wonder you arent on posting much. Look at all is growing. Its just really starting here. I am wondering. we have a buck eye blooming now and are they shrubs or trees? Ours doesn't seem to be getting tall.

  27. Wow, such a stunning amount of flowering plants...I'm overwhelmed. It looks as if you weren't far from summer. I love your clematis...I just bought some new ones too, as they often disappear in my garden. Enjoy your blooming paradise.

  28. Look at your garden holy smokes! I love those great big Iris. And of course the clematis is wonderful.

  29. Such a spring array! I'm delighted to share the walk :)

  30. So much going on in your garden! The Clematis are delicious.


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