Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christopher Mello's garden was a treat. While hearing (reading) his last name you might think his garden would be a mello place. Don't even think it. You would be wrong to think this as there is anything mello or yellow about his garden except the dump trucks. Yes, I said dump trucks. Christopher has a collection of yellow Tonka dump trucks displayed in their own compound surrounded by Shovel Henge, which is what he calls his collection of shovel heads erected on various heights of rebar.

His garden I a lot more artsy than mine but we share an aesthetic sense for circles. His Stone Henge is a circular surround for the area of dump trucks and people gathering. The concentric way  he mows the surrounding lawn has  rings of taller vedure as you can see in the photo above.

The outer border of the garden has a path through that takes you past some of his amazing creations and collections. 
Of course you knew I would love the bird cage assembly.

His love of red foliage was what really brought my mind to my own garden because I could certainly understand that desire to collect plants with red foliage.We have several of the same plants. One he had I have never seen or heard of, a red Mimosa tree. Maybe it is a Southern  plant. What ever it is I am considering getting one for our garden. I can just see those big pink blooms on top of that red foliage.
Of course he has his own Blue Pearl Poppy. The bees agree that they are the best.

I want to thank Christopher for inviting our huge group of Garden Bloggers into his garden. It is filled with inspiring art and plants. To read more about it you can go here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The first garden of the Garden Blogger's Fling tour was exciting. I knew when I walked up to the entrance of this garden that it was going to be something special. The creators, artist Damaris Pierce and Rock Pirate Ricki Pierce, of this garden are sensationally present in all the details.
The details are unique. You can see their hand everywhere. 
There are houses for Elves,
water side accomodations for fairies.
It was such an inviting space. Even the fish were welcoming.

The paths drew you up
and through the garden.  
                                                There were spaces for quiet contemplation,
and gathering in groups.
If you have a chain link fence they can teach you how to make it disappear.
Then there are the details... 
within the details. 
I haven't mentioned the plantings in the garden. Obviously I was taken by the stone work and art work in the garden. There was a palette of plantings to ensure that any plant geek would be thrilled to stroll through this fascinating place.
If you are ever in Asheville you would want to call them for an appointment to see 
this haven of horticulture and creative energy.
I want to thank Damarius and Ricki Pierce for allowing our group to wander through their garden on the side of the mountain in Asheville TN.
For more about Wamboldtopia  and all the other gardens toured at the Garden Bloggers Fling in
Asheville you can go here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2012

This spring the irises have been just spectacular. I don't know why becasue we aren't having much rain. It must be that they like this kind of weather. I always thought they liked more water. A spirea and a double mock orange is also blooming in this photo.
The Hydrangeas appear to be responding to the mild winter we had. If they aren't blooming now they sure are setting buds for a big show. Jackmanii, Climbing Hydrangea and Oak Leaf Hydrangea blooming in the photo below.
Speaking of big shows. The annual Mock Orange stravaganza is in full tilt. The fragrance and bright beautiful blooms show off for everyone. 
This is a honeysuckle that I am making into a standard. It needs a haircut but I will wait until it stops blooming. All the honeysuckle in the garden are blooming now. It is good for the hummingbirds. 
The white climbing rose I got for my birthday last year is blooming up a storm. One of these days it will climb up over this arch where the red one will meet up with it.  
Speaking of meeting up. I am headed to the Asheville Garden Bloggers Spring Fling. I hope to see everyone that pops in here from time to time. If you can't make it to the Fling you can always go to Carol's Maydreams Garden blog and tour all the blooming gardens reported there.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nature's Miracles

We went to our favorite park for a walk and we were treated to a gigantic rainbow. This rainbow brought the promise of some much needed rain.
Along with the rainbow came thunder which Luna doesn't like. Her tail went down and she gave us strict instructions to head for the truck. 
It didn't rain enough to dampen the day. We sat out on the patio for some time. The mock orange is in full bloom and it's sweet scent seems so soothing. It makes you feel cooler. I just wish it would bloom all summer. 
When the sun comes around to the patio I head for the Casa. For when the sun comes out so do the bugs. It seems like it is going to be a buggy year.  The mild winter and warm spring is inviting to the bugs of the world. Luckily we have had only a few days of those horrid bity bugs that plagued us last year after the flood.
Speaking of bugs. As we were trimming the shrubs out front this winter I found several Praying Mantis egg cases.  I stuck them into the window box outside my window.  I was hoping to watch them open as I had never seen this happen.
Sure enough, the other day I looked out and thought that a bunch of cotton wood tree fuzz was captured on one end of the sticks in the window box. Not many cotton woods close to my home.  Then I looked a little closer. 
The little buggers were hatching out. There must have been thousands of them. 
It was amazing to watch these little beasts emerging from their capsule. It didn't take them long to shimmy up a stem to observe their new world. I tried to turn a stem so my DB could take better pictures but they would just fall to the ground in self defense.
It was amazing to watch these tiny, perhaps half inch long, bugs starting life. They were stalking one another just a few minutes out of the case. Ain't nature grand?
I hope you all are able to get out into the garden and surrounds to enjoy some of nature's miracles.

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