Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The first garden of the Garden Blogger's Fling tour was exciting. I knew when I walked up to the entrance of this garden that it was going to be something special. The creators, artist Damaris Pierce and Rock Pirate Ricki Pierce, of this garden are sensationally present in all the details.
The details are unique. You can see their hand everywhere. 
There are houses for Elves,
water side accomodations for fairies.
It was such an inviting space. Even the fish were welcoming.

The paths drew you up
and through the garden.  
                                                There were spaces for quiet contemplation,
and gathering in groups.
If you have a chain link fence they can teach you how to make it disappear.
Then there are the details... 
within the details. 
I haven't mentioned the plantings in the garden. Obviously I was taken by the stone work and art work in the garden. There was a palette of plantings to ensure that any plant geek would be thrilled to stroll through this fascinating place.
If you are ever in Asheville you would want to call them for an appointment to see 
this haven of horticulture and creative energy.
I want to thank Damarius and Ricki Pierce for allowing our group to wander through their garden on the side of the mountain in Asheville TN.
For more about Wamboldtopia  and all the other gardens toured at the Garden Bloggers Fling in
Asheville you can go here.


  1. Now Lisa, I believe this post was just for me ??
    So beautiful. As you know I love the little people but you probably did not realise I have a serious passion for stonework.
    I drive Mr P crazy asking him to stop en route to somewhere, if I notice a beautiful old stone wall etc etc.

    Lovely lovely garden, tku Lisa for sharing this exquisite piece of artwork.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Oh my goodness...this is an amazing, gorgeous garden.....hardscapes make my heart beat fast....
    like Cheryl I love stone work...
    The Fairy Houses are gorgeous...
    Oh my goodness just amazing....
    I must think about traveling east more often.
    I am going to write this garden down as a place to go for inspiration...

  3. It looks wonderful. It must be interesting in all seasons

  4. Lisa, it was fun talking with you on the way to Christopher's (or was it on the way back from there? ... the logistics of everything is now a blur). We talked a good bit about birds and you told me which binoculars you like to use. I wrote it down somewhere, but haven't sorted through all "fling-related" stuff yet. You can email through my blog's contact form if you prefer. Thanks!

  5. It was such an exciting garden to see - you captured it well!

  6. Oh, this indeed is a very special and interesting garden, dear Lisa. Not at all the common sort of garden one usually gets to see. Somehow a fairytale garden for grownup people. I like the various buildings, very creative stonework. I guess, you had a good and inspiring time there!

  7. Lisa, It is so interesting to see the gardens we visited through others' eyes. You captured some details that I completely missed. This garden was so unique; in fact, one of my favorite parts of the Fling was that we saw so many different types of gardens, not just your "typical" formal or cottage gardens. I came away so inspired...all of the gardeners were artists in their own way.

  8. What a fantastic Garden. But I know the photos don't capture it completely like being there in person would. Lucky you!!

  9. I would have fallen in love with all that art too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for sharing it with us Lisa. What a wonderful garden that allows you to discover another hiding place around each corner it seems.

  10. You captured the stone work in the walls quite well. Love all the handiwork that went into the garden.

  11. A totally amazing garden! I can't imagine maintaining it let alone creating it!!!!

  12. Downright wonderful, Lisa! Thanks for the tour.

  13. Thanks for taking me with you, Lisa! What a fascinating garden - the chain link fence transformation is amazing and it sure works in that setting. So glad you got to go to Ashville!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  14. I would be hard-pressed to notice plants with such amazing hardscaping all around. I would guess the sloping site adds a lot to the garden as well. I bet you all had a great time.

  15. Original, artistic, beautiful, enchanting. What a garden. I can see why you love it, Lisa.

  16. My my my...what an amazing place..I know you were in heaven there, Lisa!!!

  17. Oh, how I wish I could have spent time in this fabulous garden.

  18. I too was taken away by the stone work! It was totally amazing all they have done to this once barren piece of soil. One of my favorite private gardens on this tour….

  19. Lisa, you saw several things I missed! How did I not see that adorable fairy house by the water? It's so much fun to read your post, as well as the posts of the other Fling goers, to appreciate the impact each garden had on the writer. Ricki and Damaris' garden was simply amazing.

  20. I was completely taken in by the details too. The plants just complement the gorgeous art. Love that little stone house in the wall.

  21. Lisa, I am going to try to hide my chain link fence...But, not until fall when the skeeters are gone. Hope they didn't bite you too badly when you stopped by C and L! gail

  22. Wow Lisa, an artist's garden indeed - I love stonework too. I loved the pond fairyhouse and that's given me an idea for my pond build - a frog house by the water edge :-)

    Sounds like you all had a great time. Going to read about your next visit now :-D

  23. Many thanks, Lisa! This was so much fun, wish y'all could come back next spring! or maybe another season? It is, indeed, interesting all year long. Right now the garden is VERY lush, lillies and crocosmia, bee balm and lavender, and the black eyed susans are out, summer color galore! Blessings from Asheville to you and yours!


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