Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Gardening Indoors

I don't have a greenhouse or a sun room. I have windows but none face due south so my indoor gardening suffers. Yet I have found some plants that like my indoor conditions. The most common one are orchids. It is amazing how many types of orchids there are to choose from and they don't need a lot of sun. Just some bright light. My kind of plant.

In this day and age we are truly lucky gardeners. Even a few years ago one would never think of orchids as being common. Now they show up for sale everywhere.
I didn't always sing the praises of Orchids. I have struggled with them for the most part. This past year my DB convinced me to try them again since his brother has such good luck with them. I learned from Brother that you have to water them regularly , FERTILIZE and don't cut off the old bloom stems. The plant reuses them.  Who would have thought it. Our routine has worked. 
It has worked so good that one of the plants is making new plants at the end of two of those old bloom stems.  I had no idea that these plants reproduce like this.
On the photo above do you wee the little root coming from under the leaves?? Have any of you had this happen? When should I try to pot up this little plantlet? I would appreciate any and all advise.
Another plant that likes it indoors here is the Staghorn Fern I have had the past 5 years or so. I have become quite attached at this (almost) no care plant. 
As you can see this behemoth has created its own world in this pot. I didn't start two plants growing back to back. It came to me this way and it has flourished. It came to me from Florida in a stainless steel basket that had other around the parameter of the basket. Only the core plants survived but survived they have. 
Last winter they started making babies. the plants are growing upon the outside of the old shield layers. I got brave this early winter and cut one off and mounted it onto a nice piece of wood with a little moss at it's back. The mother plant and start seems to have survived.
I am so looking forward to spring so I can set the plants outside so they can revive from this hot dry house. As the snow melts my thoughts are turning to spring Are yours?
Yes, a shot of sunlight would be nice. I am finished with fog, snow and overcast skies. Let us remember this  this summer. 


  1. Well Lisa, We've only just begun winter..but I too am looking forward to spring. I can see the daffodils coming up tho so that is hopeful. I used to have one Orchid bloom every year in March thru April and it did bloom one year here after moving from CA but now it sprouts new stems but never blooms. I am about to deep six it. I just loved it too. Glad yours are doing well.

  2. I've never had luck with orchids but they are hard to resist. Have you ever tried Nun's Orchid? I have one now and it is actually not dead yet. :)

    We had a long stretch without sun, then it came back, now we are back to rain and clouds for what looks like a long stretch ahead.

  3. Wow Lisa, the Staghorn is huge!! I have a few orchids, hoping one to finally bloom this winter. As for the one with the little root attached, give it a try, clip it and put in its own pot with bark pieces. :-)

  4. My sister did pretty good with orchids ... me not at all.

    No, my thoughts are not yet turning towards spring. We have too far to go. Busy finishing off the driveway after yesterday's snow.

  5. It has luscious pink flowers, very bright and exotic looking, and just the thing to perk up your spirits in winter.

    That staghorn fern looks like it's going to take over the table. I wonder how long it will take your little offset to grow as large.

    Oh yes, I'm looking forward to spring. I have a few bulbs indoors, but they just make me more eager for the outdoor bulbs show to start.

  6. I have had baby orchid like your several time. I let them develop a few roots before cutting them off and putting them in their own pot.
    Your fern is beautiful

  7. I've always thought of orchids as exotic plants, but I know they must not be that fussy or you wouldn't see them for sale everywhere. Maybe next year I'll get adventurous enough to try one--I'll be asking your advice for care then!

    I wouldn't mind having a little bit of your snow to cover my garden--but just a little, mind you:)

  8. Hello Lisa, so good to be back to read your blog posts!

    I don't plant orchid but my mum did.
    I only take care those need minimal maintenance.

    Good job and as spring comes by, it will be another great transition of these little plants!

  9. Be careful, Lisa. Orchids can be addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  10. Wow, you are having amazing luck with your plants. Thanks for the tip about not cutting the blooming stems on orchids. I'll remember this in the future.

  11. Orchids are stunning. It's nice to have access to them. These are great shots.

  12. Lovely orchids ~ they are supposedly not easy to grow and look at you ~ Wow!

    I know I need some sunshine too!!!

    (A Creative Harbor)

  13. I hope you got a shot of sun. Our skies cleared a bit ago, and everything looks brighter with a bit of blue sky. I buy orchids, but I've never had luck with them reblooming. I don't know what to do with your orchid baby, but surely someone here does.~~Dee

  14. I've read the words staghorn fern but never seen one. It is vaguely creepy, don't you think? :<) Very interesting how the new one is growing.
    I wonder if you ever read the Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin mystery series? Wolfe grows thousands of orchids. They are his passion, and he is not to be interrupted during the hours he spends with his orchids.


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