Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2013

While there is a lot of the same things blooming at this time this year it seems that the plants are not under duress due to such hot dry temps. Especially after last years brutal drought.
This spring and early summer we have had record rains. The Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea is looking it's best ever surrounded by daylilies and the Purple Knight butterfly bush. 
Daylilies are blooming their heads off. 
This tall Legend Oriental Lily is just gorgeous. It is our first year for it in the garden. The bloom is huge. and there are several of the blooms. The paperwork states that it needs full sun. It gets very little sun here. I sure hope it survives. I am afraid that it might be much smaller and fewer blooms next year. We will see. 
Another newbie in the garden is the Tiger Lily. I have always wanted this beauty in the garden. It is in a position that it gets more sun than the Oriental Lily yet it didn't grow to it's potential. It is only about 2 feet tall. Hopefully next year it will stretch out some. 
The honeysuckle is blooming as good as it has all year to date. We have finally been getting plenty sunshine. I think it encouraged it to get busy and bloom.
Pink Phlox and Goose Neck Loosestrife are blooming together. 
I was so hoping that the tall white phlox would bloom along with the blue clematis to make this view with the Lucifer Crocosmia a red-white-blue patriotic display but the clematis had nearly given up that idea by the time the phlox decided to bloom. 
What is blooming in your garden this July 15th? If you want to share and see what is going on all over the world pop over to Carol's May Dreams Garden and add your blooms to the bouquet.

Blooming in my garden now:
Tall garden phlox (white and pink)
Oriental Lily 
Tiger Lily
Russian Sage
Purple Cone Flower
Meadow Salvia
Mondarda (red, pink, lavender)
Carmel Heuchera
Purple Palace Heuchera
Hardy Hibiscus
Nikko Blue Hydrangea
White (?) Hydrangea
Weigelia (red)
Little Bonnie Dwarf Spiraea
Green Peppers
Summer Squash


  1. Your garden is so full of color and life! Thank you for your posts!

  2. Beautiful blooms!
    Wonderful to see your Tiger Lily blooming even if it is not very tall. Tigers are my favorite kind of lily. Is it making seeds along the stems?
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Your garden has so many lilies. The deer have been at my Asiatics, but I have a few right next to the house that are usually safe. Fortunately, they don't like daylilies.

  4. The red white and blue combo is perfect! That while phlox really makes a statement. Such pretty lilies!

  5. Lisa, the success you're having, despite the vagaries of the weather pays tribute to the hardiness and health of your plants, annnd your gardening talents. Enjoy.

  6. Lilies are beautiful and it all looks good, especially with more water this year. Crocosmia Lucifer has been a struggle for me, but a few have come up and they are such a clear red, I love them. Glad to see them pop with your white phlox.

  7. Oh, I bet those phlox smell wonderful! Beautiful bloom day!

  8. I love the lilies! There is nothing quite as energetic as a big lily in bloom!

  9. Happy GBBD! I completely forgot about it. Your garden looks fabulous! We're hitting some hot dry weather here so things suddenly look a bit stressed.

  10. This is the third tiger lily I've seen on blog posts today--it's being added right now to my wish list! Your Vanilla Strawberry...or Strawberry Vanilla...I can never remember the right name...looks much fuller than mine. Mine is planted in full sun, and I'm wondering if that was a mistake.

    So many pretties in your garden, Lisa. Hoping to see you this weekend!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Your header is stunning, Lisa!
    A garden to be proud of!

  12. Boy, I really love that Legend Oriental Lily. Those white petals with gold stripes down the center, very nice!

  13. Your lilies are looking wonderful despite the heat. Nice blooms and a happy GBBD!

  14. If I had more room, I'd already have that Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea. I've eyed it many times at the nursery. Your blooms are lovely! I love the tiger lilies too.

  15. Your summer garden is very beautiful!

  16. I love those lilies! Especially the tiger lilies. Did you mail order them, or find them locally? I'm asking because I would love to track them down... :-)

    Happy GBBD!

  17. Great colors, gardens are magical places :) Regards

  18. Amazing what ample water wil provide. Mid July and the gardens are not looking parched and bleached-quite the contrary. Love the lilies!

    Happy belated GBBD!

  19. There's something classic about a tiger lily isn't there? I remember them in my mom's garden. We're slightly behind you here, the day lilies are just starting to poke their heads out and the oriental lilies are just buds yet.

  20. Wow, you have a lot blooming now! The rain is a good thing and I keep telling myself that even though I am loosing beloved plants. Tiger Lilys are one of my favorite in the Lily family but surprised yours are not tall. Mine are at least 5 feet tall and some taller! Maybe next year they will be taller in your garden!

  21. Oh, how lovely! Things are drying out for us in Texas, so this is so refreshing.

  22. Oh Lisa, you always have such pretty things in your garden.

    We do have a nice blooming Lily of the Nile. The Ginger plants are getting tall and have just finished blooming. The neighbor has a minature magnolia tree on the property line and it will be blooming all summer long.

    But there is nothing intense to make things pretty.

    Thank you for peeking in on my poem blog. I don't think you can tell but we are in London right now. I have a few London things on my other blog. Mostly about our London family.

  23. You surely have an abundance of blooms. I am getting around to the Bloom Day posts finally.

  24. Daylilies love that water don't they? Mine haven't bloomed this well in years. Happy Bloom Day my friend. I'm a bit late, but I got here. ~~Dee

  25. Lisa girl ... I have been so behind in blog reading it isn't funny .. BIG sigh!
    Love the plants you have in bloom and I too have eyed those orange tiger lily .. I love the reflex ones that curl back (Turk's Cap almost?)
    My gooseneck are popping out and the hydrangea as well .. even in this rotten drought we are in .. I have to do a lot of rain dancing to get a few drops going here! LOL
    Joy : )

  26. I have never seen tiger lily in this form.
    So interesting and it's a complete surprise for me!


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