Tuesday, August 27, 2013

News of Greenbow from Vinny

Good morning readers. I haven't been to visit Greenbow in awhile. I have much to do here. There has obviously been a lot of critters roaming without a guard dog on duty.
Yep, the garden looks a bit disheveled with drought and marauding critters. I will try to take care of the critter problem for now.  Nothing here... 
Hmmmm. This seems like a likely spot.
Yes, I believe there is a critter here. 
Snuffle snuffle snufffle. 
Hello, is anybody home? 
Excuse me while I sit here awhile to see if anyone comes home.
Post watch report: 1 Shrew dispatched.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BusyGarden Fairies

Right before it got hot this week. I got a wild hair to make another fairy garden. This one I placed right where there was an existing fairy garden. Why didn't I just leave it alone?? It was so low you couldn't hardly see the minature plants that were growing amongst the other plants. 
This one I hoisted onto a brick plinth I stacked.  The neighbor's bricks left over from one of their projects have been quite handy for me to use here. They were glad to get them out of their garden. I was happy to use them.
Now you can get up close to see just what is going on in this little fairy world. 
The little cottage has a cobblestone walk up to it. There is Dwarf Golden Sweet Flag growing by the cottage. 
An equestrian fairy rides by a dwarf evergreen that I bought without a tag. To the right is a Filipendula hybrid 'Kakome', some Irish moss in the foreground. 
Of course the fairy is probably trying to keep the chicks rounded up in one area near the 'Cameo' minature hosta. 
She should probably be a little more concerned about the row of elephants about to tramp through the 'Cheatin Heart' mini hosta. As fairies would have it I guess all would be welcome. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

August has been it's usual self so far as far as rainfall goes. We haven't had much at all. The usual garden visitors have been flitting by.
The Ladies have popped up all around the garden. Showing off their pretty little heads. 
They are being well attended by the Hummers.
It has been unusually cool here. Temps only in the 80's. It has felt so nice out. I have been sitting on the patio a whole lot  more lately. While sitting out enjoying the cooler weather I started wondering what kind of sales Perk A Lawn, the local Nursery, is having. It is 'that' time of year after all. 
Imagine my surprise when I found a Coral Bark Japanese Maple on sale. Whoo hooo... I have wanted one of these beauties for some time. I just didn't ever want to pay a big price for such a treasure.  This one I couldn't resist.
My DB being such a good sport dug the gigantic hole that this tree demanded.  Thank you Dear.
Now I can sit here on the patio and see a beautiful tree year round.  I know I will enjoy watching it grow.
Have you been out to the nurseries lately to see what is on sale? Beware, you might find something you can't live without.

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