Saturday, October 26, 2013

Greenbow Gardening Crew

We have a new addition to the Gardening Crew here at Greenbow. I would like to introduce you to Princess Anna VonAnderson aka Annie. Here she is as we are bringing her home today. You are wondering why we have two collars on her?? Well, When she was handed over to us she had on the pink collar that she came with along with the lead. We had just bought her a pink collar (great minds) so we put her collar on and stood around talking and about froze. It was so cold we forgot to take off the original collar. I did that after we arrived home.
Even tho the garden is getting sleepy after a couple of frosts it will not be able to sleep in peace. 
Annie is giving it her best to sniff the entire place over. 
No path was ignored. 
Very intense business getting one's territory properly surveyed. 
She had a meet and greet with one of our neighbors.
She has investigated every gate in the fence line. This makes me nervous. I hope she decides to stay inside our garden fence.
She also knows which door we want her to use going in and out of the house.
Yes, this gardening business is tiring work. Just wait until the squirrels get a look at this little beauty.
It is difficult to photograph a moving target. Don't worry there will be many more opportunities for photographs over the years. What kind of dog is she?  We don't know. The Vet that treated her thinks she may be part Husky. She has more of a smooth coat though. What ever mix we are happy to have her.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October's Flight

This October is flying by. During it's flight rain has graced our garden.
Along with the fall rains come the mushrooms. 
They seem to pop up in a myriad of forms and places.
The most exciting of the pop ups to me are the last roses. This yellow rose is on the climber that I moved from a much too shaded spot to beside the new arbor over the side gate. It is rewarding me for my efforts. 
One of our other climbers, 'White Dawn', not only has a few flowers bursting forth it is loaded with these huge hips. 
The real stars of the fall garden are the white anemones. They just keep on blooming. 
As do these tall wild Asters. In the lower right hand corner of the picture you can see the color of the Tiger Sumac trying to get some attention too.
What has been clamoring for attention in your fall garden?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Rains bring Fairies

It is a curious time of year. The fall rains chase us gardeners into the house temporarily while the garden fairies take this opportunity to come out and about.
Rose Campion chose this day to perch in a small dish garden inside. The tiny staghorn fern and earth star have landed here too.
Can you blame me for trying to capture this sweet creature? 
I hope you are being playfully creative during these rainy days.

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