Saturday, October 19, 2013

October's Flight

This October is flying by. During it's flight rain has graced our garden.
Along with the fall rains come the mushrooms. 
They seem to pop up in a myriad of forms and places.
The most exciting of the pop ups to me are the last roses. This yellow rose is on the climber that I moved from a much too shaded spot to beside the new arbor over the side gate. It is rewarding me for my efforts. 
One of our other climbers, 'White Dawn', not only has a few flowers bursting forth it is loaded with these huge hips. 
The real stars of the fall garden are the white anemones. They just keep on blooming. 
As do these tall wild Asters. In the lower right hand corner of the picture you can see the color of the Tiger Sumac trying to get some attention too.
What has been clamoring for attention in your fall garden?


  1. Such lovely Fall colors in your yard. We've been seeing lots of huge mushrooms pooping up here and there. Love your asters.

  2. I think you were wrong in the comment you DO have some exciting blooms this month! (I love those anemones.)

    Also, you have made me decide to find a rose with good hips. Love the way those look!

  3. Wow on the anemones! They are so bountiful and beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous! Those hippy roses are very beautiful!

  5. Cool photos of the mushrooms. And look at all those anemones! I was happy to just get a couple of blooms here:)

    We had frost last night; I think everything survived, but a couple more nights of this, and the only thing clamoring for my attention will be wilted annuals needing to be pulled.

  6. Anemones and asters are the stars in your garden, and they are here too. We are having a glorious fall, after two years of disappointment. This year is a keeper, and it looks like it is for you too!

  7. Lisa, your fall show is beautiful, including the mushrooms. What you're enjoying illustrates why I've always seen fall as the crisper flip side of spring.

  8. Dear Lisa - just beautiful colors...that yellow rose is stunning. Who doesn't love purple asters. Alas most of my flowers are gone - had some snow last evening - so I think they may have all perished. Oh well they will be back next year. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how a mushroom just pops up over night! And so many different kinds within feet of each other. Really cool feat in nature... Love those beautiful colors and in such masses....


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