Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer's Eve

While spring started out sluggish summer is being ushered in with the Queen waving everyone to enter.
 The garden isn't much worse for this past winter's wear. With the blooms of spring coming to an end and summer's foliage beginning to come to fore I can almost forget the long cold of winter except that is when I look at my knot garden. It had some major damage. I will have to work on that.
Other than this some dead limbs at the ends of the Locust tree and the poor pyracantha shrub being half dead the garden is is scooting right along. My little stand of Butterfly weed looks quite nice now.
A couple of shots of earlier in the spring when my computer was kaput.
The above is the path that goes to the patio 
This is in front of the patio.
The view from the patio toward the west end.

If you are sitting with us under the maple tree looking to your right this is part of what you see.
If you let your eye follow the path you would see what would be at the next intersection.

Straight ahead you would see this little fairy taking a nap under the hosta. Shhhhhh
To the left you would see this part of the garden. Oh yes, the veggie garden is over there behind the barn in the forgotten corner that's no longer forgotten . Yes, you can see a lot of green which will be very soothing this summer.
I will post about the veggie garden another time. I hope your garden is growing madly trying to make up for this past winter. 


  1. Lisa,

    Your garden looks beautiful....I love Queen of the Prarie. I have some lovely stands in the circular bed but they are not in bloom yet. I have planted alongside Queen of the Meadow :)

    I wish I was fairie sleeping in your garden........

    Annie looks so majestic, what a fabulous dog she is....

  2. I love the analogy of the Queen waving everybody in....

    Things look swell at your place. The Queen invited in some really pretty things.

  3. Your yard and gardens are amazing!!! What a lovely haven! I am always happy when I see this rather than when you have all that snow! I can hardly bear to look at the snow! LOL.

  4. Your garden is looking lovely, Lisa! Glad to hear you didn't have much winter damage. I lost a few plants, and the Knockout roses are looking pretty bad this year, but otherwise, things seem back to normal. All this rain has certainly helped. Love the lily in your header--gorgeous!

    One of my fairies disappeared over the winter--I hope I find her hiding place soon:)

  5. Dear Lisa - the garden really looks fabulous. Glad to see your computer is back up and working. Hope you have a delightful day. I particularly love that butterfly weed. Used to have some grow wild in my meadow but unfortunately it must have gotten mowed under when being farmed.

  6. Beautiful! What is the orange flowering standard (?) in the border? Is that a honeysuckle? I love it.

  7. Hi Phillip, yes that orange thing is a Honeysuckle "Mandarin Orange" that I have done as a standard. This was it's best year ever in blooming. This horrid winter was good for something. :) Glad you like it.

  8. Love the long shots of your garden. It is quite an extensive garden too! I think I would be right at home in it.

  9. You have such a beautiful garden Lisa. It looks like your doggie has made herself right at home there too. So lovely to see your 'Queen' waving in the wind. Mine isn't even close to blooming yet but the shot of yours reminded me it was something to look forward to.

  10. Oh my picture is prettier than the next--how lush, green, and gorgeous. Your yard/garden area looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. You have quite a green thumb! I can't imagine all the hard work you put into your garden. If you are like my sister (who has quite the green thumb), you love every minute of it.

  11. Is this the usual time for Queen of the Prairie to bloom? Somehow i was thinking she showed up in August.

    Too bad about your knot garden. I have not had good luck with pairs of shrubs. We have one hedge that's done well, one that's OK and one spot where we're giving up for the 2nd or third time. Can't get enough even growth to make it look good.

  12. Isn't it great how the butterflyweed turns into a big clump? It sort of sneaks up on you. I love the color and the shape of the individual flowers.


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