Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Happening

So far this August has been one for the books. It is unseasonably cool and we have had enough rain that I even had a friend comment that she has never seen my garden look better at this time of year. I must say I agree with her.
I went out the other evening to do a twilight lap around the garden. 
As I returned to the patio I found that the night blooming cereus was about to bloom. I had been watching the buds swell the past few days. Both of them.  I was surprised that the Cereus didn't develop more blooms what with the mild weather. Maybe it prefers the weather to be hotter and drier. 
As the sun was going down the buds began to open. 
Amazing how if you sit there long enough you can almost see the movement of the bud opening. 
I waited and waited to see if I could get a shot of a moth coming to the bloom. I wasn't fortunate enough to see a moth but it was still fun watching the blooms open. 
Just me and the moon out there.
Have you had any exciting happenings in your garden lately?
Tomorrow is another Super Moon. You know I will be watching. Will you be watching?


  1. Gosh I love those night blooming cereus! I have one and it was many years before I knew it bloomed! Then finally caught it. Quite an undertaking but so worth it.

  2. So glad you got rain. None here:( Even my trees are dying.

  3. I hate to hear you are having such a dry summer. We are behind a couple of inches but that is not uncommon here. That is better actually than it has been the past couple of summers.

  4. How beautiful Lisa....what a wonderful way to spend Cereus and the moon.

    I am a moon watcher....each night before I go to bed I stand on the landing and look at the moon :)
    Poppi is a moon gazer too !!!!

    We are waiting for the tail end of Bertha to hit. Do not know what is to be but they are saying we will get two inches of rain and strong winds...........we will see.

  5. Your garden is gorgeous! Love that pot wreath! Have you ever shown it on the blog before? Did you make it??? Neat photos of the night blooming cactus bloom!!! The moon was awesome last night. So bright! Tonight we are having rain and heavy cloud cover, but I plan on checking it every hour until I can't hold my eyes open any longer!

  6. Cool blooms on your night-blooming cereus! I have two I started from cuttings and they have yet to bloom. Most of the excitement in my garden comes from the butterflies and the hummingbirds. Watched one fellow chase off another hummer from his feeder twice then retreat to his guard post to make sure he didn't return:)I've seen a few Monarchs, too.

  7. Lisa girl this was a perfect post for me : ) That flower is amazing .. and yes some times it is so magical you can see them move!
    That moon shot was also fantastic ..
    I love that you sat out there and just soaked it all in .. there are not many moments like that .. so store it to enjoy on a cold winter's night!
    Joy : )

  8. Dear Lisa I have never seen a cereus before. What a lovely flowers. I did capture the moon too. Like you our August has had lots of moisture and my garden (which is usually very tired at this time of the year) is still flourishing. I am loving it. Have a good week.


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