Thursday, October 16, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom and Foliage Day - October 2014

It has come to that time of year when you look around my garden and it looks rusty. Most everything is finished blooming and what blooms are still evident are either shriveled or rusted. Such as the collection of hydrangeas. 

This Nikko Blue has put up one last small bloom. It is most appreciated even though it is only about as big as a tennis ball. That bright blue shines from across the garden.
This Nikko Blue, well as you can see, it decided that at this time of year it perfered to be Pink. I can't argue with it at this time. It deserves to be as it wishes since all season there rest of the blossoms were blue.
Yes, the regular fall blooms are still at it such as the mums, asters, and toad lilies. I have written about them just lately so I won't take you there.
The Filipendula 'Kakome' has been a little trouper this fall. I didn't realize it was a fall bloomer but it has been blooming it's head off. I want to track down some more of these little darlings and plant them. 
The few annuals, Wax begonias,  I have are quite happy with all the rain and cool weather. They show no signs of slowing down.  
The autumn fern is taking on the colors of fall. 
The Coral Bark Japanese Maple is turning to that limey green I like to see.
This varigated hydrangea, that I can't think of the name now, is looking quite nice in the gloom of wet weather as is the varigated ivy with a smattering of colorful red foliage from the  Virginia Creeper. 
For more blooms go to Carol's May Dreams Garden and for the foliage round up head over to Pam's at Digging.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Bouquet - Black Beginnings

Happy Monday to everyone. Today I was inspired by Linda showing her arrangements here  for What is in the Vase Monday meme.  In between showers I went to the garden and this is what developed.

I used a small Black Carnival Glass vase. With black in mind I used some stems from the Nine Bark 'Summer Wine' shrub. It turns an incredible dark almost black color this time of year. It makes a nice back drop for White anemones. The aster you see here is the Tall Wild Aster. I can't for the life of me think of what it's botanic name is, but you know the one I mean. The red and green frilly leaf is a big-leaf Begonia that I don't even know the name. I don't think it came with a tag several years ago when I bought it. It just had those huge curly-edged leaves. 
Do you have any flowers in a vase that you can share today?
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Knot Garden Redo

As you can see this past winter was rough on my little knot garden. The boxwoods really took a beating. Most of them were dead or damaged so bad I didn't want to try to nurse them any longer. I have waited all summer to see if even the less distressed ones acted like they were going to live.
I allowed volunteer Moon Flowers to spend the summer in here.
I couldn't find any boxwoods the same size as the living shrubs so I had to replace them all of course. So here it is. Next spring if all goes well I might add another layer to the design. It has been so dry here I didn't want to do more now.  
I moved two of the living shrubs to either side of this side gate. 
The other one was placed in this bed. I had to move a slew of irises and trimmed back the big High Bush Cranberry shrub that was a bit top heavy.  
You can see that leaves are beginning to fall. We got a bit of rain last night. Things are looking much happier. Maybe it is me feeling much happier about how things are looking. 

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