Saturday, October 4, 2014

Knot Garden Redo

As you can see this past winter was rough on my little knot garden. The boxwoods really took a beating. Most of them were dead or damaged so bad I didn't want to try to nurse them any longer. I have waited all summer to see if even the less distressed ones acted like they were going to live.
I allowed volunteer Moon Flowers to spend the summer in here.
I couldn't find any boxwoods the same size as the living shrubs so I had to replace them all of course. So here it is. Next spring if all goes well I might add another layer to the design. It has been so dry here I didn't want to do more now.  
I moved two of the living shrubs to either side of this side gate. 
The other one was placed in this bed. I had to move a slew of irises and trimmed back the big High Bush Cranberry shrub that was a bit top heavy.  
You can see that leaves are beginning to fall. We got a bit of rain last night. Things are looking much happier. Maybe it is me feeling much happier about how things are looking. 


  1. All good, Lisa! nicw work! looks great!

  2. I have a hard time letting go of things that I'm pretty sure are dead, too; I've finally decided it's time to dig up the fothergilla that has become nothing more than a bare stick:) The new ring of boxwoods looks great, Lisa. Hope you got a good deal on them, too--all the garden centers around here have really reduced their prices on shrubs the last week or two. Love that acorn on the pedestal!

  3. It's such a great garden focus that it's worth giving the boxwoods another go. I am mainly growing boxwood varieties that came out of the Chicagoland Grows program and they have proven quite hardy here. But good snow cover really helps and we did not have that last winter. Good luck.

  4. I always appreciate an opportunity to replace plants with something new, though there are some I have been very sorry to lose. I like what you've done there.

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  6. So cute Lisa...btw I sent you a friend request on FB twice but it keeps disappearing.

  7. It is hard to refresh a garden, but good to be able to use some of the plants elsewhere. That is something I will be doing this fall. I love that little knot garden.


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