Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spirited Spring

Yes my gardening friends things are happening in the garden. It has been such a lovely spring so far. The mulching is finished. The last of the daffs are about to be warmed out of bloom.
One doesn't mind though because there will be more blooms arriving soon.
Lets take a stroll around the garden and see what is happening now. Of course you can be like Annie , sit back and relax. I will take you around.
If we actually begin out front you can see that we have quite a bit of pink going on.This dogwood tree is supposed to be red but it is a dark pink. I am not complaining as it has reliably bloomed for years.
 Around the corner of the house you can see how the front garden is definitely in the pink now.
 Looking back through the side garden gate you can see all that pinkness. Hmmm Note to self, more color needed here.
Walk across the patio and you can see lots of plants emerging.
 Come to the end and turn left you see the pea gravel path is beginning to come into it's own.

A closer look at the epimedium blooming makes one think the fairies will soon be coming out of hibernation.
Looking across the garden everything is greening up.

 And the foliage. You just can't get enough of the fresh foliage. It is thrilling to have leaves coming back on the trees...
What are some of your favorite sights in your garden this spring?


  1. Beautiful patch of epidemium Lisa.
    They obviously like your soil.....surprised cyclamen will not grow alongside them.

    Mulching looks great and makes such a difference in a garden. Looks very professional.

    It is strange how we suddenly look at a garden and realise that one colour dominates.
    I have such a lot of yellow and orange at this time. Lovely and colourful but somehow it does not sit with me too well. Will have to have a rethink at some point.

    Love your garden Lisa
    hugs xxxxx

  2. That is a really beautiful epimedium. What kind is it? I love epimediums but it is hard to find them down here. I have only two types and both are going to be moving to the new garden soon. The pea gravel path looks great! What a bonus to find a reliably blooming dogwood-especially a pink or red one!

  3. Those epimediums! Mine never looked that good...yours are beautiful! (And so is Miss Annie!)

  4. I'm partial to the blooming Annie too. My blooms are late this spring. Daffs and species tulips blooming now. The pink dogwood is beautiful. I would love to be able to grow one here.

  5. My favorite blooms at this moment would be ... tulips, of course. Much more coming along soon. I join in the chorus of admiration for your epimedium. Also your redbud makes me miss my own late lamented Cercis.

  6. Oh, so lovely, Lisa! I love all the pink, but the green is such a welcome sight this time of year, too. We got home late Monday night, too dark to see what was going on in the garden. But what a surprise I had yesterday morning! It was as if spring had arrived full force while we were in Texas--I'm loving it!

  7. I am glad to see that spring has arrived for you. We are having a really nice one too although it has been a wet one. I am not going to complain though. I would rather have more rain than too little. I love the pink dogwood.

  8. What a floriferous Epimedium! Don't you love the sound of walking on gravel?

  9. Our epimedia flower pink. How delightful to see yours! Your pea gravel path is delightful & meanders through such a charming vista...

  10. Your garden is flourishing! soo pretty. I love the gravel path. <3

  11. Dear Lisa-your garden looks lovely. I love your redbud tree. Just beautiful. I just adore spring.

  12. Oh Lisa, your garden was looking good back in April but I bet it’s even better now! I do love the style of your garden and all the plants you grow in it :-D


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