Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2015

July is the time of the Lily here at Greenbow. Tall garden lilies...

Daylilies .

The medium Hostas are blooming up a storm, 
to the tiny minatures blooming. 
Of course lilies aren't the only things blooming. We have some tall garden phlox. 

This coneflower is my newest one. It is named Cheyenne Spirit. I sure hope it reseeds like they say it does. 
This is your typical coneflower that is spotted around the garden. 
There are a couple of shrubs blooming now. The Beauty berry is sporting lots of blooms and bumbles collecting the nectar. I have a hard time getting pictures of bugs with my new camera. I can't  seem to get the hang of this new camera. Grrr
The other shrub blooming is the Clethera.
The ever reliant butterfly weed and dragons tongue perscaria is abloom. 
And if you are up early enough you get to see the datura blooming. 
For more blooms than you can imagine go to Carols May Dreams who hosts this monthly bloom meme. I hope to see what all is blooming in your garden. 


  1. Cone flowers! Those are here too, and now i know what they are called. :)

    Your blooms are spectacular!!

  2. Beautiful blooms! I'm a little partial to the day lilies, but they are all beautiful.

  3. Love your blooms!@ Everything looks so happy!

  4. We have many of the same plants blooming this month, Lisa, except for the Clethra--mine has never been very happy here, unfortunately. I love the 'Cheyenne Spirit' series. A funny story about it--I have been wanting a yellow one of these after I killed one a couple of years ago when it was so dry--remember when we complained because we had no rain?:) Anyway, Beckie picked up one for me when she was visiting you, I think, and I was thrilled. But guess what color it is--pink!! Ha,ha, I only have about a thousand pink coneflowers already:) Oh well, one more just blends in. Maybe one of these days I'll get another yellow one.

  5. What a wealth of Bloom Day flowers. That first lily is georgeous. Do not think I have seen one like it.

  6. What a spectacular yard you have, Lisa! It is always so hard to envision when I see your yard covered in snow, (which doesn't happen here, as you know) it is just amazing to me to see it this way every summer! Great work, and I hope you enjoy it so much!
    xoxo- Julie

  7. Those first lilies are gorgeous, as are your coneflowers! I have a beauty berry, but no sign of any blossom yet....
    Ooooohhhh......LOVE the datura!
    It's always hard to get the hang of a new camera isn't it? I always struggle too, here's to you finding all the new settings!xxx

  8. Great lilies and daylilies. Butterflyweed is, I think, my favorite perennial. Very impressive Datura. Happy bloom day!

  9. Lily love!!!!! Beautiful blooms! Your garden, as always, is fabulous!!!!

  10. Lily love!!!!! Beautiful blooms! Your garden, as always, is fabulous!!!!

  11. Lily love!!!!! Beautiful blooms! Your garden, as always, is fabulous!!!!

  12. Beautiful macro floral shots! Delightful colors!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. What a great selection of blooms you had for July, Lisa :-) Loving the lilies and cone flowers especially, they are only just into flower here now but I am enjoying them too :-D


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