Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Garden Update

My daughter gave me this Welcome Autumn several years ago. She knows it is my favorite time of the year. 
 This fall has been quite different. This is usually the time rain replenishes the garden. It hasn't happened yet. If you don't look close it looks about as you might expect. Sort of wild and wooly around the edges after a summer of growth.
 Even in the back things are a little crispy around the edges. Leaves are falling fast. Yet even though we are 5+ inches in deficit of rain there is a lot happening in the garden.
 There are still plenty of garden visitors. If you look close you see some of the usual suspects enjoying what is blooming.

 Despite Annie's constant patrolling little furry creatures make themselves at home.
 Taking advantage of the feeders are, from the left, a White-breasted Nuthatch, House Sparrow, and Carolina Chickadee.
What really made my heart soar was the visit by a Northern Flicker (Yellow Shafted). She came to the water feature. We used to have them nesting around here but since so many trees have come down in the neighborhood they aren't around so often. You can see the yellow shafts of her under-tail feathers as she waits her turn at the water feature.
Here she is looking down at the melee below hoping that some of the sparrows will move out long enough for her to get a sip of water. 
She finally got courage to get down amongst them. 
She slipped in for a sip, then flew away. 
The House Sparrows were thrilled that she departed. More room for them. 
Are there any visitors to your garden that you want to share with me?


  1. Great photos, Lisa! Your garden looks great. The precipitation sure has been spotty in the U.S. this year. Too much, too little. We've been lucky here in my part of the state that we've had a relatively normal amount, but just west of us, they're still in drought; and to the south, they've had too much rain. Weird. I've had some of the same visitors to my feeders. Yesterday would have a good day for the Great Backyard Bird Count for me. I wish it was in October or April instead of February. That first photo with your beautiful Goldenrod and your autumn photo is fabulous!

  2. The Northern Flicker is so beautiful Lisa. It is no wonder your heart skipped a beat.

    It is a nightmare when our garden is so dry but I am always amazed at what survives. I do hope the rain comes soon to replenish your dry garden. Regardless, it looks lovely Lisa

    I have a secret night time visitor at the minute, eating its way through dozens of crab apples, that are on the ground. I am thinking badger maybe (only because of the volume being eaten)

  3. I expected to see everything brown and toasted, Lisa, but your garden still looks beautiful! Have you added more to your front garden? I don't remember so many plants out front, but perhaps I've forgotten because I always remember your back garden. The cleome out front looks like a scene from Klehm! Great photos of the Northern Flicker. That's a bird I've never seen around here, though I think they are common in this area. My favorite visitors--the hummer and the Monarchs--have left for the season, and I miss them.

  4. Ohhh wow! Bees and bunnies and so much wonderful life in your amazing autumn garden!
    I love the sign, it is perfect.


  5. Cheryl,

    I only pictured what I have kept watered or looks fairly well. It isn't dire but it sure is a disappointment of the season. We are predicted to have some rain tomorrow. Here is hope. Isn't that what all we gardeners are about. Hope for the future.

    I have wanted one of those night cameras that you set up to capture animal photos at night for a long time. I know we have marauding racoons, opossoms and who knows what else. Especially now they are slurping up the water because there isn't any standing water in the neighborhood. The run off pond across the street from here is dry as a bone. It would be fun to see what comes at night. An owl maybe?? I would love to see your badger. What a treat that would be.

  6. Rose,

    I have kept the things around the patio watered. Anything I can easily get to. The rest is dry dry dry.

    The front garden doesn't come alive until this time of year. There are a few spring things but most are shrubs and not so noticeable.

  7. Your garden looks good especially considering your shortfall of rain. Those prairie plants like goldenrod never seem to falter. Loved your bird visitor. We don't get many unusual ones in our garden.

  8. Lovely photos Lisa. That Northern Flicker is just beautiful. Your garden still looks full of colour - we have to enjoy every second before it begins to wane.

  9. My Ryan's Pink mum would not set buds since it had been so dry here. We are like you; we are in a huge deficit. I finally put the sprinkler on the mums and ran for over an hour. I now have buds but the stems are very short this year -- almost like someone had pruned them back.

  10. We have had at least one flicker in the yard over the last month --it's made itself know by its call, and it's been enjoying the black sunflower seed in addition to trolling for ants and other bugs.

    Right now we have mostly house finches, robins, and mourning doves. We had a large number of blue jays earlier, but I haven't heard them so much lately. And of course, the hummers have moved south. I'm waiting to see some juncos :-)

    Those are great shots of your visiting flicker!

  11. Wild and woolly sounds perfect for fall gardens!

    Wow on the flicker! I've never seen one in any of my gardens. It's a really big and beautiful bird. Lucky you!

  12. How wonderful to see all your wildlife, especially that beautiful Flicker! I love your autumn sign too. I do hope you get some rain soon.xxx

  13. Great pictures of the flicker. We haven't seen one in a long time. It has been awfully dry, hasn't it? I'm thinking I may water the newer transplants this weekend.

  14. Lisa girl this whole year has been unusual ... hot and dry for way too long.
    We had a bit of rain today ... should make it easier on me tomorrow when I try to dig up and move some plants around hopefully.
    I love your flicker ! ... you get such a variety of birds there .. so pretty!
    This is my favorite time of year too ... it will speed by without me really enjoying it no doubt, haha.
    Take care and enjoy what you can girl !
    Joy : )

  15. Your garden is so beautiful, Lisa!!! Love all your garden creatures!!! I have recently had rather fat male and female cardinals in my birdbath, and a few doves. The winter birds are starting to arrive!


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