Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gardens and Haiku

It is that time of year when the garden is blanketed with snow my creative urges start to stretch out to different areas. I enjoy haiku poetry. A fellow gardener Cathy who is usually Rambling in the Garden must also have felt this urge as she introduced a haiku challenge.

This haiku challenge is sponsored by Ronovan of RonovanWrites. I hope you enjoy it too.
 Here is my stab at haiku with a photo to illustrate.

Fresh – Style

January 21, 2016

            Mini shrub huddles
Fresh air swirls in winter sun
Stylish snowy coat

You can click on the photo of the shrub if you want a closer look.
Thank you Ronovan for sponsoring the challenge and thank you Cathy for getting the word out.


  1. Good job! Poor shrub looks cold. It's cold here too!

  2. They do sort of hunker down, don't they. Beautiful word picture of your photo. Thanks! Stylish snowy coat! Nice!

  3. i love your garden
    you have a shrubbery WOW
    such pretty snow too

    (monty python reference with the shrubbery :) )

  4. Lovely haiku, Lisa. Everything looks so much prettier with a coat of snow.

  5. Lisa girl well done you ! .. This cedar ? shrub was your inspiration and you did very well with it. My creative juices ? ... learning to make the perfect bone broth .. first try a flop .. second one .. PERFECT ! LOL
    Take care
    Joy : )

  6. That was good ...
    Love the photo too ...

    All the best Jan

  7. Very pretty shrub with snow, and a great haiku. I am way impressed!!

  8. thanks for the visit greenbow at recuerda mi corazon! you are warmly invited to join in any frieday morning with lovers of small words. its a six year tradition and we would love to have you and your haiku friends!

  9. I like haiku very much. Cute one. Happy Snow Day I guess. ~~Dee

  10. You did it, Lisa! It's an intriguing challenge, isn't it - you have to be both restrained and constrained. I wonder what next week's words are...

  11. Jessica beat me out on leaving you an haiku reply!!! I will do one anyway! LOL. (Her's was cute).
    Your snowy bush looks
    good, with sparkling glitter
    Shining in the sun!
    I loved your haiku. It was so thoughtful and poetic! Deep, one might say! Sorry about your snowed in gardening stop, right now...but I know there are nice things to enjoy also during this time. Like haiku. Hey, check out the washi tape making video I found this morning! It's amazing and looks really fun! I posted on the blog.

    XOXO- Julie

  12. Love this! You have often left me comments that have a very haiku-isn flavor.

  13. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement.
    I get a little haikuy from time to time.


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